Booktube-a-thon Day 6: Can Lit Literary Road Trip

Booktube-a-thon Day 6: Can Lit Literary Road Trip

Hi Booktube, Emily here and this is my
literary road trip. Now this video is inspired by one of my
favorite books as a child called the Canadian twins. My mom is Canadian
although I grew up in Britain so we had lots of Canadian literature when we were
growing up. This book was about two twins, a girl
and a boy who travel across the whole country from their home in Vancouver to
spend the summer in Quebec and I was enchanted by all of the different
landscapes and the adventures that they had along the way. Ever since I read it
it’s been a life’s ambition of mine to do the same journey. So now i’m going to recreate that
journey but going in the other direction. So come with me now in a literary
journey across Canada A journey across the ocean. The King’s Daughter by Suzanne Martel.
This is the story of a young French orphan summoned across the sea to marry a
settler in Nouvelle France. It’s a romanticized version of settler
life with lots of problems not least its depiction of First Nations people but it
is a vivid story of how exciting and terrifying it must have been to set off
across the ocean to start a new life in an unfamiliar land. The freedom in
American songs by Kathleen Winter. The first three of this collection of
short stories are set in a small town on the banks of Newfoundland and they’re a beautiful evocation of
a small community shaped by the land and the seasons which surround it. Thee Anne of Green Gables novels by LM
Montgomery, Prince Edward Island. Rilla of Ingleside, the last in this series,
is particularly special to me because in my hodgepodge collection of this series this edition is the one given to me by
my Grandmother. The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman by Denis Theriault. This
story of a postman’s life of deceit, vicarious passion and haiku is set in my mother’s home city and its descriptions of the many external
staircases that the eponymous postman trudges up and down are beautifully familiar to me. 21 Cardinals by Jocelyne Saucier. The 21
members of the Cardinal family grow up wild and unfettered in their North Quebec
mining town. Now the far flung family members reunite in adulthood but must
come to terms with the fact that one of their number is missing. From Anna by Jean Little, one of my favorite childhood authors. Anna and her family escape from Nazi
Germany in the 1930s to start a new life in Toronto. Anna has always been the odd
one out amongst her brothers and sisters. But can she forge a real place for
herself in her new country, her new class and in her family? Ella and Otto and Russell and James by
Emma Hooper. 82 year old Ella wakes up one day, leaves her Saskatchewan farm
and her husband Otto and sets off across the country. As she does so she, Otto and their neighbor Russell struggle with memories of another time long ago
when distance divided them. I struggled to find a book to represent
the Rockies but I didn’t want to miss them out because it’s a place that I
long to visit. So I’ve chosen the Song of the Ski by
Wilson McDonald in the Golden Treasury of Canadian Verse edited by AM Stevens.
I’m high on the hill and ready to go a wingless bird in world of snow yet
I’ll ride the air with a dauntless dare that only a child of the North can know. The
Eternal Spring of Mr. Ito by Sheila Garrigue. This is a story about a young English
girl evacuated to Vancouver in the Second World War. She makes friends with Mr. Ito her
uncle’s Japanese gardener but is shocked to find the after Pearl Harbor he and the rest
of the Japanese community are interned. As a very enthusiastic Canadianphile as a
child, this is the first time I remember
realizing that the country that I idolized had such dark periods of its
history. I hope you enjoyed my literary road trip of
Canada. Please let me know your Canadian literature recommendations in the
comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Booktube-a-thon Day 6: Can Lit Literary Road Trip”

  • This was great! I didn't have time to do any of the video challenges for this but I am thinking about doing a few later on just for fun and was wondering if this challenge is any literary road trip or if it has to be Canadian?

  • I loved this video! As a Canadian, I must say how impressed I am by the scope of your reading. You read a whole lot more CanLit than I do! If you need a book based in Alberta, you can always pick up Chorus of Mushrooms ;-).
    And what is that edition of Etta and Otto and Russell and James? It's beautiful but I can't find it anywhere! It's not even catalogued on Goodreads!

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