Australia Council for the Arts Leadership Program

Australia Council for the Arts Leadership Program

WOMAN: The Australia Council for the Arts acknowledges the traditional owners
of country throughout Australia and pays our respect to the elders,
both past and present. The Australia Council Leadership Program consists of the Future Leaders Program, the Arts Leaders Program and our International Leadership Program. The program has definitely impacted
on my idea of leadership just by providing a space and time to really think more critically
about how we understand leadership. A lot of the best work happened when there wasn’t actually
the workshops as such, it was literally us
talking amongst ourselves and basically, literally, this past May
I was down in Melbourne and I literally was able to catch up over lunch
with four future leaders there. What sort of skills and attributes
do we need to, I guess, address in ourselves to make sure that we are contributing
to a more robust arts sector, and sort of creating that conversation
around that. Leadership development is a great privilege and something that we all should be doing more of. I really encourage, I mean, anyone to take the time
and to create space for self reflection not both in your own practice
and in your own organisation but thinking about how you, as a leader,
are holistically operating both within your day to day but also thinking about the future and the impact that you want to create. We all work incredibly hard and to have time out to reflect and, to share stories and reflect, that was really an amazing thing in the world that we operate in. I think it was very important for me to consolidate what I had done to move to the next stage, really. Our Future Leaders Program
is suited to emerging leaders within their first 10 years
of their career. Our Arts Leaders Program is for
mid to established leaders, generally about 10-plus years in their career. But if you’re unsure, just check
out our website or give us a call. We can always guide you
through that process.

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