Artist’s Sketchbook | Connie Goldman

Artist’s Sketchbook | Connie Goldman

I’m starting a new body of work, or I know
I’m going to start in your body work, I’ll just do lots of little little sketches like that. And that’s,
that’s a painting now, too. It’s “wrong” I don’t know why I wrote “wrong”. Some of these I used
and some of them I didn’t. This is an actual painting, called “Metrum” What I usually do, is I just have this love of words. My
daughter just always call me a geek because I sit and read the dictionary. I
love, when I was in college I
took these classes, Latin base you know, Latin bases in the English
language, medical terminology. My interests are kind of far-flung. But I do like the fact that language, music, poetry everything has a certain meter to it, there’s a regularity in some way.
And so do we, you know? We have these
heartbeats and so what I do is I look up words. I look up words and
sometimes they give me ideas for paintings. This is when I was looking into doing my moon phase paintings and which is like I said it’s called “Phasis”
p h a s i s. I’s just lists,
it’s not interesting for for everybody to look at. I don’t know what I did with that. Let’s see this “new moon waxing full waning new” They ended up looking very different from
that but that was when I was thinking. I was doing
some reading about tubes and spheres as kind of being one of the most basic shapes in nature. Tube as ways conveying of things like nutrition, to something that’s more
insulated, like a sphere.

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