Arches Oil Painting Paper

11 thoughts on “Arches Oil Painting Paper”

  • OMG this is brilliant * v * I love this <3 <3 <3 its really superb!! * o *
    thanks so much for sharing this! 😀 I love watching this kind of videos, there's always new things to learn with them (: awesome tips^^

  • Wow! Just one more tool I can use. Thank you for uploading, I will look for this paper at my art supply store this week.

  • I bought a couple of sheets to give it and try and have come to the conclusion is is not usable. Sorry Arches, but the paper is so absorbent that is is terrible to work with in oils.

  • could i varnish this surface? oil paints usally get opaque when used on papper, because the paper absorvs the oil from it. does it happen with this paper?
    thank you.

  • I love love love your painting and paper,
    … but thumbs down for not stretching your oil paper better to prevent warping. Masking tape (perhaps acid free) may be used to help prevent Arches paper warping … stretched symmetrically (not just clamped) to permit 'more' fluid media, esp.
    Utmost blessings and thanks!

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