A Message from Dean Hall: Arts, Sciences & Engineering Priorities

A Message from Dean Hall: Arts, Sciences & Engineering Priorities

Hi, this is Donald Hall, Dean of Faculty
of Arts, Sciences and Engineering at the University of Rochester. I’m happy to
talk with you today about an exciting process that we’ve been through and a
new document that we’ve produced. When I arrived here a little over a year ago
now, I wanted to hear from faculty, from students, from staff, and from community
members what we should collectively prioritize and what we should work on in
the future. So last fall we opened a portal in which we invited input on what
our top priorities should be. We got hundreds of responses from staff members,
from faculty members, from students, from alumni on what we should be working on. So we went through a process, the other deans and I, of collecting these,
collating them, polishing them. We put them out for further review.
We got another set of responses back again numbering in the hundreds. These
now have led to a document called the AS&E priorities document that is
subdivided into categories of intrinsic inclusivity, distinctive education, and
exceptional research. But what you’ll find when you go on our website
and look at it is that all of these mutually support each other. You can’t
have distinctive education if you’re not an inclusive community. You
can’t have really exceptional research if you don’t involve students. All of
these support each other. So if you go online to rochester.edu/College you’ll see a tab there that will take you to the priorities document that
puts into three different buckets our top ambitions. I think this will help us
center ourselves for the work that we’re going to be doing collectively for the
future and will also allow us to provide input into the new University leadership
about how they will be prioritizing our common goals going into the next few
years. So thank you very much. It was an exciting process and I hope you will go
on to our website and look at our priorities. Thank you.

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