A beginner’s guide to Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

A beginner’s guide to Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Hello, I’m Annie Sloan and welcome to my
beautiful studio. It’s back to basics time. I’m going to be painting this piece. It’s quite shiny, it’s a sort of 30s little cabinet, I’ve taken the handles off so
I’m ready to paint. A lot of people use white, this is my Old White. Ooh look at
that, it’s beautifully thick paint isn’t it, look at that. If you want to, if it’s very
hot weather, you might add a bit of water. If it’s cold, really really really cold,
you might let it get up to room temperature. But apart from that we’re
ready to go. Here’s me with my paintbrush and glasses on and ready to go. So actually I’d probably open the drawers up but I’m not going to bother this time. Really we’re just talking about painting. So hold the brush like that – you’re not
doing this and don’t flip it back and forward. So if you’re holding it like that, even touching there, so you’ve got real purchase. And just brush over, every which way, be quick, it’s not little tiny tiny
brush strokes – it’s big brush strokes and cover it all over. You might have noticed
there’s no sanding, no priming, I’m just directly on. So no priming, no
prepping, no sanding, just paint! Why, how, how did all this happen? So I was a mother of three small children and they were at school, and what
I needed was something that would be quick to do, so that when I collected
them in mid afternoon it would all be back to normal. So that’s what I was
trying to do – something quick and something that would be easy to do,
and that’s what it is. Second coat now and it’s the same as the first coat! So lots of people say ‘Gosh you make it look so easy and it’s not so easy’ – it really really is easy. Remember, if you paint it and you go – ‘Oh, I don’t like it.’ – well maybe it’s the wrong colour, and it’s to do with the room you’re in. So maybe it needs to be blue or red or green or pink…try another colour, it won’t take long. This
won’t take long at all. So now it’s back to basics with the waxing, and the
waxing is really really important part of my whole thing. It’s paint and wax –
they’re just two really brilliant bits. So you can put wax on with anything you
like. You can do it with an old paintbrush that you’ve got, you can do it
with a cloth or you can use this. You don’t have to use this, I would just say
that it does make life a little bit easier. If I don’t wax it at all my hands
will mark it. So you’ve got to wax it to seal it. So it’s to do with look and it’s to
do with protection as well. Here’s the Clear Wax. It is wax that works with
the paint and it absorbs into the paint really easily. So this is clear, looks
white – it’s clear. And you need to put on plenty. And again you’re not doing this
thing of going … very careful really careful. No. Go for it,
absolutely go for it. Don’t worry about – you can do whatever direction you want,
you don’t have to do it all in one direction. So I’m doing it in lots of different ways. And you need plenty of it on there. So every which way. And then here’s some cotton cloth. Needs to be lint-free
as they say, and then I’m going to wipe over. So take the excess off. So that’s it! All very very simple; paint, wax, done.

11 thoughts on “A beginner’s guide to Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan”

  • How delightful to see you Annie! I've been wanting to use chalk paint but wasn't sure of the method. It's so beautiful, I figured it might take lots of doing to have a good result. But from your video, it looks quite easy!!! Thank you so much for showing the simplicity. I'm off to buy my supplies. 😊

  • Love the new video! I have done 5 different pieces of furniture with your white chalk paint and I get so many compliments. So easy to do and awesome results. Thank you!

  • It's lovely Annie! We often overcomplicate things in our lives, this part should always be easy. Paint, wax, done!

  • New subscriber here .. looking to repaint my curvy decorative 7ft wooden brown headboard sleigh bed to white/ivory vintage.

  • I absolutely love chalk paint! It’s my new hobby and obsession. ❤️ I find myself searching for pieces with character just to hone my skills. And yes, I have even painted over something because the color didn’t turn out. It’s really a game changer and I can’t imagine life without chalk paint in it! Thank you Annie.

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