Art History and Visual Studies at UVic

Art History and Visual Studies at UVic

[Music] At UVic, there’s definitely a lot more to art history and visual studies than most people
think there is. There is a huge diversity of the way you can
approach it. We have stuff like virtual reality, we have
the study of video games. We have film studies. It’s so broad and could really match whatever
interest that you have personally. I think visual intelligence and visual literacy
are more and more important. We have all these images thrown at us, but
not many of us know how to interact with them critically, and interpret them as expressing
different ways of thinking and different political aims. And so that I think, is what’s becoming more
relevant. By knowing and studying art history, you can
understand how people created these things and what are the stories behind them. Victoria is a really great city to be wanting
to get into heritage and art institutions. They have a very vibrant arts community. There’s lots of art galleries. There’s the Royal BC Museum. And just a lot of people interested
in the arts here. And so I find that there’re so many places
in Victoria that you can apply art historical skills and also gain experience in that field. UVic gives you multiple ways of learning. It can really give you an edge. [Music]

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