BFA in Fine Arts | Lesley University College of Art and Design | Yoselin Rodriguez, Student

BFA in Fine Arts | Lesley University College of Art and Design | Yoselin Rodriguez, Student

My name is Joselyn Rodriguez. I’m from Guatemala but I am living in Boston. And I am a Fine Arts Major I just finished my freshman year. So far it was a great experience to be honest. I learned so much in every class and it was really fun. To go deeply into art. At the beginning I am kind of like a shy person. So I was pretty quiet but everybody is just really friendly. And it doesn’t matter if your like really shy or not. But they always count you in as a classmate. I guess since I came from an art school then um… some of the things were kindly like familiar to me. But um, still it was something new because it was a different environment. And it’s taught differently so it was interesting to live it from a different point of view. Then when you’re in high school and also you, I feel like you have a different relationship with your teachers too. When you’re in college you have more freedom to analyze things on your own and express yourself however you think and however you take things on. Before I came I did some personal work and so must of it was related with um racism, discrimination and all these things and so for some reason I thought that my personal artwork needed to be different too. And um, one of the teachers told me, ‘no , don’t be afraid to keep doing that artwork that you’ve been doing” Because that’s what you care about, that’s where you come from and that’s your culture your beliefs and so that was something really got into me. Because I was like, you know it’s true I am going to be surrounded by different communities all the time. So that’s not going to shape my works So what is going to shape it is who I am What I believe, where I come from, my culture and all the things I care about.

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