3d print & walnut lamp | How to

We’re Evan and Katelyn and I don’t really know how to say this But we’re kind of a big deal people know us and our garage smells of rich walnut pl wood. We made a lamb It’s made of bits of real lamb and it turns on 60% of the time all the time I love lamp I love lamp We’re gonna 3d print the frame wrap it in copper tape and then attach wood panels So we’re gonna go see if we can find some really thin eighth inch wood thick enough that is substantial But we don’t waste good wood. We’re gonna see what we can find in the scrap wood pile. So I know the software isn’t the most exciting thing But I want to share one aspect of this that I thought was kind of neat. What I did for the first time is use a variable and what that allows me to do is input the variable instead of units and change The facets really easily. If I want five facets boom five passes six facets boom six facets, so it’s just kind of a neat thing. As many facets as you want! Before we printed the full 24 hour print or more We thought we would do a test-fit. One, we’re gonna see how thick the walls are and how the tape looks Pretty cool And two we want this to go through the hole. This is like lamp thread or something and Haha it’s called like lamp thread. I want a hole at the top the lamp so that I can adjust the height of this. nope nope Yeah The test looked good, so we printed the full thing. 24 hours later Let’s take this out to the garage and see how this goes together. It kinda looks like a lamp already which is cool. It’s time to cut the template and see if it fits in here. And if it fits, we cuts So in order to print without supports I chamfered this angle, but that means that I need to chamfer this too so we’re gonna add the chamfer and Keep on going until it works Oh, yeah, oh no. Tried to do it dramatically, but safely – but I think that looks pretty good Whoo that looks nice one more more okay before we go any further here We should probably finish applying all the copper tape. Yes let’s take these out and wrap. Wiki wiki what rap rap rap rap That’s how you rap. Alrighty, should we do the wood panels? One thing we didn’t account for is how we’re gonna get this out of this It no longer sits flat. We don’t want to reprint the whole thing for us We’re just gonna make a little fix just for this one But we’re gonna fix it for you guys in the final model. Are we gonna drill through the plastic? Yeah, I think just have it coming out one of these panels. We’ll just drill a small little hole, ooh And then we can 3d print a little thing to make it look official This goes- MegaMan blaster. So now we’re gonna wire the lamps. These are all pieces of a standard lamp kit. Put this base piece down over your wire See these two wires you want to give them both a little u-turn loops Next loop the two wires around the two screws making sure that you loop them Clockwise so that when you tighten the screws it pulls the wires tighter Clamping this was kind of tough. We tried rubber bands those failed hmm, we tried painters tape that failed We ended up using electrical tape and panicking a lot That actually worked really well, yeah What? This tape left like… a REALLY bad residue Oh, no! Let’s just unwrap it. Well at least we didn’t mess up anything permanently. I hope. Let’s buff this out a little bit. I have a thing where it’s like, we tried rubber bands that didn’t work, we tried blue tape that was terrible then we tried electrical tape, it works really well, then I’m gonna cut and be like, it didn’t work well. It didn’t work well! Hey better than before all right final two things. one lightbulb. It’s not on right? oh! No, no you need to take that out. that goes over this oh Look so good. It’s so legit. It looks really good! I love lamp! looks really awesome, okay, i have to see it from over here. Should we get some cool after shots? Yeah! Wow it is done the main difficult part was clamping it all together. All we’d do differently is clamp it in place with painters tape and oil it afterwards. putting the oil on beforehand made it really hard to cinch it all down we have links to plans, the model and the templates to cut out the panel’s below. and all the lessons we learned the hard way we’re fixing in the model We really like combining two different ways of making things, in this case Woodworking and 3d printing to make something unique so if you have any ideas on how we can combine different materials or techniques of making things, welding and 3d printing or woodworking and- you’re copying me! We really want to try it out and try new things so let us know in the comments below and if you’re a patreon the link to the after show is below so if you don’t know what that is we basically just Sit here and keep talking about more stuff that went wrong things we learned other behind the scenes stuff that’s going on so if you want to check that out, link below Thanks for watching and stay classy YouTube Joobie you know I don’t speak Spanish We can just get a longer rod. A nice, beefy rod. The lamp making community is going to LAUGH AT US Your mustache is falling down the left side right there, it’s lowering on one side. Is that better? I’m normal I’m so normal

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