A day in the life -Artist with a day job

A day in the life -Artist with a day job

a day in the life I feel that the way I spend my morning makes a difference on what kind of energy I will put into my whole day Lately, I’ve been waking up at 5:30 a.m. When it’s still dark. I do some oil pooling and a fast skincare routine Make myself a matcha latte Meditate, go to yoga and give some space for my spiritual practice. I love having the first couple hours of my day for myself, cell phone off Having a healthy breakfast is important for me I usually go for a chia and fruit bowl, a protein shake and a cup of coffee. I use the morning to plan my day. Check emails and set some intentions for the day Before I start painting I love to set the correct ambiance for my work. I believe the energy within me is the energy I will put into the paintings I like to awaken my creativity by looking, smelling, reading a poem, a book, illustrations, my own intentions. To create I believe it’s important to have a constant spiritual practice to align with divine creation I spend most of my morning and afternoon painting listening to podcasts, music or audiobooks I leave my phone on airplane mode or “don’t disturb” while working so I don’t get distracted I love getting lost on my work. Giving it as many hours as possible I take a break to cook lunch, usually from scratch. I love eating a healthy and tasty homemade meal. Usually my husband and I take turns on the cooking After lunch I get back to work. Right now I am working on a painting about the evolution of plants Around 4:00 p.m. I start wrapping up and I get ready to head out. I I walk to the train and use my commute time to sketch or read. Then I make my way to my other job. I arrive at the bar around 5:00 p.m. I clock in and start refilling the bar for my shift I’ve been bartending for around 4 years almost for as long as I’ve lived in New York This has helped me to be able to be independent and pay my bills while pursuing my art career. And even though I am not much of a drinker this job has taught me some of the most valuable lessons in life. I love working here. I love working with people that make me feel as family. And thankfully this has been the case in every restaurant and bar I’ve ever worked. Every ingredient is important, The process is important, The energy I put into every cocktail is important as I believe this is transmitted. It is an awesome feeling to step out of my inner world, my painting and step into a space filled with strangers, and making them feel welcome Going fast, laughing, helping others enjoy their time off It’s also challenging to try and have a meaningful conversation while remembering recipes and who ordered what. It gets even more challenging when I’m having a day that feels off When I am tired, a day I don’t really feel like leaving my cocoon. A day I might feel sad and I still need to show up This is a constant lesson of how to let my momentary drama go. How to let it go, how to laugh about it, how to share a laugh and a smile and hold space for others When the bar closes we clean everything and leave it tidy for the next day’s bartender This job has taught me the pride on hustling. It’s taught me that every job is holding a lesson for us. I I make my way to the train Reading a book or listening to music. I start going at my own rhythm again and head back home. Thank you for watching! feel free to subscribe and share some of your daily routines with me too.

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  • At the beginning of your video, I thought misleading title and I started to get annoyed but I kept watching to see your day unroll. I saw you work a tough shift bar tending. I know how hard I washed dishes at night in a busy restaurant. Then you took care of yourself, then you did your art. All in a calm reflective way and that is what I learnt from you. I'm too manic and put too much pressure on myself so my art suffers. Thank you and may the best of life follow you all your days 🙂


  • I don't even know how I got to your page, but I'm really glad that happens. And I think it's actually the 1st time I even write a comment on youtube. You are amazing : your work, the way you talk about it, about life, how you chose to live, your calm, your energy. You're an inspiration for sure. Bravo

  • This has inspired me so much! Normally when I watch videos from artists they are very unrealistic about how they manage to live from making art, which makes me think it is an impossible goal and so I haven’t been creating lately. Now you have shown me the reality and how much joy it brings to your life I can feel my creative juices kicking in again! So what if I have to do a job to pay bills, at least in my own time I can do all these things that make me happy. You’ve also inspired me to not take creating so seriously, that not everything I make has to be sold, not to be afraid of not having a particular style and instead have fun playing with it. Thank you, I needed this today 😊💕

  • Being a fulltime artist with no day job is so boring. Little to no interaction with people. Interactions is what fuels art!

  • This is the first video im watching. You have a great vibe.

    Greets from the Netherlands

  • Always remember that what people choose to show you on the internet might not be how it really is in real life.

  • Hola, mi nombre es olivia, me encanta lo qué haces y lo que quieres compartir de , que somos uno con la naturaleza también pienso eso. Yo estudié artes, pero por cosas, no me di el tiempo de hacer lo que me gusta de pintar, de salir con mis amigos de viajar, cuando termine la carrera empecé a trabajar para ganar dinero, hasta que pasó algo que cambio mi punto de vista. Pienso que tengo una oportunidad de hacer lo que realmente quiero, y estoy terminando de poner mi estudio, se me a dificultado pero creo que es la mejor opción, quiero cambiar lo que era antes y vivir más. Saludos.

  • Hey thanks for uploading this video….This video teachs us that how to live a managing life .stay busy stay happy ….feelings great after watching this…thanks thanks again..keep it up…god bless you

  • Your autenticity is so beautiful !
    Your habit of being grateful and appreciate the things around you, for sure brings a lot peace to your life… and we can see it in your work 😍👏🏽🙌🏼!
    Keep focus on your dreams and I can see you fly!!

  • Thanks for sharing, for keeping it real that being a creative often involves doing some other work to help fuel the finances and creative projects. Glad to hear that you have a beautiful attitude of gratitude and creativity. Wishing you every success! 😘

  • Hola Caro! me encantan tus videos! podrías incluir la info de la música que se escucha en ellos? besos desde Argentina!

  • 🌳🗿🤙💭🤔 great to meet another fellow artist 🎨 who knows how to hold space & sounds like living dream life lucidly…

    🌳🎨💞 👀 great 🤗 touch "makingLove" with the canvas…💞🎼 getting lost in the flow of the subtle bliss

  • Kudos bro! Same here. Keep it up 💪 one day it will be only and just ART! See my story on my channel. Art is everything!❤️❤️❤️

  • PLEASE, what type or kind of PAINT were you using in you evolution of 🌱 plants painting?? Gouache or Watercolor etc??? Please let me know! 😀. Beautiful!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 4:56 I see EKEKO! Is the owner into Santeria? What a cool bar. I feel a deep soul connection with your videos. I rarely find videos that move me in this way (almost on a subtle energetic level). Thank you for this soul-stirring, inspiring, beautiful content. 🖤🌠 Subbed! Oh, and btw, your philosophy on bartending is exactly like Freya from the show Witches of East End! Love that! 🖤

  • #respect 2 your whole day of hard work
    Keep painting KP inspiring all like me and be yourself inspired always

  • I just discovered your channel and I think you are a wonderful artist and human being. I'm an artist from Madagascar and I know how hard it is to sustain a good finance when you are a freelance. I'm sending love and good vibes to you 💛

  • Positive, artistic and active life. I’m a designer and looking for the one job more for covering my expenses) Thank you.

  • This is possibly the simplest creative idea where you balanced all your life with the struggles put together to feel your own presence in your life. This makes me feel so happy and satisfying.

  • Wow 😘. Thank you for sharing your art and heart like this. Such beauty, tranquillity and appreciation! And your artwork is sublime my dear xxx

  • Gorgeous video. I've just discovered your channel and I'm already hooked. I'm a training art therapist and I'm wanting to find my art practice again now that I'm finishing my uni course 🙏 Have a great day xxx

  • What I understand is your art studio is part of your apartment? I would love to be able to dedicate a room entirely to art. I'm unable to commit at being an (amateur) artist because I'm lacking space. Perhaps it could be my project for the next 5 years.

  • Ver tus videos me trasmite tu hermosa energía, cada vez que subes uno nuevo mi corazón se alegra. Vas a llegar a enormes cosas porque eres paciente y muy trabajadora, a real hustler and inspiration for all of us ❤️ buenas vibras!

  • Your videos are so calming, inspiring, and tranquil. They help me refocus my own energy and intention in my actions. Very beautiful ! Thank you!

  • Nice video! For me paining is a challenge and ot always very relaxing. I dont want this at all! Art is for me a way to confront myself with the canvas to focused in what is happend in my daily life. Hours and hours of working sometimes I paint with anger and I let my bad energy away. Sometimes is de canvas like a very good friend of mine who can accept me like a I am; not perfect, not so silent like others but alive and with full of energy. So I know that every faimous artist is a kind of slave of galleries and they dont have any personal life more because they must generate money. This kinf of life I don't want. I hope everybody here can express free what he/she'is doing as an artist.

  • This is first video I have watched. I am engineer by the choice of parents and a Quilling Artists by my choice. But I love doing both. I got inspired by your video. But still I am in search of how to distribute time wisely. Both of my job are work from home and I have a 2 yrs kid whose is full time with me. Share how to time management

  • I know this routine in order to survive as an artist in NYC!! Lovely work and many blessings in your success as a fine artist!!

  • Me encanta tu mensaje en este video. A menudo hay personas que se quejan de sus trabajos u oficios, cuando en realidad son la oportunidad para conectar con otros, para brindar un servicio y seguir creciendo y aprendiendo.

  • I didn’t know you work as a bar tender! That’s so cool!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    That taught me a lot! ♥️

  • Watching your videos is like art coming alive. Something inside comes alive too.❤ There's warmth and integrity. Life unfolds. So moved.

  • Thank you for sharing this with us. I have a question/am in need some advice though. Like you, I really cherish my mornings for my spiritual practices and having me-time away from the world. I also work an evening job at a restaurant but we usually close around 11 and I end up getting home close to midnight. I’m wondering how you’re able to wake up early enough like 5:30 after going to sleep so late :/ I’ve pushed back my wake-up time a few hours to 8am but it’s not as wonderful as when I used to wake up at 6 or 7. Any advice helps, thank you 🙏🏽💞

  • I just find your account and I can relate so much. You are making beautiful videos and art 🙂 keep it up!… Btw are you vegan?

  • I wonder if its possible to have an evening job that will allow you to engage with people without having to handle alcohol…have you considered teaching English ?

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