5 Types of Japanese Art Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

5 Types of Japanese Art Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

In this video, we’re bringing you five types of Japanese Art Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed. You can shop all of these items at JetPens.com We’ll be going through the following categories, starting with manga supplies. Give your art an authentic manga look with Deleter Screen Tones. They come in several different styles to provide a variety of shading effects. All you need is a small knife and something to press them down, like the Deleter Tone Spatula. Click the card to learn how to use screen tones properly. The IC Comic Perspective Template helps artists create realistic drawings. Each pack includes two templates: one for
one-point perspectives and one for two-point. They’re transparent, making them easy to
use with a lightbox. Markers Copic Sketch Markers are artist favorites, suitable for illustration and design. These alcohol-based markers are double-sided with a flexible brush tip and chisel tip. Their color range is astounding with over 300 colors to choose from. Keep in mind that they are prone to bleeding through paper. The Kuretake Zig Clean Color Series has colorful vibrant ink in three forms: the bristle brush Real Brush Pens, the felt tip FB Brush Pens, and the double-sided Dot Markers. Because they’re so blendable, you can use them to create watercolor effects without the hassle of paints. Our favorite paint marker has to be the Uni Posca. The vivid, opaque ink can write on virtually any surface, including photos, glass, metal, and more. It comes in a variety of colors, including pastel and glitter ink. Tip sizes range from extra fine to bold, and there’s even a brush tip is available! Paint Brushes Water brushes are extremely versatile tools and Kuretake offers a variety of options for artists. Water brushes come with a reservoir that can be filled with water or ink. They’re especially useful for painting on the go. Click the card to find out more about water
brushes. If you need a brush that can draw fine details, try these Pentel Design Fude Menso Brushes. Menso brushes are made for painting intricate work, like facial features. These brushes are made of durable polyester and hold their points extremely well. There are three tip sizes are available. Paints The unique Boku-Undo E-Sumi Watercolors let you create sumi-e paintings without having to dissolve an inkstone. With six stunning black paints of varying undertones, you can make sophisticated monotone paintings. We recommend using a porcelain palette, like this one by Yasutomo, to dilute the paint and create gradations. Nicker Poster Colors are pigment-based paints that are similar to watercolors, but much more opaque. This makes them easier to use as artists can work freely without having to avoid light areas in a painting. They’re famously used by Japanese animation studios like Studio Ghibli to paint vibrant, colorful backgrounds. Pencils The Pentel Multi 8 Lead Holder contains eight colored leads in one pencil body. This is particularly useful for illustrators and designers, who often use colored leads to do under drawings. To switch between leads, simply twist the
plastic clip of the holder to point at the color you want, then press the top button to release the lead. Featuring a special soft wax core, the Uni Pericia Colored Pencils can create vibrant artwork in a painterly style. They’re highly blendable on their own, but can be used with an oil solvent for more blurred effects. They come in a luxurious faux leather case that transforms into an angled tray for easy viewing. And that’s a wrap! What was your favorite video in this series? Shop all of these products and more at JetPens.com. Thanks for watching!

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