【MMD】⌈DDLC⌋ Doki Doki Forever!

【MMD】⌈DDLC⌋ Doki Doki Forever!

*Notice!* *Warning* *Some Credits* Enjoy! (the spooks) *Some Info* Doki, Doki! Sayori: ♫ Hey, hey! My heart’s beating when I’m♫ ♫ -hanging out with you!~♫ ♫ Why does my, heart ache when I hear you feel the♫ ♫ same way too?♫ (hehe…) Natsuki: ♫Just like a Sundae,♫ ♫ It’s sweet everytime I teach you somethin’ new.♫ ♫ Is this by chance,♫ ♫ or FATE,♫ ♫ Whenever it’s just me and you…?♫ *squeel* DON’T GET THE WRONG IDEA! Yuri: ♫When we touch,♫ ♫it’ll never be enough.♫ Sayori: ♫Is it way too much..?♫ ♫..if you had to choose just ONE of us?♫ Natsuki (pre-chorus): ♫Tell me, tell me please!♫ ♫Is this what I think or is it just me?♫ ♫Don’t wake me up from this sweet little dream!♫ ♫Where we’ll be together forever, we’re never gonna be apart!♫ Sayori: ♫Will it be ok…?♫ ♫If I express my love for you this way..?♫ ♫No matter what you do, or what you say!♫ ♫We’ll be together, forever! We’re never gonna be apart~!♫ Monika (echoed in the WAAAAY backgroundness): ♫We’re never gonna be apart…♫ Yuri: ♫Hey, hey…♫ ♫When I’m next to you I don’t know what to do..♫ ♫Why does it feel, so great..?♫ ♫..when our eyes meet out of the blue~?♫ (Embarrased) I-I’m sorry, I said too much!! Sayori: ҉̸♫̷́͘I really lo҉̸♫̷́͘-(glitched) Monika: … ♫The way you write, even..♫ ♫ when you don’t have a clue~!♫ ♫ I wanna hear, you say, this love that I am feeling is TRUE…♫ *creepy giggling* Natsuki: ♫ Tasty love, something♫ ♫ I want more of~!♫ Yuri: ♫ Will it make the cut,♫ ♫ If you had to choose just one of us?♫ Monika: ♫ Shall I leave you be~?♫ ♫Is it love if I can set you free~?♫ ♫But even if it’s♫ ♫NOT reality~!♫ ♫Let’s be together, forever~!♫ ♫We’re NEVER gonna be apart~!♫ Yuri: ♫How can I convey~♫ ♫my love for you before they fly away~?♫ Yuri (insane): ҉̸♫̷́͘I tHinK AbOUt It aLL dAY EvEryDAy!҉̸♫̷́͘ Monika: ҉̸♫̷́͘We’ll be together forever҉̸♫̷́͘ ҉̸♫̷́͘we’re never gonna be apart..҉̸♫̷́͘ ♫One,♫ ♫by,♫ ♫one,♫ ♫they only♫ ♫FALL,♫ ♫a-♫ ♫-part.♫ ♫Can it be♫ ♫un-♫ ♫-done…?♫ ♫WHY CAN’T I JUST BE♫ ♫THE ONE♫ ♫FOR ONCE?!♫ Sayori (heartbroken): ̧̨̕♫̢̢We’ll be togetheŗ̨̕♫̢̢ ̧̨̕♫̢̢forever, we’re never gonna be apart…̧̨̕♫̢̢ ̧̨̕♫̢̢(forever)̧̨̕♫̢̢ ̧̨̕♫̢̢(forever..!)̧̨̕♫̢̢ Monika: ̧̨̕♫̢̢Maybe we’ll never be togetheŗ̨̕♫̢̢ ̧̨̕♫̢̢But forever, you’ll be in my heart ̧̨̕♫̢̢(starts glitching out) *song ends* *high pitched noise, probably sounds* (Japanese fun fact: Leaving flowers on a desk/chair is paying respect for a student who have died) (Or someone wishes that they were dead if the student are still alive) Monika: ̧̨̕♫̢̢Mon-i-ka̧̨̕♫̢̢ Thanks Patreon supporters! You guys made this a reality! (Author): Subscribe to this amazing and talented channel (Author2) Agreed! They’re amazing! (Author3) True! They’re awesome!

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