A car wrapped in sticky tape? Kerryn’s Visual Arts inspired by children’s teenage years

A car wrapped in sticky tape? Kerryn’s Visual Arts inspired by children’s teenage years

It is an amazing opportunity to, I guess,
play with your ideas, to explore materials and also assign all this
lovely meaning and depth and research. How long have you been a practising artist for? So, like, maybe 10, 12 years. Ten to 15 years, I
don’t know – something like that. For a while. I guess before that I was always
in the arts anyway so I’ve never not done something arty. I am exploring
ideas around rites of passage in our contemporary society and how they sort
of impact on mostly adolescents. I’m a mother. I’m currently going through this
phase with my own children or have just finished going through it. They’re all
teenagers at the moment so they’re all having their own struggles and watching
them go through these, I guess, these phases has brought up my experiences as
well and made me reflect on those and then kind of given me a little bit more
of a, you know, maybe a empathetic, caring role in watching them
and helping them get through theirs. And it’s my daughter who has just gone
through her own rite of passage, which I see as her gap year. Well, she describes herself as being so bored and just bored out of her brain, just waiting, you know, this intense period of waiting for her. But while she
was waiting she was also picking up the residue of all these lovely walks we
went on and on her shoes and in her, in her, I guess, in her soul, I think
they are. All the mud and all the dirt, which I’ve now impregnated into lots of
bits of the work that represent her journey. And her little muddy Mildura mud
totems, which are sort of growing all around the place. Hers is sort of past
tense, my son’s work is right now, right here,
what’s going on in our lives and it’s been very tumultuous and very hard and
and lots of ups and downs and he’s just had a completely different journey, a
completely different experience so a real challenge. So I had to put the car up
on the hoist and wrap it in tape, just layers and layers and layers of tape
until I guess I felt it was gonna hold its shape enough to be able to pull
it off and keep its form. And you know, I guess, with my supervisor that had lots
of discussions about in the car culture and cars in movies and of course the
classic James Dean dying in his car and that sort of rebelliousness that comes with that freedom. Mostly it has come from that place of going, ‘Oh my god, this one child behind the wheel of a car! Ah, no!’ You’re never a better teacher than when you’re actually
practicing yourself so if you, if you’re practicing you seem to be able to bring
a lot more to the classes that is not just teaching the curriculum or, you know?
Your ideas I guess enthuse theirs and so it becomes like this lovely to-and-fro.
And I haven’t brought them out yet but I will. I’ll come out and have excursion before too long that they come out and make them scones and tea. Well, they’ll probably rather have a
glass of champagne or something, but… [laughs]

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