A Gay Victorian Affair – Episode One – A Salacious Secret — LGBT Web Series

A Gay Victorian Affair – Episode One – A Salacious Secret — LGBT Web Series

We’re really just like any happy Victorian couple Lord Reginald Favershum and his Lady Vanessa. And I’d love to be able to say that it’s easy being from an aristocratic family But with such titles come certain expectations, and well, my husband has a rather large secret. Let’s give that stiff sinew a sting of pleasure, shall we? Reginald! It’s a secret so insatiable in its appetite yet so dangerous in this day and age that it could destroy the both of us. So – in this predicament I do what any good wife would do I play along. How lovely it is to have you both here for tea. Lord Reginald rarely spends his afternoons at home but I just knew he wouldn’t be able to stay away. It’s an honor to be hosted by you Lord and Lady Favershum. My uncle has told me many things about his associations with your family, I hope you hold him in as high esteem as he does you. And what ‘things’ might I ask has your dear uncle said about us exactly? Oh Reginald, don’t be so particular I’m sure nothing but the most positive of anecdotes, isn’t that right Master Waverly? Oh most definitely. Mostly stories about how they were the best of friends during the war. Thomas’s uncle has on several occasions held up a glass and drank to the health of your Lord and Ladyship. How lovely that is. Isn’t that lovely to hear Reginald? To whom Lord Waverly drinks is of little consequence if you ask me It’s how often he drinks upon which I’d place most of my concern. Reginald, please. Oh no, that’s quite all right Lady Favershum. I know my uncle has a reputation of taking to drink too often Part of my intent in visiting you is to show you I am a different man from my uncle. And what is the other part of your intent, Master Waverly? Reginald, that defies decorum. Don’t be so unseemly. No, Lord Favershum is quite right. I do have some business dealings that i’d like to discuss with you if possible but that is one of among many things. Tell them Thomas – Perhaps now is not the best time, Anna. Thomas and I are engaged to be married! Married! Oh how wonderful! Oh, isn’t that just charming Reginald? Congratulations young man. Well this calls for a celebration Henry, go down to the cellar and select one of our finest bottles of champagne. Immediately Sir. Bring it in a little while Henry Master Waverly says he has some business to discuss with Lord Reginald first. Anna, would you like to come and see the gardens? The roses are in perfect bloom this time of year. Yes, that would be lovely. We shall leave you gentlemen to yourselves for a little while then Let you do what it is that – men do best. Come along, Anna. All right Master Waverly, let’s have out with it What dealings do you wish to take up with me? Just a small business proposal, which would help Anna and I get our start in life. I find it so dreadfully boring that people only visit me in order to relieve me of my fortune I’m afraid there isn’t much left of it these days. I promise you it is only an investment I’m looking for with the intent of increasing your personal wealth in the long term. How much? No more than 400 pounds, my Lord, to be invested in a textile factory – Don’t stress me with the details young man. So you want to borrow with a promise of some great return for me in the future? Yes, Lord Favershum. But what could you give me – Right now? I beg your pardon Lord Favershum, I’m afraid I don’t understand. Well there are other currencies besides money which hold value my dear boy Dear God, your skin looks so soft for a man of your age. I think I’m beginning to understand what you mean, my Lord. Say that again. Call me – Your Lord. My… Lord? Did your uncle ever tell you about what he and I did during the war? He’s told me many things, Lord Favershum. But did he tell you everything? I said earlier that I am a different man from my uncle. Yes, I recall. Well that isn’t entirely true – There is one way in which I am precisely like my uncle. I knew you were a shirt lifter just like your uncle. I’ve lifted many a shirt, let me see what’s under yours! You dirty Corinthian, I want to tear down your gas pipes and ride rantipole with your plugtail inside my back passage. Before I prig your fleshy orbs let me feel your tallywag in my saucebox. If you want to taste my baby batter you’re going to have to earn it. I do believe that English Roses are my favourite, don’t you agree? Thomas! What are you doing? Oh hello dear. Reginald what’s going on here? What’s that? Oh, Thomas here was just inspecting the stitch quality of my clothing Did you know he’s invested in a textile factory? Oh – Well that’s a reasonable explanation. A textile factory, what an adventurous endeavor! Did you know about this too my dear Anna? I… I… So, did I pass inspection my boy? Uh… yes uh, you did. And the champagne is here, perfect timing. Yes, let us drink To a long and happy marriage. To Thomas and Anna Waverly Long may they live – and love. I know that to many a lady such a predicament might be a devastating blow to her self-worth but I certainly don’t see it that way. In fact I’m quite glad of it. For you see, there’s something I haven’t told you yet… I have a secret as well. What a lovely visit that turned out to be . Oh, Agatha – Draw me about this evening. Lord Favershum will be out until supper. you

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