A Visual Testimony: Minerva Teichert at the BYU Museum of Art

A Visual Testimony: Minerva Teichert at the BYU Museum of Art

Minerva Teichert I think has really
become a very familiar and beloved LDS artist. She was one of very few artists
from the West who was able to study in the East. While she was there, one of her
teachers, the very famous Robert Henri, asked her has anyone painted that great Mormon
story? And she said in her typical wit and I think spunk and sass,
she responded, not to suit me. One of the unique and wonderful things
about this series is that it was uncommissioned. No one asked her to do it.
She very much felt compelled to do this. So in the day she was working, helping to
raise her five children, working on the ranch, and in the evening she would paint
in her living room. For this series she studied the Book of Mormon. She read, and
she would make notes. The exhibition flows chronologically through the Book of Mormon
account so it’s almost as if you are reading the Book of Mormon as you go
through. Minerva has humanized all the figures. They look like people that you
might know that are going about their daily tasks but are also trying to live
very faithful lives. I think the whole message of the Book of Mormon and
particularly as Minerva has envisioned it here is to remind us to think about where we are in relationship
to the Savior and that his arms are extended out to us no matter where we are and
always. We chose the title A Visual Testimony for this exhibit because I
think that it is really Minerva’s beliefs put to paint. She said a couple of times, I did this
because because I believe it. And so I think these images hopefully
will reinforce our commitment to read with new eyes, to renew our faith as well,
and to think in more literal ways about the lives of the characters that we read
about in the scriptures.

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