Andrew Solomon and Maria Stepanova: A Literary Conversation (Part 3)

Andrew Solomon and Maria Stepanova: A Literary Conversation (Part 3)

Tell me about the website, about the journal. And tell me again, does the journal serve the same function as the poetry? Presumably, not exactly the same, how do you relate those two spheres of activity? I would say, that how our story developed with the site, in my view, resembles, what is happening with poetry in the past 5-7 years. We have undertook to start it in 2008 having in mind a publication that will talk about cultural issues in substantial volumes prior to us there did not exist in Russia a big, universal site, that would daily deal with cultural issues This was in 2008 In a few months, after we launched, Ossetia events occurred And we have discovered, that we just do not have a space on the site, where we could talk about it, not indirectly, through some happenings and cultural events But directly, how the events ought to be reflected. Because the structure of the site was very straightforward, and we had rubrics for art, cinema, media But we did not have a rubric that talked about social problems. And then we decided two things for ourselves, we have opened a rubric “Society”, which even now is one of our most often visited and influential rubrics Both on our site and, I would say on the Russian language Internet space We made rubric “Society”, that would allow us to speak directly about what is happening, and in the right quantity And it immediately became very noticeable and read But it was the first part. What was very important for me that from that moment We practically do not have Our site does not speak about culture as a separate entity Not connected to society Like some ivory tower, where something curious is happening When we talk about culture, we talk about society

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