Billie Eilish – A Snippet into Billie’s Mind (Artist Spotlight Stories)

I at least
wanna give people the smallest amount of what it’s like
in my brain.[WHEN THE PARTY’S OVERPLAYING]♪ I could lie
Say I like it like that
WOMAN:My Invisalign has…MAN:I have taken out my
WOMAN:I have
taken out my Invisalign
and this is the album.[BOTH LAUGHING] ♪I could lie
Say I like it like that♪
WOMAN:…to really relate
to our generation.
Anytime I’m creating anything,
I’m thinking about the video,
I’m thinking about the artwork and about the colors and about
the way that it’s gonna feel and the way it’s gonna look and how people
are going to perceive it. I grew up as a dancer, and as someone who just wanted to make a movie out of
every single thing I sawand everything I heard.And the fact that, like,
people do that to my art
is just insane to me.♪ Quiet when I’m coming home ♪I think visually, first,
with everything I do.And also I have synesthesia,so everything that I make,I already am thinking
of what color it is,
and what
texture it is,
and what day
of the week it is, and what number it is
and what shape.We both have it and
so we think about
everything this way.
Bury a Friendis just… Billie… BILLIE:
…dark, black, gray, brown.
Everything dark, like
anything creepy.
Xannyis smooth and silky,
maybe velvet.
MAN:Like smoke?BILLIE:Yeah, like if you
could feel smoke.
Ooh!Smoke is one of the most
beautiful things in the world. CROWD: Billie!
Billie! Billie! [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] I remember I went
through a phase where I just would watch music
videos without the sound so that I could just see
the art of the videoand not actually listento whether the song
was good or bad.
So, I just was
surfing YouTube when I just was
watching videos as I do. I watch music videos…
Whenever I have time, I just watch everybody, like random-ass artists
that I’ve never heard of with 100 views or
whatever music videos.And I found this one,and I didn’t have
the sound on. So, I couldn’t hear what
the f…[BLEEP]
the song was about. I couldn’t hear
what it sounded like, what kind of song it was,
anything at all. And I’d never heard
of the artist before. So it was super. I was just completely
blind to it and it was like one
of the sickest videos I’ve ever seen in my life.It was this video
Nasty.It was a song calledNasty
by this artist, Parris.
But the thing is,
I just feel like you should be able to watch
a video without the sound and have it be
just as touching. I feel that way with songs
and production, too. I say this all the time,
which is that, if you were to play
a song acoustically, without any of
the production,and you can’t make it
sound good,
it’s not, like, a song. It’s fun to move to
and dance to, but it’s like, sometimes,
I feel like production
can make a song. The only reason a song is good
is because the beat is good. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] When I have a crazy dream, or if I just have a thought
in the middle of the night… I will sit up, whether the light is on
or whether the light is off. I’ll sit up and I’ll just write whatever
I’m thinking or whatever
I just dreamt about.That’s a whole
series of thoughts.
This is all just things
I’ve thought about.
These are designs.
This is like the way I feel
like my brain looks is that.
Like this whole world,
I guess.
And so, I’ll wake up
in the dark.
I’ve literally written things
and drawn things in the dark
in the middle of night.‘Cause I’ll just sit up
and grab that and just go
because it’ll fade.And it’s the same
with this notebook. Anything I think… Sometimes I’ll have a dream where it’s just like,
I can’t explain it so, I just draw
exactly what I’m thinking. So, whatever that is, that was just me drawing
the way that my brain felt.WithBury a Friend, this is just a hotel hall,
and that’s the angle I wanted. And I couldn’t… I didn’t know how to describe
that angle to anyone. So, I just drew what
I wanted the camera to see. That’s the only way
I can communicate, is with visuals. Billie’s showing me a video
of eels eating a pizza. [LAUGHING] [LOUD MUSIC PLAYING] [CROWD CHEERING] I just… I don’t know. I just need people
to know how important
this s…[BLEEP] is to me. All of it. The videos are so,
so important to me. I work really f…[BLEEP]
hard on the videos, and the treatments
and the ideas,
and the days of shooting. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] The most important to me
is just everything. [LAUGHS]And like everything
goes together,
so, it’s not like videos
is one random thing and then this music
is the other random thing. They have to go together,
they have to be one. [TAPE REWINDING] Lord.[I LIKE WHEN YOU
PLAYING]♪ I like when you get mad♪ I guess I’m pretty glad
that you’re alone
♪ You said
she’s scared of me?
♪ I mean,
I don’t see what she sees
♪ But maybe it’s ’cause
I’m wearing your cologne
♪ I’m a bad guy♪ I’m a bad guy♪ Bad guy, bad guy♪ I’m a bad ♪

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