Artist Brooke Lambert – Profile – Wild Oceans

Artist Brooke Lambert – Profile – Wild Oceans

My process is collagraph. It’s a specific
type of printmaking where I take a matboard plate and adhere objects onto the surface, different materials that I find and apply them with gesso, let the gesso
dry. And then apply ink on the surface, all across the surface using an intaglio
process. Then I wipe all of the ink off, put a 100% cotton rag paper on
top that is wet so it conforms to the surface, run it through the press. And
when I peel it back I have a low relief print. I then, paint on top of the prints
using gouache, watercolor, other transparent water-based mediums. So that
afterwards there’s a water and oil resist that happens between the ink and
the watercolor and maintains the luminosity and brightness of the color
through the paper. I was thinking a lot about light and darkness when I was
starting to make these collagraphs. I was going through a pretty dark time and
a lot of my art really reflected that dark time. I did a lot of city streets
with dark shadows and light reflecting off the water and the shadows. I started
looking for light and hope in a lot of places. One of those places I found was
the ocean. The ocean has been really been a source of light and hope for me. A lot
of my art started having themes of the materials I’d find while walking on the
beach, netting, ropes, different kinds of
seashells, wildflowers in Maine. And, I tried to bring a lot of that those
aspects into my work. I love that it’s a very physical process. I love
the sculptural aspect to it. I love that it’s not just a two-dimensional process.
I painted a lot before I started printmaking. I loved painting on its own
but it was somewhat limiting in terms of layers and different textures that you
can gain much more easily with printmaking. Many people see different
things in my art. I love seeing people’s reactions to finding something they’ve
never seen before or seeing something differently and a piece of art that I
have. I think anytime that someone comes up to my art and stays there for a while
and really tries to get into what they’re seeing –
that brings me a lot of joy. Some people see different objects, different spaces,
something that they’re reminded of. People have a lot of questions
throughout the printmaking process and I love talking about it with them. I hope
that when people come to see my art they come away with something meaningful. I
hope that they see something they like; something that they are moved by. I hope
they see something that made them look twice, that didn’t make them just back
away, something that drew them in. I hope that they ask questions. I hope that they
learn something about the process of printmaking.
I hope they go to see more art. I hope it brings them closer to art and art making.
I think that there’s always part of me when of work and sold to someone I don’t
know wonders where it is.
I like that my art can have a new journey or a new meaning for someone
else. I like that it can change. The title of my first body of work is “Sea Changes”
and it was titled that because of changes I was going through, real
transformation that was going on in my own life. And, I loved that it can be
transformed for other people as well.

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