AWATE – Uncontrollable Dopeness (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

AWATE – Uncontrollable Dopeness (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Uncontrollable dopeness. Playing with me is hopeless. Bust case four times and I’m still on the
road. With a bit of damage to my soul. Though, I got a bag of dopeness that you can’t control. Hailing from East Africa.
Near the kingdom of Axum comes. The kids that got told not to play with plastic
guns. Because the beast will come around without
their badges up. No difference if they catch it on… Cameras mean nothing when the lens is the judge’s. Whose hearts and minds you’ll find are blind to the public. Number one subject. Bring puppets to discuss it. Yeah, the feds killed them dead but news desks are the accomplice. Uh I was raised in the city where you never have
enough. Where now I’m stuck selling this, Uncontrollable
Dopeness. Yeah. Scribble a rapper away if they mention me. This is the hottest thing made since My Melody. For two years the feds on me. Judge tryna sentence me. I fought back eventually and walked out my record clean. Four cases brought against me. That’s plenty to ascertain they want me placed
in penitentiary. Find me in a grave before I’m enslaved mentally.

local_offerevent_note November 21, 2019

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