A walk around London – with visual Artist Elif Yilmazturk x SIGNED.one

A walk around London – with visual Artist Elif Yilmazturk x SIGNED.one

Hi, I’m Elif Yilmazturk, I’m an artist and model from South London I was born in South London, but I live in Surrey. My Parents, My dad is Turkish he emigrated in his late twenties to London where he met my mother who is Irish and they tried for ten years to have a baby. And they finally on IVF treatment they had me. It’s a bit cliche but I’ve been doing art since I could pick up a pen My mum said that I knew all my colors before I knew how to count I used to always draw like ballerinas and oh, I drew my friends and situations or if we had a party I’d draw them in parties or things like that and I’ve been doing it since then really. So I did an art foundation, I still didn’t know, that put me off completely put me off, doing a degree I was like, I don’t need to do a degree. I don’t want to do a degree I didn’t care. I decided that I’m gonna go straight into being an artist and start posting online social media and doing it all the time And I decided I wanted to prove to people you don’t have to go to university to become an artist. If you can do it, like a degree, do it It’s brilliant experience. But if you’ve got the passion and hard work, I think you’ll get there in the end. I love fashion a lot. I do. I love styling as well if I could ever do another career I’d love to be a stylist but I knew art is my baby I’ve always done it since I was little so, but I’m noticing trends and things like that I always put the trends of fashion of the moment in my artwork and they make it personalises with it So if you’re into like street wear, you’ll relate and feel personal towards my artwork so yeah. So I was fed up of doing the same, jumping different styles. So I just sat down one day and said to myself brainstorm and just think of like a character of an illustration so I did that I’ve got one that I liked and then I just like to draw it. It’s changed a little bit Maybe the medium instead of doing watercolor outside going to gouache paints, but it’s more or less the same style. I’m trying to do larger scale now And before I was doing smaller scale, it’s just like, developing. a 2018 sort of women the way she dresses, the way she’s with other people, just her manners, like the way, situations, It it should relate maybe to someone my age maybe like 20s even thirties maybe teenager But you’ll be able to relate to it, which is the most important thing I think with art as well. But you don’t always have to relate I mean, you can question it and ask question, which is good as well It’s just as long as you look at it a second time. You’ll notice, I always draw the women bigger if there is a man on it. I always draw him smaller. Not that I’m trying to make women, umm men less but we live in a society where even though from 100 years and now we’re still better but women are still in many ways still second-class, not even, even if it’s illegal. But you’ll notice in just daily situations with men, you’ll feel less still So I try and make them a little bit less in my paintings. I notice my artwork is actually the development of me as a person so it’s my inner psyche So, I don’t know if I’m drawing these women in situations or what, how they feel is actually a reflection of me. So the rituals of paint, it always has to be at night. I can’t, I’ve tried to paint in the daytime and I can’t I’ve lost, my talent has gone. I have a studio It’s all perfect. But for some random reason, I love drawing in bed. I love painting in bed So I’m a ritual would probably be like putting a movie one, playing a song. I have to get myself in the mood, if I’m not in the mood, it just can’t happen. I get angry at myself. So you have to psychologically like, prepare yourself to be in that sort of it like feeling. So the people that inspire me the most; definitely first is my dad. He works all the time. He’s worked his whole life for years and years, tried, tried and he’s now made a good living in London Through not giving up, being a hard worker even when times; he used to sleep when he first came to London he used to sleep in a kebab shop on the floor because he had nowhere to stay but he was working in the kebab shop and he made money from nothing. In artists world, I love Andy Warhol, I love Jean-Michel Basquiat definitely that sixties, seventies, eighties sort of Pop art and contemporary buzz of new artwork. but then I also love people like Hans Holbein. He does all the famous old masters of like royalty in the 1500s I think they’re absolutely beautiful and that classic. I love the classic art world as much as I love the contemporary art world I’d say I could do some really obvious sort of things but I’d say food because I love food so much. I love my mom. Obviously. My mom is my main person. I don’t know what I’d do without her and And then creativity I’d say creativity don’t have to be art specifically. It could be fashion, it could be creativity in anything But yeah creativity.

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