【This isn’t ART?】Studying Art at University

【This isn’t ART?】Studying Art at University

The picture you see me working on right now
wouldn’t be considered art by some people. By my professors to be more precise. As some of you might know I have been studying
art in germany for some years now, while I always mention that in regard of skill and
technique it never really had an impact on me, maybe in the way of how I approach and
think about art. So first let me give you an idea how I define
art. My definition for art is that everything is
art as long there is one person claiming it to be, even if it is just the creator themselves. It just varies in value. I don’t see the point in fighting over what
to call art just because I don’t understand or like it. It can be art even if, to me personally, it
has no meaning or value, so no need to argue over terms. Anyway.it began around a year ago where I
would take artwork like this to my colloquies, well knowing that they wouldn’t be the favourites
among the professor. Over the years I already had an idea of what
those people want to see in their seminars, speaking of course only for my university. And to be approved, I felt one of the conditions
was that your work can’t look pretty on a conventional level. With that in mind I submitted my work and
the feedback was pretty devastating. I thought they would at least say a word or
two about the execution, or something about my choice of colors, but they actually ignored
this stuff completely. It was mainly about how it was too tacky,
tasteless and how it would lack my personality and therefore anybody could do that. The last part really bugged me though, since
even if the motif doesn’t necessarily convey a personal story of mine. It still shows something of me: why would
I choose to draw this image, why those colors. What am I interested in? There is a lot of question you can ask that
bring you closer to an artist even if there is no direct connection to a personal anecdote. But…back to the topic. I expected the critique wouldn’t be to my
liking, though I was surprised that there was not a single word encouraging me to continue
this way. They advised me to go more abstract, leave
more to chance. At that point I knew that I needed to draw
a line between my casual work and the stuff I needed to do for university. I didn’t want to give up on the work that
I was regularly doing and so I decided to only take work done especially for the profs
liking to university, which was a more difficult process than I thought. I started internalizing the critique and worked
on a project where I would paint random people in a very free manner, like you can see on
screen right now. A limited palette would give a more abstract
feel to it and overall I didn’t really care about the accurate depiction of the people
I tried to paint. After I finished a few, I went to the colloquy
again. And again it wasn’t to their liking: The
pictures looked to forced and the color palette was still too harmonic, that they would feel
my intention was to produce something that people could consider art. Something for them. ________________ So again they gave me advice to work on more
personal stuff and that I should leave more white spaces, or how it is called “negative
space. And I did. I tried to think of something personal that
I could combine with drawing faces. Fortunately, I have a twin brother so I thought
I could do a series of self portraits that play with the fact that you might could not
directly be able to tell if it was me or my brother. Playing the twin card felt quite awkward,
but I couldn’t really identify the problem they had with the lack of personality in my
work, so I thought this could be it. After all it appeared that it was just an
empty phrase because when I showed them the project, all of the sudden they were all about
my working process. They criticized that I was using an eraser. That I wouldn’t be confident enough letting
mistakes on the paper or even declare something a mistake by using an eraser in the first
place. So the essence now was that I shouldn’t
use a pencil and just work with plain color. With that given I didn’t really care about
the motif anymore. They told me I should look up marlene dumas
work, and after watching some interviews with her I thought that I could also just go with
famous people. I listened to a lot of crystal castles and
since alice glass looks quite artsy I chose her to be the subject for the next project. I would randomly pick photos from google image
search and choose aggressive or unsuitable colors and sketch randomly anything that caught
my interest, leading to a bunch of images that were done in 2 days. Exams were getting close and I chose this
to be the project for it. And what can I say it all went in a pretty
strange direction. There was a second auditor I had never really
met before and so he asked me where I was coming from regarding my early works. Apparently you had to take some old stuff
of yours as well but apart from the fact that nobody told me I didn’t even want to show
it because I knew it wouldn’t help me. He insisted that he couldn’t score me without
seeing the progress I made, so I succumbed to his demand and showed him my deviantart
on the tablet, that of course was full of manga work, which he of course had to spring
at like a vulture. What if I told you that stuff like this isn’t
art? Yeah, that question again… Nevertheless, I must say I was surprised how
quickly it went there because I felt it was a really cliche move for an art professor. I told him that people have asked that question
about a lot of things over the past centuries and time proves that definitions and people
change. It didn’t stop there, I found myself now
in a situation comparable to a questioning, where one Auditor would ask a question and
the other one would shoot another one not even looking for an answer. So they asked me if I went to conventions,
what I would do there, would I sell my work. They asked me if I talked to people about
studying art. And I answered yes of course if people were
curious but I would also tell them I study german language as well because I will become
a teacher, and then they criticized me for that, because it would reduce my credibility
as an artist. But I think the most bizarre question was
when the professor wondered if I had any political views at all, implying that my work was too
immature for me to be an informed individual. What should take 20 minutes took almost an
hour and I went out of the room for them too deliberate. After all the exam was scored with an A-,
which considering the average of that exam, was a pretty bad grade. They told me it was due to the fact that I
got lost during my explanations. The stains on paper I did were exquisite but
it all took so long so they had to detract points…I mean seriously?? I didn’t even want to talk about that stuff,
that’s why I didn’t bring it with me in the first place. The only thing that calmed (alfons fist shaking)
me was that these grades are just on paper and don’t really have an impact on anything. But still this was an experience that taught
me a lesson and made me think about the whole topic of studying art and why it all went
in that direction. When you begin studying and you have no idea
what to draw the profs always tell you to work on something that you love, that interests
you and that you feel good about, so when you talk about it you can sell it authentically
and if needed answer questions. If manga is your topic though, or as I like
to put it anything that could be considered beautiful by a lot of people and especially
you, the opinion of the prof drastically changes and I feel that is due to various reasons. First, the profs often live in their own art
bubble, so they never really got in touch with matters like manga or pop culture work
in the first place. They often think that people are plainly copying,
not recognizing different signatures, approaches or styles. It’s like when you show me a bunch of abstract
paintings. Out of comfort I would say they all look the
same and I feel that is often what they are doing. Another reason is that they go with the flow
that is dictated by the market, while constantly denying a market in the first place, in order
to keep you neutral and authentic. So when they say “do what you feel passionate
about but don’t do manga or plain pretty pictures” it is because they think about
what sells. Professors consider art like manga or just
pretty pictures like the one you are seeing right now often to be tacky or just commercial
and therefore inauthentic and without deeper meaning. Illustrating – for them – is just a service done for the
money. It’s unlikely for it to be part of the galleries
that these professors are visiting, thus it’s not bringing money on the art market and thus
it’s not art. The ambivalence of this is that they judge
commercial art for being part of a market while they try to push you only to fit into
another market. I mean if art is as free as they claim it
to be they could just let you do your manga or pretty things. But again, this is just how I feel about it
and what I concluded out of my experience. Uni still isn’t over. I will work on my bachelor very soon and I
don’t think there will be a change over the next years, at least for the situation
where I live. So what do you think is the reason for the
limitation of art, if there is any. Maybe you have had different experiences,so
feel free to tell me in the comments. Thank you very much for watching, for subscribing
and maybe even supporting me on patreon 🙂 If you are interested in more of my art related
opinions let me know in the comments.

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  • My personal opinion: I find these "grey-ish human face surrounded by colorful hair/flowers" kitsch of the more hideous kind.

  • These professors who scold manga or animation probably can't move people's emotions even close to any manga and animation. let alone masterpieces of past masters.

  • Da hebe ich gleich mal zustimmend die Hand.
    Vor vielen Jahren hatte mich bei einigen FHs beworben, Kunst und zum Teil auch für Animation (komme aus der Grafiker-Ecke und wollte noch was anderes probieren). Sobald die Dozenten Zeichnungen im Manga-stil sahen, bekam ich eine Absage. Also ließ ich sie weg und wurde an einer FH für Kunst und Kultur aufgenommen. Dort tat ich mich wirklich schwer, vom Bildlichen in de Abstrakte zu wechseln und konnte es auch nie richtig begründen. Das Studium schloss ich dennoch ab. Doch seitdem halte ich Abstand von großen Kunstevents wie Berlinale oder Dokumenta, das triggert mich.
    Inzwischen verdiene ich mein Geld mit Illustration und Grafik und bin da sehr glücklich mit. Im Nachhinein wäre es vielleicht schlauer gewesen, gleich diesen Weg einzuschlagen aber so what.
    Danke dass du deine Gedanken mit uns geteilt hast. Ich bin froh, dass es nicht mir allein so ging. Mach weiter mit dem, was dich glücklich macht. Vielleicht hängen deine Werke nicht im MOMA, aber eine Markt dafür gibt es allemal.
    LG Corinna

  • we had that experience in comun but my school is more traditional kind, so i just do waterver i want with the tecnics they tell me… the can't do anything about it, my last project was a comic ;D plus i had a professor that suported me.

  • I remember in high school handing in a bunch of art for an art show one year. Almost all of the work I did was of Marilyn Manson in various styles with various mediums (it was the mid to late 90's and I was going through a MM faze) My art teacher refused to accept any of it because of her personal feelings about Manson and if I wanted to be showcased I had to present different artwork and then emphasized that if I didn't she would be very disappointed in me. Well I had been working on that stuff for so long that I really didn't have anything else that was finished or show worthy, so ended up digging out some older work to show, which of course lacked my current skill level but was still acceptable. On top of that my teacher, without my permission, submitted a piece I did in class for an assignment which I hated, but she loved so that was all that mattered. Well, that picture just happened to win first place and I ended up winning best of show over all too, but I hated and regretted the award and the sacrifice to my artistic nature that I had to make to please someone else…

  • my personal definition of art is, something that an creater makes out of items that by itself can't be art. for example paint in a tube isn't art but paint on a canvas is, or a tooth brush isn't art, but a bunch of tooth brushes to make a square is.

  • Holy geez, if they were that critical of your art, I'd never want to show them mine, teachers can be so rude.😖

  • While I understand where he’s coming from, I had a very different experience at my art school. I never felt like the professors tried to shut me down for add my own style to the projects.

  • One of the things that I learned in my University was that with some teachers, more that I would like to admit, is just do what the professor wants and likes, if you don´t it will make you thing that what you do is trash. There was just one professor that actually let use draw and paint the way we wanted, he just wanted us to do the topic he asked for so he could se the different results.
    Art is a very subjective world where different people have different likes, that's why is so difficult to evaluate it
    (Sorry for my english mistakes)

  • Though the anime style isn’t the most original art at the moment, I still think it’s beautiful. I think it’s great if you draw anime/manga, but it isn’t wrong to try multiple styles.

    If you draw pictures, make music, write stories or poems, you’re making art. Don’t let people tell you that what you make isn’t art.

  • your professor needs to justify his existence as a full time bum. He/she is a hack only perpetuating a lie for their own self fulfilling prophecies(or bs).

  • In my school, we had basic rules of how to handle projects – basically you have to develop your art over each drawing whatever you drawing, like you start with couple of objects, let’s say you have bird, flowers, trees, fruits and cats, then you have to draw 2-3 pictures where two objects you chooses have to be combined, say bird n flowers, trees and fruits, or cats and whatever you have choose before, than you combine them again from what you have build before (say birds n flowers + cats, then trees n fruits + cats), and you doing all of that till you have a final board with developed over time and ideas drawings with all those items together.
    It was continue over and over the years, this how we were working in my school, I actually never understood that till I reached yr13, coz I was from diff country, language barrier. But from logic point I did not understand why we doing all that work over and over again, I usually went “rebel”, and on my final year I tried to tell the story through my drawings, rather than combine things over and over again, so annoyed. Thank You to people who went through my comment XD

    Art should not have rules or borders

  • I just recently found your channel and love you videos I'm an aspiring artist specifically for manga because my dream job is to become a mangaka.
    I have personally been kicked out of 2 art degrees and art gcse just because I draw Manga as my main style and work. And a couple of reason added to that was because of the fact I have depression and the teacher genuinely said "if you're going to look like you don't want to be here get out of my class" when all that happened was I was having a bad day and just wanted to go home and rest because depression hits hard for me.
    I have no confidence in myself what so ever now and hate every single drawing I do even if it's good to others. I haven't felt proud about my work in over 5 years now and I'm 18 so that's quite a while for me.
    I am not doing this to shamelessly promote myself but if anyone is curious about my "art" my Instagram username is katsuosayuki and my profile picture is a anime character with white hair and blue eyes.

  • …I know that feeling……no one was ever interested in my work and at the final show I was shocked because I was actually asked about what I painted and other things of reverlance, I didn’t prepare at all to speak to someone, i was really stunned I stumbled my words and barely said anything…l had a lot of crap from everyone…I redid a year to just do the show..last time no one let me have a space to work so I could find no real motivation and that year someone did ask me…..it was hard to even do that year, people kept using my space for storage, the head tutor was talking about me behind my back to other students, they even themselves gossiped between themselves using a fake name to identify me, I made that student shit himself when I came over but playing ignorant is fair enough…Anyway they even stole my materials, like a bucket of water, I had to carry that from up two flight of stairs from two buildings and someone just stole it for plastering ….What pisses me off after the year ended I had my final year work to attract new students….I had to paint out two accompanying billboards…plus the two works I did for charity was placed under someone else’s name….and to top that my art award was misspelled so no worth at all….no wait it was the 1st year student….she did the same type of thing but it was fine….I…nvm…I am not good as a artist or as a person so it doesn't matter

  • I don't care what people say.Art is something that someone has made.Not for the reason or to convey a message.A statue is art there for a plate can be art.Someone has designed and made it so it's art.Art takes skill,creativity and effort.Therefore things like literature,manga,abstract art and even dancing is art

  • When you consider your pieces art, then it is art for you and you can be proud to have made that art 🙂
    Because being judged all the the time is not the worst thing that could happen, but it surly does damage your self esteem and confidence to draw. Giving tips and trying to help is the best support you can get, so having this kind of teacher that motivates you to draw and says that you can approve in what you are doing is an actual teacher. But a teacher that tells you that your drawing/paintings are not art is not motivating at all, so you automatically think: „oh no, it doesn’t matter how many drawings I make, because what I make isn’t art anyway“.
    So when this kind of teacher gives you tips, they mostly just criticize in a weird way and just say that they don’t like the drawing you make and just make you feel unsure about art.
    (It is just my opinion :3 )

  • I think sometimes that illustration is not big in germany so illustrations aren`t considert art. I think some professors see this topic in another light as times passes an things like comics etc becomming big and popular. Sry i am german my self so my english is bad and wordy.

  • My definition of art is: Something created by someone, they had to have the creativity to make it. If something is heavily inspired, or fanart, it is still art, because they made the style. Copying someone’s style is impossible, as getting exact realism is impossible.

  • Cuando estudié últimas tendencias de arte en la universidad consideraban que la caca enlatada de Manzoni era arte, o Gina Pane haciéndose cortes, era ARTE. En fin… son los críticos de arte lo que definen eso, supongo. Algunos lo verán como arte y otros no. Pero si hay que tragar y estudiar lo que te digan para tener títulos, se hace, pero eso no significa que tengas que cambiar tu punto de vista en considerar algo arte o no.
    También el arte está basado en el pasado de la humanidad, no se vosotros, pero yo en el instituto me cansé de dibujar a la venus de milo y esculturas griegas y me desanimó mucho que lo que realmente quería dibujar no se estudiara. Creo que el arte debería ser libre, y salir del artista, no todos los artistas deben dibujar o pintar igual. Si no hay variedad el arte se vuelve aburrido.
    Para mí sí es arte lo que dibujas, porque me inspira. Me da igual lo que digan los que creen que el arte solo se debe centrar en lo que digan los grados actuales, deberían ampliar las optativas de arte manga o arte digital y demás, no sé si haya universidades donde se pueda estudiar, pero cuando yo iba a estudiarla no era así. El arte debe evolucionar, y sus mentes también, en todos los siglos ha pasado, dentro de x años lo consideraran arte. Solo hay que darle tiempo.

  • My art teacher in school: so.. before we start drawing I will talk about art! Ok.
    Can someone tell me who made this sculpture?
    teacher points me
    -I give u the word Marchu

    Me: it’s made by Michelangelo now let me draw or I’m going in the toilet for the rest of the two hours

  • I went to art school as well and I learned that professors and other artists love the sound of their own voice more than giving good advice. As long as you can translate your skills to professional art, you'll be fine.

  • your art is beautiful! It was amazing to watch the painting become 3D as you added color! I'm writing a book; If I had the money to hire you to illustrate my book I would totally hire you.

  • My school has a variety of programs from fine art, to graphic design, to illustration, and so on. It's really interesting to see the different mentalities these different departments and their students have. In all, I think my university does a good job of balancing the wildly abstract, to the traditional, to the commercial. When I go into the art building throughout the year there are a variety of student works on display. Sometimes it is abstract and all about process. Other times they are extremely technical paintings. And still other times they are illustrative works and concept designs.

    Even so, a lot of my professors aren't too fond of manga either. Still, most of them don't dismiss it altogether while still encouraging students to learn how to broaden their vision outside of manga styles anyways (and frankly it improves their overall manga style by extension). Anyway, I've felt lucky.

  • I find it also ironic to realize that my coworker, who is German, is studying Fine Art and she is VERY much suited to that more abstract approach. She is all about the process, and trying to flip the expectation on its head. But she still appreciates other art as well.

  • Yes, so true… I lost my style of art due to "its not art"… I even dont know what to paint already because right now I'm focusing to what they want.. not what I want. I lost my imagination..

  • Art is supposed to be beautiful to the artist eyes and not for everyone to love no matter what it is me. For example to me art can be gory too bright and cartoony it’s what satisfies my eyes. So anything that satisfies your eyes can be considered as art in my opinion.

  • this is why I dropped out of art college decades ago. The professors were all idiots and clearly slaves to fashion. They didn't have opinions of their own. Just parroting the same old crap that they have been fed for decades. Decades later nothing has changed. Nothing about this is authentic.

  • I actually had one art teacher that was happy I started to include more anime-style influences in my work. He said it was great that I was including something that showed my personality and interests. He was an amazing and supportive teacher. Then in my final year of school, my teacher changed and I ended up dropping the subject. Then at uni, I actually studied illustration instead of fine art and that was a more supportive environment. (My uncle is a fine artist, specialising in abstract, and he'd always go on at me like all the other teachers do).

  • You are one hundred percent correct. Art is a physical manifestation of thoughts and emotions. With that in mind it makes any creation art, drawing, painting, cooking, sculpting almost anything. The degree of artistic ability has no judges only classifiers.

  • Wait, are u telling me the art professors are like,

    "Hey, draw what ur passionate abt."

    Then lated on they're like :

    "Eh, this looks empty without a meaning, looks the same with other drawings, and cant be sold or be shown to a museum." ????

    bIsh, i can just draw a stickman and dats art for all i know. (But seriously, bro nAni.)

  • from my experience at art school, and it actually helped me break myself of wanting to do everything photorealistic. But in the words of my favorite professor "why not just take a fucking picture? This isn't the renaissance, we're in a post photoshop world."

  • I understand what the professors meant and it seems like they accomplished their goal. I believe they spouted all that nonsense to force you to try something new. To do something you wouldn't have normally thought of and think about art in a new way. At first their rhetoric comes off as pretentious but I suppose the ends justify the means. I had a professor who did this to me with literature and I learned a lot from it. Sometimes railing against an opposing opinion is the best way to learn and the best thing is, you're teaching yourself and you don't even know it.

  • You make a lot of good points about your professors being stuck within the status-quo of modern art criticism and I think you’re partially correct about their unfairness. However, what I think you may be failing to grasp is the essence of their critiques, which, through their own (most likely) unintentional failure of communication doesn’t really address the root of the issue. However you look at it, and whatever else it may be, art is primarily a form of communication. Since we are not telepathic beings, unable to transmit our thoughts and feelings directly to one another, other forms of expressing our ideas and concepts had to be created. From this need we derived language, poetry, art, etc; each a small imperfect piece of the puzzle of conscious thought.

    So I think what your professors mean when they make these statements is that they are failing to see the fundamental aspect of your art that represents you. And by you I mean either an aspect of your personality, or an opinion (which is probably why they attempted to nudge you toward political art as it tends to be the easiest method of expressing one’s opinion thought art), or just something that sets it apart from the other work that is out there, showcasing your individual uniqueness. While you partially touched upon this in stating that your art engenders questions such as “why did I choose to paint this?”, I would say that any question that could be answered outside of the medium itself isn’t making full use of said medium. This is what is meant when people say that art should “speak for itself”.

    So I think a good question to ask yourself when creating a piece is “where am I ?”

  • Those "professionals" don't realize that 90% of the painters back in time didnt paint paint because they wanted to express what they wanted to express, They painted what they were told to paint and a few artist managed to put a little bit of them in it and now days it's pretty much what happens, you get payed to do something someone wants.

  • They’re not thinking about what sells because no artist or art teacher thinks about the money because there’s a VERY good chance they you won’t make a penny off of anything that is REAL art. That’s why real artists have been called starving artists for generations. Now, the real reason why manga and such newer things are disapproved of among the art world is because manga are comics/cartoons. You won’t go to an art school anywhere and find them teaching how to draw Bugs Bunny or the like. Why? Well, how do you think the original creators of all cartoons, comics, manga and anime knew HOW to draw what they did? They learned through real arts and real artists. How to draw from real life, shade, proportions, colors and so on and so forth. These are the basics which, if you do not know fully, no matter what medium you like (manga, animation, tattooing, digital, etc) you will not only be looked down on as being an uneducated, lazy kid but you will be taken as if you are insulting those before you who made it possible for you to learn art at all. Artists were not see as cool or as a desired profession for a very long time. Even now, only a few branches of art mediums actually make money at all. The traditional art world is shrinking more and more and artists are desperately trying to maintain the values that are the foundation of all art forms around the world. When I went to university I had similar issues with a prof-not about manga but about movement and such things within my work- but instead of looking at him as wrong and me as right I said, ok I’ll keep trying to get it right and see the difference between before and now. That’s what profs want. If you just do work that you think they want, you’ve already failed your lesson. It’s not about pleasing the prof, it’s about learning everything you can. Manga is great, I’ve world on several some mine, some others as well as digital works. But the amount of artistic manga in the world is very very few with the majority being pretty much the exact same method of drawing. That’s why you can’t really consider manga as real art because manga can’t teach you the basics you’d need for other art forms, because manga needs the basics first in order to be created at all. That’s why it IS important to define what is art and what isn’t. If not, than the people who make sandwiches at places like Subway would be able to legitimately call themselves artists which they are not in the slightest. Not everything that a person creates is art necessarily either. That doesn’t mean it’s not of some value personally to the creator, but just because you doodled in you textbook in the middle of class doesn’t mean you’re now an artist. It’s about the dedication to the craft overall, not just a single branch that is now in fashion. I don’t know how it is in any other country, but I’m fairly certain that this rule still stands for all: If you are interested in the art world and desire to be ANY type of artist -traditional, digital, mangaka or animator you MUST be ready for ALL criticism and NEVER expect praises right away. That’s not how the art world works, nor should it work. If it saddens you to not hear what you want right away, don’t call yourself an artist because you will only hear praises first from your friends and family. And that’s not praise that counts, although it is appreciated of course. Criticism is a good thing, even when the words hurt because it’s only meant to help you improve and better yourself both as a person and as (in this case) an artist. Don’t shy away from it, don’t immediately rebel against it. Listen to what they’re saying and tell yourself, ok. Let’s try it a different way until they say it’s right. Then I’ll compare my world myself to see what’s different. Don’t get emotional. Don’t get egotistical. Don’t think everything you do the first, tenth or 100th time is perfect. It’s not. You will ALWAYS need to improve because that’s how art works. Art doesn’t change, it improves. There is a distinct difference and is clear especially within an artist. They may seem the same but it’s their minds that will improve, which in turn improves their work. So, in essence, don’t bash your teachers because they didn’t like your work the first time or approve of manga. It’s not a rare or unjustified reaction. It’s the same reaction among animators-even the greats in Japan. If you don’t know OR understand the basics of real art AND can’t even produce them on paper, they don’t want you. You’re not a real artist. That’s just the way it is and the way it should be. My advice (I know you didn’t ask, but that’s the net for you eh? Lol) for you and all aspiring artists of many mediums, keep improving. Don’t limit yourselves to YOUR little bubbles. Artists don’t stay within, they expand out. That’s why they put brush or pen to paper and create something new and original, because no real artist wants to be anything but new and original.

    Ps you’re watercolor is very good. Very neo traditional ish. Keep it up 😎

  • 1:30
    Exactly! I would think any artist would know of Dali…and well, Dali said that every painter paints his/her own cosmogeny…
    I've found that to be true many times, even to my own fascination with the inadvertent.

  • Van Gogh's = Art
    Monalisa = Art
    Engineering drawing = not art

    Step by step illustration = not art
    Manga = not art

  • Art definition: https://www.arteallimite.com/en/2019/06/20/de-que-hablamos-cuando-hablamos-de-los-sabios-incompetentes-iv/ & Precisions about definition of art:


  • Смотрел много Ваших видео с процессом работ. Это видео смотрел еще в момент выхода, но комментировать подумал только сейчас.
    Честно, не знаю, владеете ли Вы русским, ибо описание и субтитры на русском и даже хороши, но, почему-то о Вас не слышал, пока сам не нашёл, работы потрясные. Сбивает с толку английский и обучение в Германии с немецким языком, так что, надеюсь, мою мысль на русском поймут xD
    Что же является искусством? как по мне – любое самовыражение, передача образов или эмоций, возможно желание создать что-то новое или новым способом, а может воспроизведение чего-то старого и забытого. Но тут возникают мысли о границах, ибо разница вкусов и восприятия очень велика, к примеру излюбленные в кино и игровой индустрии маньяки, что так любят строить из тел композиции, или разного рода.. прошу прощения за упоминание, капрофилы, они тоже могут в чем-то видеть приятные себе вещи, но может ли это называться искусством?
    Так же по поводу профессоров, согласен, они находятся в пузырях, у них своё восприятие, взгляды, вкусы, даже не смотря на, вероятно, проделанную работу по увеличению их проф. восприятия, мол профессор, который начинал, как пейзажист, всё равно должен разбираться и в других направлениях 😀 но есть ограничения связанные с культурой, как Вы сказали, рынком, всё это сильно влияет на них, можно провести аналогию с любой наукой, например, когда заговорили, что Земля круглая, люди воспитанные старыми институтами просто не принимаю и высмеивают это, мало кто пытается осмыслить и обдумать что-то новое. Как-то так 😀

  • my teacher at school literally wanted to give me a 'd' because i never handed in any drawings. but the thing is, the entire school year i handed in a lot of work, stuff i worked multiple hours on and he never considered them as art. when i told him that in my view it is, he denied and said he wasn't able to grade that.

    so at the end of year when he told me he wanted to give a c, i got pretty mad at him and started discussing with him that it's unfair that other people basically hand in stuff they did in less than two minutes and have an a afterwards and i who worked multiple hours on a drawing only got told that it wasn't even art.

    he gave me a c, but only because many others in my class actually agreed and defended me. he even wanted to send me to the principle for that.

  • I'm Croatian but I can relate to your experience. In my country 'art' and 'artist' are the atributes that 'you need to deserve'. So, you can be a sculptor, or a painter, but, unless the critics or the academics say that you deserve it, you should not call yourself an artist. But, compare this with English. Whereas in German (or Croatian) a drawing is just a drawing, in English it is called the ARTWORK. Although the translation would be a Kunstwerk, it does not include this element of outsider's approval. In English any sketch can be called artwork.

  • Traumhaft schönes Bild ♥ Häufig fällt mir auf, das talentierte Menschen klein gehalten werden. Ich vermute, dass das von der Unsicherheit derer stammt, die meinen sie müssten unbedingt besser sein, da sie ja der Ältere, der "Meister" sind, ohne zu realisieren, dass ein sehr guter Meister seinen Schüler so sehr beflügeln kann, dass dieser ihn sogar übertrifft und das ist auch keine Schande. Das wirft doch eigentlich sogar ein gutes Licht auf ihn selbst, oder nicht? (In absolut jedem Fall so. Nicht nur bezüglich Kunst)

  • just don't go to art university, problem solved 🙂
    the problem about "higher level" art institutions is that they don't teach you art. All you get are unworthy people who criticise budding potentials. save yr money and learn something in university that teaches you in "black and white" with academic theory that will protect you from unreasonable criticism.

  • Seems like most teachers only care about your political views. Because you know how abstract politics is. Teachers these days seem to be trying to create a rebellion or revolution not actually teaching to topics.

  • Those professors sound like arrogant [email protected]! F*ck them. I believe they want to feel power over others. If they cannot find something wrong with a piece, they will make it up on the spot. They're unhappy with their own results and project that dissatisfaction onto their students. They create impossible hoops to jump through, and I believe they get off on it because they have little else! For me, an art teacher is there to teach me technique. No one's opinion, outside of your own, matters. G'day!

  • Art is… PERIOD.
    To discuss the essence of art is just like discussing the existence of god or what love is. It's a very interesting discussion actually not worth to talk about. Art is so abstract that really everything can be art while nothing has to be. So everyone who wants to tell you what is art and what not is a pretentious moron. In fact, art is so abstract that one can discuss if it existed in the first place. If everything can be considered as art nothing really is. If art is that general its definition is redundant. "I do art!" becomes to "I breathe air". So should we waste our energy on that discusssion or let art just be a highly abstract terminus? To be controversial and to simplify my own world I consider Art as non existent, as I do with god, the afterlife and love without chemical reactions (because that's what love is, chemicals reacting in our brain). "But the world looses all its magic… mimimi!" Wake up! There's nothing magical about the world, and that's not a bad thing. BTW as GameDesigner some would consider myself as an artist, although I don't like that, because art cannot really do something… like god… but design can. So design is better than art and god himself… so don't be an artist be a designer… like don't be a priest be a scientist.

  • Thankfully where I live the art professors actually know what they're talking about unlike yours. I remember when I was in the 11th grade we were doing a project with shading where we had to copy a black and white photo from a magazine. I chose to draw a picture of a dilapidated rollercoaster. My teacher was so impressed with it she showed it to one of the professors she learned under while studying to be an art teacher. He was impressed with it as well and asked if he could meet me so he could tell me what he thought of my work in person. He told me that my drawing was some of the best work he had seen and that it was better than a lot of his own students which was really saying something. Sadly I no longer have the piece, but it's still nice to look back and remember the praise I had gotten for it.

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