Art is Hard

Art is Hard

As much as I love drawing, painting, art, and all other weird creative stuff. I’m not going to lie. It’s hard.
It gets tough. Anyone can learn to do it. But that doesn’t make it easy. First off, drawing itself is just hard. And you get very frustrated, and your head hurts. And you’re trying to make “The Thing” happen, “The Thing” is not happening. This is not “The Thing”, ….So you stopped. And you have to ask yourself “Oh, Am i actually an idiot?” I can’t do this.
And continuing to do it is going nowhere. But somehow, you just have to move on from that, and keep doing it. And you have to do it again,
and again, and again, And it could either look like it’s getting better, or it’s getting worse, you can’t even tell anymore. But somehow you keep doing it. And then suddenly, you’re done. You did it over, and over again,
and you learned it. And now you can finally look yourself in the mirror,
and you can say, “Wow, I can draw… …..a cube, …..Congratulations to me!” So you moved past that difficulty, And now you’re learning a lot more “Hey, maybe I’ll try drawing some anatomy,
some perspective, maybe I’ll try some forms that aren’t cube.” And you keep doing it And you’re actually using the cube
to learn something different something new,
and it actually works! So you’re learning and trying new things,
and because of that now you’re doing entirely new Original creative work of your own And now you can look at all of that,
all that, art you have made, And you can say, “I’m not very good at this, am i?” Despite all the time you put into this, It’s still not good! And maybe you’ve been doing it for years. And maybe it’s your only hobby now Maybe you don’t even want to mention it to anyone. Because they would be interested to see it, and they would be very disappointed. So somehow, despite all of that,
you just have to keep doing it. And maybe it feels worse now Maybe you lost that initial spark
you have for learning Trying new things and
finding your voice But you have to do it anyway,
cause you still want to improve And maybe it takes years,
and you get better, But there are things
that’s just keep frustrating you, like, “God, if only this was simpler,
Why isn’t this simpler? What am i doing wrong? ……Wait, am I doing something wrong?” And you start to remember that question
you had a long time ago, and you finally have an actual answer “Oh my god, I am an actual idiot!” Because as it turns out, You’ve been doing it wrong! There are things that you didn’t consider how important they were, and as a result,
you’ve been drawing wrong the entire time! So despite all the effort you put in, You have to take some steps back And think, “Damn!, I have some things to relearn, don’t I?” And you can’t help but ask yourself, “Should it really take someone this long
to learn something? That simple and basic? Should I feel ashamed? Can I even remember To draw that cube anymore?” Every artists’ journey is different, Because we all had different strength
and different weaknesses We learn things in different order,
and approach things in different ways, And sometimes it does take us a long time to learn something basic Because every artists’ journey is a personal journey It’s a magical ride! ……of constant humility * cries * The thing about learning art is
that it IS hard It’s a part of a journey,
and sometimes, it requires changing a different set of fundamentals, Who you are as a person and then all of a sudden it’s like,
“wait,” “What do you mean i have to learn to be more productive, To keep a schedule,
and learn how to study efficiently? I never asked for this! I wanted to be an artist!
I didn’t want to become a better person!” So maybe despite all of this, the hardships, the time investment,
the boredom, the difficulty, the pressure, you somehow make it, because somehow there’s something in you
that makes you feel something or something that speaks to you,
that pushes you forward, It’s something that gives meaning to the work, and the studying, And maybe,
it makes you forget about everything else, in these moments, you also worked, you also felt more content than ever So, finally, You had set up a goal to do something And you actually did it! Maybe you used your arts to finish a project, or maybe you got your first commission, Maybe you got a job, Maybe you finally drew that “Thing”! You’ve gone through all the hardships and the difficulty, And now, you can say, “When is this over?” “How long is this going to go on for?” “I was told I would be happy and successful now” “Oh No” No Nonono Nonononono Nonononononono “All of this?” “I hope you liked it” “Because it never, Ends!” Things in general, are hard, And that’s why people give up We have to consistently push ourself to our limits, And we manage to get better because, “Anyone can learn to do it” But most people are not willing to Because maybe, it IS too hard Because we aren’t all idiots
who take too long to learn things The world around us is just very difficult We chose to do something like art Because we saw something in it,
A way to express ourselves And it’s very admirable, and it’s very tough But what kind of person would we be
if it wasn’t that way? We kept doing it Because we don’t really wanna be that person
who you might dream of being, The one who learned everything immediately
Without any effort Because they were never really taught any lessons They never learn anything new They never develop as people What kind of person would that be? Would they even have anything interesting to say? Things are hard, they get tough And maybe, That’s fine. Maybe we need to let things take as long
as they need to take Because its that never-ending creative loop of frustration that ends up giving a lot of meaning to things And we didn’t start making art because it was hard, We wanted to make art. But now all that hardwork has come to define us as who we are as people. And together, maybe one day We can all be people who can draw cubes.

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  • I can draw but I can't draw. My mother is constantly confused. I can't explain this weird feeling, it's just something that always bugs you about what you draw even if you know you did it good. This is like looking into the mirror and acknowledging that I am somewhat attractive but having gender dysphoria that "ruins the picture" if you know what I mean. It's so weird and frustrating, it's so indescribable and painful, art has caused me so many nights that I spent staying up, crying, staring at a blank sheet of paper for hours or raging on the paper with a pencil that was dull from all the horrible faces I couldn't pull off. It has caused me so much damage. These days I ask: Why do I keep coming back to this? How am I still motivated to draw?

  • From fun to serious talk.
    Honestly I also in that state, feel bored in drawing, and I still wonder, "why I draw?" "what made me love to draw before?"

  • This was very emotional and inspirating. I started art here and there drawing for fun my entire life, but now that I'm trying to improve or make a career out of it. It is everything this video said it would be. The frustrating infinite loop stuck with me. It definitely gave me a different perspective.

  • I started drawing portraits 2.5 years ago. There was this Girl i wanted to impress, i was drawing cartoon figures, so I got an idea, I should draw her! It was kinda okay drawing. Now looking at it, there are obvious Happy Little Accidents in it, but I loved it! After that, I started drawing portraits. I asked everyone, who I thought had an interesting, or unique face. I love doing it, Now I have 53 Drawings, and now I don't have to ask for models. People started to ask for a Drawing. I love doing it, and I love asking for my friends opinion of the drawing I'm making, even though, It sometimes feels like I'm just flexing 😀 I got a lot of new friends, while doing this, and I got to know other artists. Sometimes it felt hard, but knowing, that people like what I do, always keeps me going. This is the best journey I'm taking 😀 (Sorry, Bad English)

  • This is really nice to hear actually .I'm surrounded by people online and offline that are better artist than me .and I often wonder if I have what it takes .but I'm not gonna give up not after this far

  • i'm probably am going to sound like the condescending person here, but have you tried working smart? like, instead of pushing through that wall you built some bombs to destroy it.

  • i get confused when people ask me "are you a professional artist" ….WHAT?
    there is no such thing as a professional artist.
    Art is creation so the only person who can decide whether it is perfect is the creator.
    what everybody else thinks does not matter at all
    its only mankind's nature to always try and make things unnecessarily hard…
    ask yourself.. is God a professional?

  • That endless cycle of learning from one's mistakes is what makes art (in my case music) both attractive and overwhelming at the same time. Art is basically the science of consistency and mistake making

  • Ah shit I cried through the entire video. Hit right where it hurts. I used to draw my entire life until 5 years ago when something snapped and I realized that everything is garbage and I haven't been able to pick up a pencil and just do something because I enjoy it, and if I tried, I ended up hating it and my idea and the fact that everything is so fucking boring and terrible. I wish I could draw again so badly but fuck every time I try I feel bored and disgusted by my idea before I try, and forcing myself to do it anyway makes me hate it halfway through anyways. I feel like this video might have shifted my perspective a little bit.

  • I started my artistic journey out strong and I'm only drawing better I can draw almost anything, except I have no art style

  • I just clicked here because I do art and Man It happens all time its frustrating and sometimes the results were frustrating too but sometimes it get me so happier

  • I’m going to school to learn more about music composition (and I know what you’re thinking. No, my parents aren’t proud of me (jk they do support and love me even when I make stupid decisions like going to school for music comp)) and this video I feel actually broadened my perspective as to how I should feel as a composer. Idk how to say what I’m thinking but thank you!

  • You know, sometimes when you tryna draw out of boredom it came out as perfect. But when it's something you need for an assignment or something it looks shit.

  • Things in general are hart and that's why people give up,we have to constantly push ourselves to our limit. I really needed to hear that.

  • Usually when I need a break from drawing, I would focus on writing stories and doing research, than come back to it. Fanart can also help improve a drawing, at least it did for me. Seeing things from a different perspective. Being productive and still doing what I like.

  • Just remember if you are having trouble getting a certain accept of your art to look good just keep practicing and it'll eventually get easier

    Unless it's hands, do everything in your power to avoid drawing hands it never gets better

  • Это просто потрясающее видео. Спасибо за такую искренность ❤️

  • If art is "hard" for you you should be doing something ELSE.REAL artists have no difficulty creating art.It's like how REAL cashiers have no difficulty using a cash register.Also if you have trouble drawing a picture of anything (please remember that artists dont get rich and famous from their drawing skills.Becomming a rich and famous artist has more to do with being good at PUBLICITY than having great drawing skills) you should remember TWO things: Leonardo Da Vinci USED TO TRACE.He used to trace using a tracing device called a "camera obscura."The camera obscura was later developed into modern day film and digital cameras. Also Leonardo Da Vinci would measure a person's face from a center line drawn down the center of the face and a corresponding center line down the center of the canvas. ANDY WARHOL who's paintings and silkscreens sold for MILLIONS of dollars during his lifetime (this is because Andy Warhol was a lot better at publicity than drawing and Andy Warhol lucked into a famous art movement called "Pop Art.")used to trace EVERYTHING.

  • Yeah art is really hard. I’ve always wanted to be able to draw what’s in my head so others can see it but it still ends up wrong. I’ve hit the point of wanting to give up so many times

  • After watching this video, I learned that art is kind of like weight training. No one ever starts lifting 135 off the bench. Everyone starts small because they have to. No shit someone is going to criticize you because you're "too weak" or "too small", but think about it like this, you're not cheating. You're not taking roids or chugging protein shakes by the hour. You start small and slow because it's right. You take it easy because that's how you learn to do things the hard way. And always remember that someone is supporting you. Weights aren't the only thing weighing you down, so there's always a helping hand.

  • It's so annoying, nobody wants to give advice because they just always say it's so great, so better then what they did. I can't say I don't like what I did because people are angry that I draw better then them and so I don't have the right to complain. It was funny at first but now it's fustrating to have to not be fustrated about my drawing and them, they are doing just fine and they never draw and they think there so bad and they see what I did and think why do some people are 'just good' like that and I'm not and I'm not just good, I've been doing this for so long and it was long and hard. But they don't want that answer because that means that they have to practice to get better and can't blame it on the luck of talent. Sometimes they are so damn annoying and keep saying it was just in me. And I keep saying no. I practiced. Even my art teacher is not helping, every time I go see her for advice and people are around she be like "see how it looks good, and it only took him a few minutes."

  • "am I actually an idiot?" yeah I feel this one so hard especially while learning the fundamentals. it's tough, I almost want to just give up and do something else entirely, but I can't this is the path I have chosen and there isn't any other way except by doing the work it takes to acquire the skills I need.

    for anyone who ever feels down about themselves and or their art just remember that you do have a voice and it will just take some time to find it and hear it clearly enough to drown out everything else.
    I'm not quite at that level yet but I know I do feel something when I do draw something I can be happy about. Don't worry about how long the process is, just focus your attention towards how you can improve your drawings the next time you visit them. Never give up hope!

  • Good evening! Appreciated your work and channel! I liked everything very much. You are great! And now, I would like to hear an assessment of my work, both the channel and this videos, which you sent on the links. here it is: "" – "" – (use headphones)… This is my first serious work and I think she’s completely successful! Thanks to for attention! Good luck.

  • Thank you! Thank you so much!! I have never needed a video in my life more then this one ! It resonates in every part of my being. Thank you.
    You gave me hope in showing that that whole processes is normal. It gave me joy 🙂
    Thank you!

  • Ive spent the past 4 years trying to improve. During the first year to last year i was rapidly improving, but now ive kinda just stopped. Im happy with my art style, but it still need improving and idk how. I know hands odviously, but im stuck..

  • yes art is hard but I cant lie I love the challenge(and I know I'm not alone) and yes the process really puts the 'pain' in 'paint' but getting to the goal even if its just getting better at it just tastes really good

  • Pretty much sums up learning programming too, except the part where you have to sell your soul to a deamon to finally get JS

  • Tl;dr, remember to always reference. To struggle drawing something for days without a reference is ludicrous. How are you going to draw an open palm if you don't know what they actually look like? Referencing doesn't make you less of an artist, it's actually the smartest thing you can do and what all the artists you admire do!

    It's been years, but I think I maybe, maybe , might be becoming accepting of my art now. I could barely draw for years because I'd get so anxious and have panic attacks, especially when I was doing it professionally…
    It's taken me a long time to recover and I still had absolutely awful days. Most days I didn't draw at all. But now.. I'm getting back on track, at least a bit.

    I decided to dedicate much more of my art time referencing. In my case, my goal is to master hands and anatomy in general to the point I can draw people quickly and without much struggle. Some things I approached the same, like drawing dozens of 30 sec hand gestures to get used to the shape (quick doodles and studies are the best since you don't get so attached to each drawing. It's not a big deal if it sucks if you rapid fire 20 more in the same session, chances are one of those will probably look decent. Instead of spending the same time crying over one hand. Move on. Struggling over the same thing for hours isn't gonna teach you much.)
    But for drawing figures, I decided to trace directly above pictures I got saved. It hasn't been long, but this has already helped me so much! I just draw over the picture my usual construction lines and such, and the picture underneath helps me keep the shapes right.

    6 years ago I drew a Viewtiful Joe pic that is still one of my best works. I have next to nothing else like it… I would sit and just think, "I just somehow made this masterpiece and now I can't draw a leg." Thing is, for that picture I used many references –something I haven't done much at all since… I just expected myself to draw good, "because I should be able to already." I wasted all those years refusing to use references, and the only result is I'm now here an anxious mess, and back in school for a different field. Things coulda been different for me.

    Don't be afraid to get all the help you can.

  • I thought I was alone in this kind of thoughts, despite studying the visual arts career.
    All those thoughts came to my mind and I was about to give up on the path of art. It's nice to find people who have felt this way too.

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