Acryl Malerei auf Silber Folie, simple Werkzeuge, easy, Anfänger

hello today i show you how i do this
have made a picture I’ll go a little bit nearer to it and
then you can see how the silver flashes and those effects that have
I worked in and yes, like me have made
I’ll show you that now I have now in my rescue
protection blanket and I have cut. I have a video about it in my channel. that’s ahead
one side gold and the other side silver. I am make here now
put the glue on and distribute it with the spatula he is now distributed everywhere and now
I put the silver foil on carefully the canvas and press it lightly. I pull the foil really nice smooth
and so that no wrinkles arise that after that I only use the silver
foil I’m making the white color here now
and just take the window wiper, squeegee, because just have a homogeneous surface
and it should go faster
because I’m very curious, like the whole works, what I’m doing right now
thought in the head. now I give again something ocher because
that knows is very cold and I want have a warm shade to the silver Now I test with the cloth
as the color goes away and interpret me my motive yes I’m trying now here slowly
my motives I can not draw it now
and then take out but I take the motive out of the wet color
So I can now think again and correct a little bit
but otherwise I do not quite have it so many possibilities. if the color
dry, i can hard remove the color from the foil So now I have a brush
stalked and very focused my motive scratched out. because
with the stalk I take the color away and the silver comes to light yes I have the surface now once
let it dry and take mine now black and paint this beautiful Dior
Dress black yes this dress was designed by Dior
and that was 1949 at the time it was was very frowned upon, so wasteful with
to handle the substances. because at this time There was not much. there it was
already very courageous such, up to 25 meters of textile, for such an evening dress, too
use yes I think silver fits
good because it is just such a beautiful evening dress is yes here I draw now the color synonymous
with the spatula because otherwise so the brushstrokes looks and with the
spatula gives it a very nice effect the black, on the dress, dries
right now and I’ll give it another one bit black on the white surface. on the edge. so a little bit more and in the middle there and
grab it again the shade and then the dress looks
or the figure is not so alone on the surface I also take the cloth and wipe it
black also here and there again and blurred it easily. then I get
even the slightest shades in the figure it’s not just so outlined and black
painted but then it always appears like that a bit on and it integrated in
the area and then I sit down to that
silver, which is a height also white lights. so
not only the silver acts as light in the picture, as light reflexes.
now white again on the figure and bring the figure with it
plastic to the validity yes that was it. I have here now
just painted and I’ll show you the picture again from near. basically
It’s pretty simple and you can do it relatively easy to implement. you still see
how beautiful that silver flashes when you go past the picture.
this is of course a great effect yes, that’s what I like about painting this way
silver. I hope you have something for you again you can take with you and I’m glad
Of course, very much about one like and also Thank you for your comment.

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