Breathtaking Fionn stuns the dance captains with effortless moves – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

Where have you guys come from?
ALL: Sunderland. Have you just got off a plane? We came directly from Paris. Hang on, so are you Mackems
or Geordies? Mackems! Mackems! Never asking that again. I’ve come from Halifax. Leicester. Sligo. Where’s that? In Ireland. Lovely. Would you
like to take a seat? Yes, please. How you feeling? Nervous. I’m Fionn and I live in Sligo,
by the sea, and it mostly rains here
but it’s a lovely town. At my dance school, there’s
140 people and I’m the only boy. How you feeling? Nervous.
Why would you be nervous? If I mess up, the whole world
will see it. I’ve practised a lot for the
audition and I want to try my best, and if I try my best I’ll be happy
with myself, no matter what. HE WHISPERS: It’s so quiet. Do you need a bit of calm. OK. Good boy. Just do your best. I’m Fionn’s mum, his adoring mum,
who adores everything he does. Oh, God, where do I start
about Fionn?! Fionn found dancing after we
attended the cinema with his sisters to see Frozen. He would copy every dance move
they done. I knew then he was going to be
a performer, that he had to be on stage. In Sligo, where we’re from,
it’s very rare you see boys doing ballet or contemporary. He’s just got something. Oh! It is audition time. OK, OK. Prep yourself. You’re going to be amazing. I love you so much, OK?
Love you. You dance your heart out.
You do what you do best. OK? Give it loads. I love you. Love you. Bye-bye, darling. I love you.
Through there. If the mirror opens, God,
just, like, my heart would burst. To be able to get this at nine years
of age, to be able to remember the choreography, I just
think my heart…my heart’ll burst. Come on, son. Come on. He’s going to smash it.
I hope he does. He’s so nervous. He’ll be fine, he’ll be fine. MUSIC: Rule The World
by Take That Oh, my God. Come on, mate, come on, mate. Come on, please open,
please open, come on. Come on, please. YELLS: Yes! Yes! Yes! Woo! Thank you so, so much. I must have heard wrong – nine? Yes. It was so astounding. All your moves are top-notch. Your extensions, your legs,
your bends, everything was just so great. Great, great, great performance. You made it look so effortless,
yet we know the moves that you were doing
are so technically hard. That takes a lot of rehearsal
and preparation and dedication. It’s just there,
you have it, it’s natural to you. That was absolutely breathtaking. Woo! When the mirrors were closed,
you were just dancing, and then as soon as they opened,
you then brought up emotion. That’s when I started
to feel you perform. Then I was in your performance,
I was dancing with you. You just blew me away. Thank you, captains. How proud are you right now? I’m just shaking. You’ve made me
so proud, darling. I love you so much.
You smashed it. Love you. I love you too, baby! Fionn! # Don’t want to let the pieces
fall out of place # I was only just a breath
removed from… # Do you know what? I wasn’t
ready for that. I wasn’t ready. It kills me when they get reunited
with their family, though. And that raw emotion
and pride is like…

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