Booklet printing as PDF in InDesign Ep13/15 [Multimedia design course – Print]

Booklet printing as PDF in InDesign Ep13/15 [Multimedia design course – Print]

(upbeat music) – Hello and welcome to
this video tutorial. Gareth here from In this video, I’m going
discuss and demonstrate Booklet printing in Adobe InDesign and later I will be demonstrating how to print a booklet as a PDF. Now at this point, its
important to mention that I am using a Mac. This may be a little
different for PC users. If you want to print a
booklet PDF in InDesign, you will need a PDF printer
installed on your computer and I will be showing you
how to do that shortly Okay so in the last episode,
we exported the business card, letterhead, and brochure
documents we created earlier in the course. In this video, I will be
using the brochure design to demonstrate this example. So lets quickly take a look
at the brochure document we will be working with to
put this all into context. So with the project folder open, navigate to the my project folder,
open the work docs folder, and open your InDesign brochure file. If you have been following along you should have you
brochure document here. Now if you’re new to this
course and wish to follow along, you can download the project
folder and get access to the files I have prepared earlier. Link is in the description. With the project folder open, navigate to the finished examples
folder, open the ID docs, and open the brochure doc. So here I am in Adobe InDesign and this is a 12 page
booklet brochure document, we created earlier in this course. Now as we scroll down, we
can see how the document was composed in InDesign. If we come across and look
over in the pages panel we can see here that this
is a classic booklet setup. Okay so lets take a look at three examples of PDFs exported from this document. So with the project folder open, navigate to the finished examples
folder into the PDF export into low preview and open
brochure preview version 1. So this is a PDF, which was exported from the InDesign document
in the previous episode as a preview. Now if you’re new to this
course and wish to take a look at this PDF example, you
can get access to this in the project folder. Download link is in the description. So as I scroll down, we
can see that the pages are presented clearly, no bleed marks and the spreads are placed together. Now this is only good as a preview. Here, we can get a good view of the design and overall composition. However, there is no way we
could print this as a booklet because the page layout for
booklet printing is incorrect. So back into the project
folder, this time navigate to the finished examples
folder into the PDF export, into high print, and open brochure print. Now this is a PDF which was also exported from the InDesign document
in the previous episode though this one is ready for print. Here we can see all the
marks and guides necessary for the printer to align
the pages, also we can see that each page has been
exported separately. Now this will give the printer flexibility to order the pages
correctly, so when the pages are printed together double-sided, folded, and stapled down the middle,
the booklet will open and read perfectly in order. Okay so back into the project folder this time navigate to the
finished examples folder into the PDF export, into booklet and open the brochure booklet. I come up to view and rotate
and select counter-clockwise. So this is a PDF, which was
also exported from the InDesign, but this was exported as a booklet. This time we can see that the
pages are joined together. Also, we have the marks and guides, but this time around the
outside of the spread as opposed to around the individual pages like on the previous example. So as I scroll down, we
can see that the order of the pages look rather strange. Well in fact, this is the correct setup. If we now print this
document out double-sided, trim around the marks and guides, fold and staple down the middle,
the booklet will open and read perfectly in order. So those are three PDF examples exported from the very same document, but for very specific
reasons, one to preview, two for professional printing, and three for booklet printing at home. So now, I’m going to
demonstrate how you can export a booklet PDF from InDesign. So back in InDesign, with
the brochure document open, lets begin. Now before we get started,
its important to mention, currently, on Mac, when
printing a booklet in InDesign it does not export to PDF. To do this, you will need
a PDF printer installed. This is a PDF printer driver
that acts like a printer on your computer. Instead of printed onto paper
you can print straight to PDF. Now if you don’t have
a PDF printer installed and wish to install one, simply navigate to the project folder, into
the project assets folder, in the booklet printing folder and find the instructions in there. This file contains a link and instructions how you can acquire your
PDF printer just like I did. And its free, so pretty cool. Now I advise you to go
ahead and install that before following along,
as you will need that. So once you have the PDF
printer installed lets begin. So this document was originally setup with the intention to
be printed as a booklet, folded and stapled. If you seek to create a booklet, then you should first setup
a document just like this. Also, when it comes to booklet printing, you must be sure that
your pages divide by four. Remember, we will be
printing pages double-sided, so that’s two pages per
spread, which works out to be one spread per
side which then equals to four pages per printed
page double-sided. If you fail to divide
your document by four, you will end up with blank
pages or incorrect pagination upon export. So when you’re ready to
create a booklet PDF, come up to file and scroll
down and click print booklet. Upon click, you will get
the print booklet menu. And we are looking at the setup options. So starting from the
top, in the print preset, I’m just going to click this
and set this to default. Next, we have printer,
now currently this is set to post script, but we will
have to change this shortly. Next, I’m going to set the pages to all. For booklet type, I’m going
to chose two-up saddle stitch. This is exactly what we want. Down in margins, I’ll
make sure to keep the automatically adjust to fit
marks and bleeds box checked. And I’ll click print
blank printer spreads. Now, if we come over to the
left, we can click preview. So here we can see the pagination that will be created upon print. Here we can see we have the
cover on the right, page one and the back on the left page 12. If we like, we can scroll
through this and take a look. So next I’ll click the
print settings button at the bottom of the menu. So here I’m going to
set a few more options. Now its important here,
I change my printer to the PDF printer. On this occasion I’m going to
change this to my PDF writer. So I’ll move down, I make
sure copies is set to one. I’ll make sure print
blank pages is checked. Now currently, I do not
have any blank pages in my document, but if I did, let’s say I was creating an inside sleeve for a book or something,
then I would need this to be checked. So next, I will come over
to the left and click setup, so over on the right I
will set the orientation to landscape and down in
options, I’ll click scale to fit. Over on the left, I’ll
click marks and bleeds and I’ll select all printer marks. Once happy, I’ll click okay. Now in preview, I can see how my document is going to export. Once happy, I’ll click print. Upon click, InDesign will print and because we printed the
booklet with the PDF printer, we will soon get a PDF. So once this is done, locate
your printed PDF document on your computer. Here is my new booklet
PDF, which I have opened in Acrobat Reader, pretty easy right? And I’ll just come up to view, rotate and click counter-clockwise. So on this occasion, I
chose to include the marks and bleeds. Now because I have this as
a PDF, I can now print this using my regular printer,
perhaps print this double-sided on a laser-jet. And if I cut along the
guides, staple, and fold, I will get the page layout for my booklet. Easy. So that’s how you can print
a booklet in Adobe InDesign as a PDF. A convenient feature in
InDesign, which can allow you to print your booklet at home. So currently, I’m using
Adobe InDesign CC 2014. Now if I save this file and send it to someone who uses
InDesign, say CS5 or earlier then they will not be
able to open the document. The file will not be compatible. To allow someone to open my document using a different version of InDesign, I will need to export as an IDML file. In the next video, I’m going to discuss backwards compatibility in Adobe InDesign and demonstrate how we
can create IDML files. See you in the next video. (upbeat music)

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