August & September Book Haul | Classics & SFF

August & September Book Haul | Classics & SFF

Hello I am Myn and this is my channel if
you’ve not come before I pretty much talked about a lot of books as you would
expect from a booktube channel I would I would hope I feel like the surrounding
atmosphere I’d share something anyways today I’m going to talk about the looks
I’ve bought in August and September I bought four classics and three science
fiction fantasy one science fiction two fantasy first of all I have the bell jar
by Sylvia Platt this is an incredible book it has skyrocketed to one of my
all-time favorite books of all time it was published in 1962 and it is about
mental illness in the 1950s largely autobiographical about Sylvia Plath own
experience with mental illness this is a description of her I guess I should have
been excited the way most of the other girls were but I couldn’t get my self to
react I felt very still and very empty the way
that I of a tornado must feel moving dully along in the middle of the
surrounding hullaboo and it’s an incredible book I read it all in one day
the day I received it and it has powerful imagery about mental illness
and suicide especially considering the fact that the author committed suicide
only a few months after releasing the book and it talks about mental illnes
coming back so it means a lot to me and on to less gruesome not really
we have crabby punishment which focuses on a man who believes he’s above the law
because he is intelligent and then he murders someone to prove that point and then
becomes morally conflicted and falls in love with the religious woman man you do
not take the right things I’m really interested I have not begun this book
but I can just sense that I’m going to love it Who doesn’t love a good murder story
moral conflict and then also talking about moral conflict A Farewell To Arms by
Ernest Hemingway I have begun this book in August and then I didn’t pick it up
again it’s an old expression of love and war and to the conflict of morality who
can resist that I don’t get people that don’t love classic books and Green
Gables which I needed my fourth copy of this book but this is a beautiful copy
that I’ve seen in chapters so many times and it’s gorgeous it was $2.00 I
couldn’t I couldn’t resist everything Gables is about an orphan who is adopted
by brother and a sister by mistake and grows up and learns imagination learns
loss learns how to love people and make mistakes and grow from that
it tells an incredible story of Marilla the woman who took her in and her moving
from cynicism to imagination and laughter and it’s a story elemental that
I didn’t catch when I was 11 reading it that I totally enjoyed so much when I
was older and her learning that she’s need to use big words to justify her
self all of these beautiful beautiful things that she’s learning that I like
you are precious writer so my library I can use this away for 50 cents and it’s
the name of the wind and even the librarian was like oh my goodness why is
our library giving this away I thought a dude telling his autobiography and he
thinks he’s super great but he’s not super great and we’re just learning
about the experiences I don’t know that much about this book it is one that I
plan on picking up when I have time to read the books that’s approximately 600
pages in this large print it is considered one of the best fantasy books
especially of the last long time the hammer of Thor the second book in the
magnus chase series I finally are around reading the first one in August and I
really adored it and this one I got for $2 so I was like I’m good with buying
this it follows a boy who is spoilers I’m not gonna say connected to Norse
mythology and then dies he dies in Chapter two so he’s dead but how and
when he does things that are dead you just have to read the book also has
great representation for deaf individuals as well as Muslim characters
are here which is awesome because they’re not represented ever in
literature and yeah just cool things lots of fun middle grade which isn’t my
primary thing but as you can probably tell Rick Riordan is an old love of
literature in me and you pick this up sometime in the future I’m sure it will
not rest on my shelves forever Cress! this is the to finish my series I’ve had
the rest of them because I had Scarlet given to me and I bought a paperback of
cinder that just doesn’t match the rest of my series and winter and fairest I
both bought when they first came out so this one is the only one I didn’t have
because I borrowed it from my friend when it came out so I was really excited
to get this version it has like water damage a little bit B can’t even tell
and it was $3 was like score it follows a girl with long hair and is a hacker
who is being imprisoned because she is a shell and can see through the magical
people of Luna and it is the retelling of Rapunzel in the lunar Chronicles
which starts back here with Cinderella and then Little Red Riding Hood and then
this and then Snow White and also Evil Queen kind of everyone else’s favorite
but not mine my least favorite upon reading it for the first time so I’m
really interested to reread it and to find if there’s things that I missed I
just feel like she’s not the hero in that I’d seen in the previous two books
she’s much more damsel needing saving versus you know kick butt I’m gonna do
awesome things which I feel like can we offer but I also feel like
there’s a lot more relatable to my actual life I sadly I’m not a cyborg
crazy beautiful warrior no not me so I’m excited to reboot it I’m assuming
sometime in the future this will probably be the next one or two series
that I decided to reread after I’m done rereading Percy Jackson I’ll probably
reread Narnia and then the lunar Chronicles thank you so much for joining
me on this video is a guide if you made it to this point in the video you
probably like me enough to subscribe that’s that’s cool if not I don’t know
how to do self-promotion knowing makes me feel really uncomfortable but please
comment tell me if you read all these books which book that I should put on my
near list and what your favorite book was that you bought lately did you like
it is it horrible I don’t know anyways have a great day
and happy reading and writing

9 thoughts on “August & September Book Haul | Classics & SFF”

  • Crime and Punishment is one on my poster so will need to try and read that at some point next year hopefully … For some reason I thought it would look longer than it does !! Xx I really want to read the Luna Chronicles too … Hopefully I'll get to them too !! Too many books 🤣 xx ❤️❤️ Great haul my lovely Xxx

  • Ooh so interesting to hear Cress is your least favorite! I'm curious to hear if your opinion changes on a reread. I actually really identified with Cress and her combination of shyness and fangirling! haha

  • LOL I took advantage of the exact same classics sale at Chapters! I now have so many awesome classics and I've only read one 😛

  • I'm glad you enjoyed The Bell Jar =) Anne of Green Gables is a wonderful book ^^
    all those classic editons are beautiful! 😍

  • You're making me even more excited to read The Bell Jar!

    So jealous you have that cover of Anne of Green Gables!

    The Lunar Chronicles is an interest phenomenon in that I don't necessarily like the books but I love the series?? My copies don't match either and I love that.

    Great video!

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