Beetlejuice Musical PopSocket painting! – Custom phone grip

hello oh no no it is basil or fop
doodles right here and today’s video I’m going to be illustrating painting on
customizing a pop socket so pick one up on eBay for a fiver I think it was they
were doing a Beetlejuice pop socket because it’s black it’s black and white
screen it’s going really easy color palette to use and then hopefully won’t
be too difficult to do with my postures so so making me strong again wash my
bottom with water and air-dry is just not anything I thought I’d see on a
piece of cardboard so yeah these are things with on your phone I found a
black one for a few quid on eBay and the signs of them do a Beetlejuice the
musical themed pop socket because you’re not the minister grandmas all you want
to talk about I still haven’t listened to the
soundtrack yeah but I think I’m probably gonna this week just kiss everyone keeps
recommending it to me no one’s a design that was stark that was black and white
predominantly because the pop stop it was black and it won’t do too much work
initially because I wasn’t sure how the pasquese with teeth so I went for this
few designs I kind of thought about doing the sandworm too complicated so
just the face of the EOG i think was what i was gonna go for and so far i
have traced the design onto the pop socket because the parents will try that
really well and i’ve just put on the first layer of white bhaskar pen just
where it’s dry now she’s a very bored but yeah it’s going pretty well I mean
I’m having to keep it flat because because it is a paint based pen if you
hold it like that it’s starting it was time to pull you see the bomb which in
there is darker so I’m didn’t flap when it’s drying which is fair enough just
from the bottom there I am really surprised about just how well these are
taking I don’t know how well they’re gonna lay it isn’t a minute I’m gonna
have to go through and lay some green at the top first beards and things of that
so I’m not sure how that’s gonna go and the only green I have in my
philosophy as so far is this one which isn’t quite as bright that’s my plan
I do have the yellow as well sites are going to come into play a little yeah
I’m super impressed with how well this bottle is going and I’m just waiting for she’s kind of updating this is the
second layer now the forehead that’s good on the ears look good but the
middle bit it’s looking a bit sort of dusty I’m gonna see how it looks once I
rather than the green and the shading but it might be that I have to start
doing these in pink we’ll see let this guy dry again going in adding in details now with the
sin nor point seven bossman I’m still not being able to get quite the detail
that I have on my drawing because the limitations of the media
even the size of the pen is a bit bigger than the regular pocket by regular pens
I use but you’ll see we can do this you can see as well there does not like
blaring battle you have to be so careful I’m not the careful person first some of
the about as much details I think I’m going to be able to get to be perfectly
honest I was gonna go in and add in some green and this is the main reason I
opted to use paschal rather than paint because despite the limitation to the
problems I’m finding I don’t think I could get this little like tiny lines
and dots in with a paintbrush even even if I use the smallest paintbrush in the
world I don’t think I could get that much detail and then once character who
has facial hair or I mean my style is naturally sketchy kind of not um block
color so they’re going with my black now and just maybe darken up a couple more
bits just kind of keep it a bit more neat entirely so how’s it look at my final pages you
see had to keep clean because it was picking up the paint from underneath and
here it’s a very fun and pop socket design considering you know I mean it’s
not as good as my sketch I was kind of limited by not only the way that the
material took to the plastic and then it kept you know lifting up and everything
also by the actual colors I had don’t think I’ve done too bad a job and it’s
the first one I’ve ever painted would I do more actually guess I probably would
he use pastas again but maybe planning a bit more in advance in terms of color
and layering now I know that if you put a new layer on top it sometimes
scratches up them underneath I’m actually pretty happy with that and I
think that will make a nice little addition to someone’s phone so if you
would like to buy this one you’ll probably be for sale on my Instagram and
I might be taking custom ones as well the bear in mind they do take me a quite
a while to do this was taking me from start to finish about two and a half
hours because I have to wait and stuff yeah I’m super happy actually
considering I’ll probably make another one bill just put your disappear juice you

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