Advanced VDP (Variable Data Printing)

Advanced VDP (Variable Data Printing)

bjbjLULU Advanced VDP Video Transcript Welcome
to Advanced Variable Data Printing. During this video, we ll cover a brief history of
VDP, new Variable Data Printing capabilities, case studies of companies using advanced VDP,
and challenges companies may face in implementing VDP. Meet Ellen a mother of three with an
eighty thousand dollar annual household income; Tom a retiree and grandfather, with a 45 thousand
dollar annual retirement income, and Shelby an executive with a 220 thousand dollar annual
income. s look at a brief history of Variable Data Printing from the perspective of a car
manufacturer marketing to each of these personas. In the early days of direct marketing, we
would have marketed to each with the same message, imagery and offers, hoping the piece
somehow connected with them. Then there was VDP, Variable Data Printing, and suddenly
we could send each of them a unique piece. So direct marketers got creative and put each
person s name on their piece, really large. That was ten years ago, yet today just a few
organizations and printers have advanced beyond the name game to produce highly-personalized
materials, the type of innovative communications that increase relevancy, response, leads,
loyalty, and ROI s explore some of the capabilities of Advanced Variable Data Printing. Today,
marketers are creating communications with hundreds or thousands of variables in a single
piece, including customized offers, text, data, charts, graphs, and images. Variable
data can also be integrated in mail, email and online touches to create personalized
multi-channel campaigns. Mail Print has helped hundreds of companies transform their static
communications into highly-relevant, revenue-driving touches. Here are a few: Assurant Employee
Benefits worked with Mail Print to turn their mass-produced product guides into dynamic
booklets personalized for each recipient with more than 1,000 variables. The company s purchase
rate improved by five percent, while production costs decreased Ferrellgas uses variable data
printing to customize the messages, pricing and imagery of their direct mail for their
local distributors. With VDP, they ve improved the response rates for their distributed marketing,
while reducing production time from 10 days to 24 hours. The American College of Emergency
Physicians implemented Mail Print s variable data printing and print automation systems
together to automatically send personalized welcome guides and communications to their
28,000 members. Mail Print s system has reduced their production time from ten days to two,
created $40,000 in immediate savings, and provides flawless execution of their variable
elements. With these types of results, why aren t more companies using advanced Variable
Data Printing? Companies and agencies run into some common challenges when considering
VDP. Here s how to overcome them. A poor quality, incomplete, or non-standardized database can
wreck a personalized marketing campaign. Mail Print provides in-line data cleansing and
NCOA processing, as well as appending demographic, psychographic and lifestyle data. Coordinating
your IT and Database teams to manage and extract your data can delay or derail using it in
marketing materials. Mail Print s solution includes a web services connection to automatically
receive or pull data from your database, CRM system, or third-party platform, without manual
intervention and errors. Not just any production partner has the experience and technology
to produce highly-personalized communications. As an early VDP innovator, Mail Print has
produced complicated variable data communications for more than 10 years, including print, email
and personalized url response pages. re also a premier partner and test site for Hewlett
Packard s high-quality digital presses, as well as a certified US Postal Service distribution
center. More than 90% of our digital printing includes variable data, compared to 13% among
other digital printers. This all combines to provide you the results you re looking
for: highly relevant communications that increase response, acquisition and loyalty for each
Ellen, Tom and Shelby in your audience. So what s next? Which of your campaigns or client
projects will you revolutionize with advance variable data printing? Contact Mail Print
to schedule a brainstorming session with our variable data strategists, or learn more at FILENAME p I:RhondaMail Print Marketing2010 PlanningVDP VideoVDP
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