Benee backstage at the 2019 NZ Music Awards

Benee backstage at the 2019 NZ Music Awards

– How are you?
– Nice to see you! – Congratulations
– Thank you! Maybe I should just hold one…
okay I’ll hold two – How many have you won?
You’ve won four right? [sighs] – Tell me your emotions
– Um, I feel kind of like a blank page right now Like kind of like, what the actual
heck just happened to me I’m gonna go and cry about it later. – It’s quite emotional
even for us watching you – I know, yeah, no, yup
– Your speeches were pretty awesome, people are Tweeting about how
they’re best speeches of the night – I’m a bit embarrassing, I don’t know,
I swore a lot, and then I was like oh my goodness this is live,
I probably shouldn’t be doing that Nah, but insane. – You started writing music really young,
you played the saxophone and the guitar – What would your 12-year-old Benee
think of you right now? – I wanted to be an astronaut
when I was 12, so like I would have no idea that I’d be a musician here, so no,
nu-uh, never woulda thought. – Have you got any astronaut or
space stuff in your music? – Yes! I have a song that’s about space that
comes out tomorrow in an EP Look at that! Promo, aha ha!
Na, hehe! Yeah, I yeah… – Congratulations on your new EP
I’m so excited for you Any plans for tonight?
Are you gonna party party party? – You best believe we’re gonna party.
The band are over here we’re about paaaaarty. Thank you. Are you?
– Yup! – I’ll see you there.
I’ll see you there! Alright how was that?
Was it good? All good? Quality content? Alright sweet bantage!

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