$1 Million in a YEAR With a “Flex Store” (Dropshipping & Print On Demand) w/ Adrian Morrison

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  • Also I never thank everyone for helping me reach 300k subs but this means so, so much to me, so thank you ❤️

  • Awesome! Signed up for webinar. Finally signed up for your ebook, too. Jsyk the video on the landing page for the completed email subscription mentions a timer and there is no timer on the page anymore. Heads up 💖💖💖

  • Thank you very much. Great advice. I will go to improve my shop the best. Wish you good health Sarah!

  • The whole video I was wondering what a "Flicks Store" was. Then I read the title, and it all made sense.

  • unfortunately the seminar its happening at 3am my time, so I cant be there. There wont be a recorded version?

  • Wholesale Ted, I need some important advice please, and a good topic for your next video I think so here goes – What happens if you follow all your instructions given and in doing so create a store that over the course of a few weeks becomes successful and turns over lets say 35,000 in sales my question is, how the hell do you finance buying $30.000 dollars worth of product from Aliexpress when all you have got is $3,000 dollars to spare. We all know that PayPal or Stripe will freeze your account dead for upwards of 60 or 90 days if you suddenly have that amount of payment flowing through your account and as such, would bankrupt you instantly. So where do you get $30,000 dollars from in order to finance a successful overnight drop shipping store, because it could happen? Even if we said $10,000 dollars, then how do we find that money if you do not have the means to ask the family to assist. Known banks here in the UK will fail to lend you a dime if they are dealing with China drop shipping businesses, I know, I have already asked my bank manager and the computer said NO! So if you can bring yourself to make a video on the topic then it would fill a void I feel no others are filling and as such – I wonder why????.

  • Thanks, I am excited to hear that one can combine print on demand with drop shipping.
    When will the webinar be

  • the guy makes more money selling courses than dropshipping wake-up guys, he doesn't even dropship anymore tell him to say the name of just one app on Shopify he didn't even answer the question lol

  • This is the kind of store i'm building! My biggest issue so far was trying to figure out the shipping between different fulfillment centers lol

  • I have a couple gating questions for me I'm hoping someone can answer;

    1. Do you create a store around the single item first?

    2.Do you first order a sample to see if the item is quality?

  • You definitely want products which are evergreen, however, sometimes niche products sell a lot easier. Great Video!
    SUB GOAL: 30/1000

  • I really enjoy your videos! my only concern about using Aliexpress Is first the ordering/arrival time to the customer….how does he/you deal with that? especially when customers are used to getting their stuff really fast from AZON…? AND how is the new China Tariffs affecting ordering from Alibaba/Aliexpress or is it?? wondering if you can make a video on all this…thank you!

  • People there’s no secret to this crap. I’ve been doing dropshipping and started making few grand a month after i learned how to do fb and google ads. Thats the only secret to this business. All these gurus want is your money. Want your email to make money of their clickfunnels which leads them to sell their bs ebooks and courses blah blah blah. To much info and crap that isn’t necessary is what I’ve learned after doing mad research. My advice is don’t start a general store because everybody and their mama is doing it and its just a flop and waste of money and time trying to test useless products everyone else is selling. Go str8 into a niche. Leggings for example. And make the site look clean and professional. Add the right apps to your shopify store. And start testing your products by visiting the ad library of other successful stores in your niche and model your ads after them. Once you see a product sell just scale and put more money into that ad thats working. Start with $5 budget. Ask influencers to promote your stuff and soon enough ul see that theres no secret or trick behind this shit and all the crap ted and this other rich dude talk about. At the end of the day they make vids and waste their time to profit from it. Just figured id drop some real free info for those who just dont have the time to watch youtuber after youtuber feeding you their version of bs. Its SIMPLE!

  • Sarah I love your accent, i'm glad your'e back home and recovered, great video with great content. I also think you are absolutely the most attractive business coach on youtube.

  • With 10-20 dollars profit margins, you have to manage thousands of orders. How can you manage THAT amount? I know there are plugins to automate this process, but it's still not enough. How many VA's do you need for that? And again, the amount of returns, chargebacks would be enormous.

  • So how do you technically combine 2 different shipping options – say ePacket on Woocommerce and Printful for example?

  • Regarding the POD suppliers used, not including Pillow Profits, which ones are recommended for max profits?

  • Congrats on the 300K ❤ I have a quick question for you Sarah. Have you ever had a hard time with your Shopify Payments being put on hold? I have been reading a lot about it, people complaining that Shopify is holding their money for 90 days before releasing it? Its something that has been delaying me on opening a dropshipping store. Thanks for the great videos!!

  • So i'm proud to say that i've made my first sale via drop shipping, with my store only being open for less than a month 🙂

  • I think it's dumb question but the channel name is wholesale ted but i haven't seen any ted yet. where is he?

  • I hope you or someone experienced gets to see my comment.
    How do you guys deal with orders that come from different suppliers? Do you just ship them.two separate packages ?

  • Hi, I am indian my account was terminating by redbubble.
    Which is best site for me to sell my designs on pod.
    Thank you

  • Hi Sarah, I've signed up to the webinar……….but it will be at 1am London time. 😮 Will I be able to log in and see it at a later time?. Thanks, Mike

  • Hey, I love Your videos and have learnt lots form them 😉 I have just one question, Let's say that Stripe is not available where I live. So as far as I understand it, I will not be able to receive payments from shopify store this way, only with PayPal. BUT, on Stripe homepage there is something called Atlas. It looks like an App for remotely setting up a company in USA, together with bank account and tax ID, which will allow accepting payments with stripe. Have You heard of it? Is it worth to register LLC or C corporation to accept Stripe payments?

  • Ok, so first let me just say I love your content and look forward to it every time I go online. I literally stopped everything to comment this because of how frustrated I am with the webinar. It was basically hours of him trying to push a course down the audience throats, while, I'm positive his information has serious value, and was very excited to give him what money I had for that information, the course was over 2 thousand dollars.
    The funny thing is, I was late because I had to wait in line at a food shelf to get my supplies for the next few weeks….. I am recovering from youth homelessness from the age of 16(My mother left the state due to drugs and a really bad break up with her husband). I am now 18 and am doing good for myself working in a metal shop, while money is tight, I still try to invest what's left at the end of the month into an ecommerce store. I was so excited to attend the webinar and even had a note pad ready. you can imagine my disappointment when I saw the price tag on that information.

    That's when I knew I had to come to the comment section and thank you for putting out quality free content. everything has so much value and I'm trying hard to follow and produce results. and while I haven't had any success yet, I am confident that anyone can do this if they learn and strive for it. My motivation is the fact that if I successed, I can escape the cycle of drug dealers, drop-outs and poverty that my family has been on my whole life….. I'm due to pickup my high school diploma in 2 weeks so that's a start XD. I am excited to see what the future holds for me and cant thank you enough for inspiring to do better than my family has ever expected of me. I look forward to your next video, and sorry for the long comment.

  • Hey, i have added paypal on my store as payment getway. will you suggest me apps that will automatically add customers tracking info in paypal? Because paypal holds money if tracking information is not given to them 🙁 Please help me out

  • I watched Adrian’s webinar and it was great! My only problem with this is that with my current income I could never save enough money to buy the course. Not even with the 3 payment plan he offers. I like the “No student left behind “ slogan. My thing is that if he can promise that I will succeed and make a ton of money why can’t he just wait till the money is coming in for his $3,000.00???
    He seems sure that I will succeed but asking for that much up front is not reasonable to me. If I can make tons of money then I would be willing to pay DOUBLE THE PRICE as soon as the money was coming in. I guess I will have to find a way to make it work elsewhere.

  • You deserve it, Sarah. I'm a new subscriber, and newbie to the industry. But, you are very informative. I love your content in your videos and am learning a lot

  • Hi, I wanna thanks the both of you, Ive been following Adrian on Shopify education as well. You guys are the best teacher

  • Hello Sarah, i am still so new for dropshipping business
    Only for 3 months. But still not i fund good product on ALI express. Same time no sales 10 days. But every day i am searching product and listening.I try my best be successful. Please help me to go good way.

  • 1million in a year if you know the key to success better stop making YouTube's & start earning … Millions of dollars …

  • Can Anybody answer my question ?
    Sarah if you have time or see this 😊 Do you buy the samples first to check out the quality from Ali Express ?
    I’ve bought hundreds of fashion garments and accessories from
    Ali …my guess is only 10-15% are good value for money and accurate with photos, colour, size, fabric, fit.
    Anybody care to reply 🙏😊

  • That's the kind of store I was planning to make believe it or not. Happy to see I'm not the only one thinking like that

  • the volume on this is incredibly low compared to other YT Videos, any chance to increase it in future videos? love your content!

  • Hey Sarah. First of all I love U.
    Second. I'm searching for my niche. And I haven't decided , whether to combine different vendors. Is it possible? For example Print on demand by Printful and a Vendor from ali express. Is it going to make a mess? Considering different packaging and delivery times? At the case of Adrian's e-shop if a customers orders a dog collar and a legging at the same time, he will receive different packs isn't he? Is there a detail that I'm missing?

  • Hi Sarah! 🤗 I have a question, which do you think is the best option? Charging shipping and keeping product costs low or raise the product price and providing free shipping? ❤️

  • No, no, yes, yes, no, each one in this order at the start of the phrases every time you reply to Adrian. Is this some sort of mind trick?

  • Did y'all see hime roll his eyes at Sarahs question ? Assdrian is a STUCK-UP snob. People I have 1 Tip…NEVER forget where you came from before you became successful !!!

  • Does anyone have any success stories learning from these gurus? I feel like most of these self made entrepreneurs make most of their money from selling ecourses. So hard to tell whose legitimate online these days.

  • This product chasing never makes sense. On one hand, you're saying to have 20 products in a store, but you're highlighting one item (like the collar).

    So is he creating a store with 19 other fluff items. If so, doesn't that contradict the idea of only having high selling items on your site?

  • Awesome content as usual. Just wondering if you could check my business website + Instagram account below, as I need some expert advice on my current business performance. Much appreciated.


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