Can Foam Insulation Be Painted? | Foam University

So today we’re gonna answer the question: Can spray foam be painted? The simple answer is, yes it can. There’s a few things we’re gonna go over that’ll make the process a lot easier for you. First
of all, I recommend spray paint. It can be rolled and it can be brushed painted,
however if you try to roll especially on open cell foam, it can dent in the foam
and it won’t look very good at the end of the day. Also, spray foam has a lot of
dips and bumps and valleys and trying to use a brush on that area will just take
hours and hours and hours. Now another tip is to wait about 24 hours or a day
after the project is sprayed. It does a couple things.
One and lets the any odors that are in the building from the spray foam and
lets that air out a little bit. But also, while the area is being sprayed a
lot dust gets kicked out and if you wait about day lets that dust settle and it
makes ah, you know helps to spray adhere to the surface a lot better. Now if you
would like to see what painted spray foam looks like, feel free to come to our
shop in Montrose Michigan. Our office is completely painted with an exposed
ceiling that we spray. So you feel free to come by and take a look and see what
that feels like. If you found this information helpful,
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