Cardi B Claps Back at Makeup Artist

Cardi B Claps Back at Makeup Artist

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. How you doin’? (upbeat music) ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Come on, you need it ♪ ♪ Say it like you mean it ♪ ♪ Just shout it out ♪ (upbeat music) Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheers) Hello. (woman chuckles) Thanks for watching. Say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doing okay. Let’s get started. It’s time for… Hot Topics! Yup! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Hi. Did you watch TV last night prior to going to bed? Clap if you watched the BET Awards. (audience cheers) (audience laughs) Clap if you watched Lyrica and A1 (audience cheers)
and Hip Hop Hollywood. (audience laughs) Clap if you watched The Connors. (audience cheers) Clap if you watched the inside of your eyelids. (audience cheers) (woman laughs) You are my people. (audience laughs) I didn’t watch The Connors. I didn’t wanna know, but I saw what all was going on. It premiered last night. This is the episode where they had to off Rosanne. They killed her off. Take a look. They think that she must’ve taken the pills right before bed, and with her health issues, it was enough to stop her breathing. It doesn’t make any sense. I got her knees fixed, I flushed all her pills. Oh my God. I found these pills in mom’s closet. These aren’t even prescribed to her. She got them from Marcy Bellinger. Damn. That’s the only thing from mom’s closet that I wanted. (audience laughs) (woman laughs) Viewers were split. 50% of people said that they loved how Rosanne was offed but that they’re here for the show, and the other 50% said no. It’s not gonna work without Rosanne. Me, I just wanna know, why is Rosanne tweeting about this? I thought you were going to Israel. (audience laughs)
Isn’t that what you told us? You’re going to Israel for the whole season, you’re not gonna watch the show, and you’re gonna stay off Twitter, about the show. Apparently she’s not in Israel, (audience laughs) and after the show, she tweeted, “I ain’t dead bitches.” (audience laughs) (audience claps) She also said that ABC didn’t have to morbidly kill her off in such a way for a family show, but I think that ABC did the right thing. Rosanne, you’re the one who set yourself up to be a pill popper. You were there. She hurt her back or her knee or whatever, and your character on the show was doctor shopping getting different doctors from various places. There were pills found all over the house, but last night was a whole cry fest. Jackie balled. Jackie balled, John Goodman balled, they were all balling. (audience laughs) I didn’t wanna ball. (audience laughs) I don’t care. (audience laughs) (audience claps) But if you do, don’t forget, every Tuesday night The Connors airs. Maybe it’ll get more happy now that we’re done with the elephant in the room so to speak. Maybe it’ll get more happy. (audience laughs) Can you believe that our country is reduced to a President having a Twitter war with a porn star? (audience groans) Honey. He called her a horse face. (audience gasps) She wasn’t a horse face on those nights, was she? (audience claps) It started yesterday because the President bragged about his legal victory over Stormy Daniels. He tweeted, hold on. Oh God. This is so stupid. I can’t believe that this is what we’re reduced to. You got a victory man and you’re still barking up the wrong tree. Oh not this one? (audience laughs) Sorry. “Great, now I can go after horse face and her 3rd rate lawyer in the great state of Texas. She knows nothing about me, a total con.” (audience hums) Well she knows enough about you to know that you’re a tiny whiny. (audience laughs) (audience claps) Within one hour, she clapped back and here’s what she said. “Ladies and gentleman, may I present your President. In addition to his shortcomings, (audience gasps) he also has demonstrated his incompetence, hatred of women and lack of self-control on Twitter again. Game on, Tiny.” (audience cheers) At this point, Stormy’s got nothing to lose. By the way, she’s gotta pay, the judge ordered her to pay his legal fees. Exactly. That’s a whole lot of twerking that you’re gonna have to do Stormy. (audience laughs) That’s a lot. Ow! (audience laughs) I can’t believe he’s so immature though. He called her a horse face. I don’t think that she was wrong in calling him tiny. (audience laughs) He’s the one who should have a more dignified presence. (audience laughs) On another note, Donald left Melania in the rain. (audience laughs)
We showed you this. (audience laughs) Just selfish. You don’t understand. Watch what happens. When they finally do get a piece of the umbrella. Oh you stopped it before. She gets the part that drips down. (audience laughs) You know when the umbrella, the drip down? But Meghan Markle was happy to hold the umbrella for Harry. He was doing a press conference or something like that and she’s holding the umbrella for him. (audience claps) And she’s holding the baby for him as well. (audience cheers) There’s this makeup artist who says that Cardi B is the worst client ever. (audience gasps) Listen, back in January, there’s a makeup artist. Her name is Black Swan. I asked Merrell who does my makeup. He’s all plugged in. He has no idea who this woman is, but also predicted she’ll never work again, and I said well maybe not with a celebrity. Texas is a big state, they love to get married, they love to wear a lot of makeup. (audience laughs) You can be the makeup artist for weddings and stuff. She spoke about her bad experience working with Cardi. Take a look. She looks at herself in her phone, she looks in the mirror, she looks at herself, she’s like, “Yo, why is the (bleep) so white?” I’m like, it’s setting powder. One of the ladies on her team walks in. “Yo, take off your (bleep).” This is what she says. “Take off your (bleep) glasses and look at this (bleep). Look at the (bleep) on my face. This (bleep) is ugly yo.” What do you want me to do? Do you want me to fix it, you wanna make it darker, you wanna make it lighter, you want me to fix it? Do you want me to go? “Yeah, you can get the (bleep) out. Get the (bleep) out of here. Get the (bleep) out of here.” What gives you the right to talk to me that way? (audience claps) Remember, this is back in January, but Cardi just heard about this video because she clapped back this week. Take a look. You come mad late, you come mad high, high as (bleep). In the middle of the process, I’m telling you I don’t like how my makeup is looking. “I’m not finished yet.” Whatever. You the makeup artist. You acting like you know what you doing. “She was being rude, she was being this.” Why? Why don’t you say why? Why don’t you say why? You mean to tell me that you was being an angel and I was just being disrespectful for no (bleep) reason? It’s unprofessional when you go online and talk (bleep) about it. You know what that do? That make other people not wanna hire you. Then people telling me to apologize. Apologize for what, because she wasn’t doing her job right? (audience claps) Black Swan responded showing text messages to prove she wasn’t late. Her arrival time and so on and so forth. She’s also strongly denying being on drugs. Here’s what I say. There’s nobody to believe one way or the other. Cardi B would be a good get if Black Swan just did her job correctly. Every time Cardi goes to Texas, then she’ll have her Texas makeup artist and stuff. Personally speaking, I travel with Murrell all the time. In 10 years of this show, I might’ve had to use an outsource makeup artist in another city maybe five times. I’m in Chicago, Murrell can’t be there, but he always calls and vets the person out. Who are you? This is what you do, don’t do it better than me, (audience laughs)
I want my job. I don’t know. (audience laughs) This woman has two kids also. The thing is is that you shouldn’t of posted a video about this. (audience claps) You could add doing Cardi B to your resume. You don’t have to say that it was a good experience or a bad experience, just add that to your resume and that would make people who come to Texas wanna use you ’cause Cardi B is big. She was great last night on the Hip Hop awards. (audience claps) I didn’t watch, but I did see the performance this morning. They played it for me. Nicki who? (audience gasps) (audience claps) She did a great job and I like her costume and her ponytail and stuff. (audience laughs) You know she’s got this song. It’s a diss track for Nick Minaj. Her team is split over whether she should release it or not. That’s what I say. Release it. (audience claps) But half of her team is like no, don’t do it. You don’t need to go down that road, and the other half of her team is like, no, hip hop. Emceeing, DJing, beefing. Hip hop. (audience claps) (audience laughs) Here’s the deal. After 40 years old when big monumental things happen in your life, don’t ask for gifts ’cause we’re assuming that you already have your blender or your toaster oven, whatever it is that you got going on in your life. Especially because the economy is bad, the times in which we live after 40 years old, people don’t need to be asking for stuff like a 22 year old would. I’m not getting you a pillow set, a blanket set. No!
(audience laughs) Kenya Moore’s baby shower is in just a few days. Kenya’s 47 and you know that her mom doesn’t care about her and her father is there sometimes and she’s really been looking for real love and she also very much wanted to have a baby. She deserves this, she deserves this. (audience claps) This as in happiness, not this as in a baby shower. 47 years old. (audience laughs) She expects every guest to buy her a gift even if they aren’t coming and she wants the RSVP. She’s very, very serious about that. She’s like etiquette 101. If you cannot attend a monumental life changing event in a friend’s life, it’s nice to send a gift anyway. Excuse me? You’re 47. I’m not sending you anything. (audience laughs)
No. (audience claps) Because at 47, you’re supposed to have a few things that you’re not bothering your friends and by the way, the registry wasn’t real expensive. There were $12 bottles and things like that, there were only 73 things on the registry. People so far as of 20 minutes ago, (audience laughs) 20 minutes ago, there were only 12 items purchased so far. (audience gasps) I’m gonna give you a tip and a hint. If by chance you are pushed in a corner and you have to buy a gift for somebody for one of these monumental occasions, don’t buy the actual gift. A gift card. No, not a gift card either. (audience laughs) What you do is you make a donation like to the American Cancer Society or something like that. You don’t hear. ‘Cause they give you the cards. They say a donation was made in your name. They don’t have to know it was only $20 or $10,
(audience laughs) or whatever you gave. I’m just saying. (audience claps) Good luck Kenya and the baby and the husband. (audience laughs) Allegedly. (audience gasps) (audience claps)
I play. Speaking of babies, Piers Morgan is being dragged and mocked for mocking men and how they carry their babies. I find nothing wrong with a Baby Bjorn. James Bond star Daniel Craig was spotted carrying his daughter in the Baby Bjorn. (audience claps) Then Piers tweets, “Oh 007, not you as well.” Hashtag emasculated Bond. Dads all over came out showing their pictures in force. (audience cheers) I find nothing wrong with that at all with a man carrying the baby in the front like that. Even Captain America, Chris Evans, jumped in saying, “You really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to consider yourself (audience claps) with how other men carries his child.” I’ll tell you what though. I never had one of those baby things, that front strap, ’cause I was always scared that the strap would break and then he’d fall down. When I was working here in the city at Park and 34th and the parking garage was right across the street. When Kev would come to work with me ’cause at that point, he’s a goober. I bring him to work sometimes. We had two highchairs. One for the house and one for the car and I put him in that highchair with the tray (audience laughs)
and the four wheels, throw those Cheerios on top, (audience laughs) push him across the street in the highchair, in the highchair.
(audience laughs) Come on. Mommy’s gotta work, mommy’s gotta work. Come on, let’s go, let’s go.
(audience laughs) He’s happy, he’s got his toys on the side and the Cheerios at the top and then when we get to the radio station, I just push him right in and park him right next to my chair,
(audience laughs) and do the show. (audience claps) I felt like a stroller was too much. A stroller was too much. They’re all low and then when you’re on the radio, you sit in a higher chair so then I’d have to be down here like this if he was in a stroller. Now he’s right here. We can make eye contact. Can I have a Cheerio? Perfect.
(audience laughs) (audience claps) I find nothing gay about it, if that’s what you’re insinuating. (audience claps) Lady Gaga is engaged to her agent Christian Carino. I always thought she was engaged anyway or married or something like that. It’s hard to keep up with her, but they’ve dated for a year and a half. He’s 49 and a divorcee. He was married for 18 years and he’s got two children and she’s only 32, but she’s got an older… I didn’t say face. (audience laughs) She’s got an older soul. To me, her being with somebody her own age almost doesn’t even make sense. She’s gotta be with an older man, a seasoned man who knows things. Wisdom. But he’s also her agent. Is it good to be married to her agent when they finally get married? Well, only if he fires his other clients and makes me priority. I’m priority number one, I’m your agent, I’m Gaga, let’s get this money and you can travel, we can travel together and so on and so forth. No other clients, just me. (audience claps)
That’s it. He apparently was so in love with her even before we found out all this information that he got a tattoo of her on his arm, which it doesn’t look like her. Money back. Wait, here it comes. Who is that? (audience groans) (audience laughs) At one point Gaga was previously engaged to that hot actor, Taylor Kinney. (audience claps) He’s 37. And they dated for four years before they became engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2015. Then they broke up in 2016. Now she’s with this guy Christian. The ring. Let’s size him up. (audience laughs) $400,000 for a pink sapphire ring with diamond halo all around. That’s not a pink diamond. A diamond halo. It’s very beautiful. I don’t know, there’s something about playing with the colors of stones and stuff that is reserved for other fingers. I’m a diamond girl. Clear, clear, clear. (audience claps) A sapphire is nice over here maybe or over here, but not here. This is the ring that Christian got her, but here’s the first ring that she got when she was engaged to Taylor. (audience aw’s)
(audience claps) Both rings were about $400,000. It’s a six carat heart-shaped ring. I don’t like the shapes and stuff. That’s fine for you maybe. A heart-shaped ring, get it for me for this hand, but not this hand. I’m more of a traditionalist. I just like a splash of diamonds and that’s it. Remember when Jennifer Lopez got engaged to Ben Affleck, he went out and spent $2.5 million on a pink diamond and when she got it, I was like, ew a pink diamond.
(audience laughs) If you’re married, then that’s the most important finger on your hand for a lot of us. You’re gonna be stuck with a pink diamond for the rest of your life?
(audience laughs) No! A pink diamond belongs someplace else. Good luck to everybody involved. (audience claps) And we’ve got more great show everyone. CNN’s Van Jones in on the couch, so grab a snack and come on back. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) (upbeat music) ♪ How are you doin’ ♪

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100 thoughts on “Cardi B Claps Back at Makeup Artist”

  • Wendy, how the hell could she add her to her resume when Cardi literally yelled at her to gtfo and refused to pay her?
    When anyone calls Cardi's team for reference guess what they'll say? They'll say the bs lies that Cardi told about her and the fact she wasn't paid because she was "so bad and unprofessional" when actually Blacswan was the one who was being professional in a situation most of us would've either barked back or picked up and left.

  • If Cardi was worth the effort Blackswan should've sued her for lying about Blackswan being on drugs. Cardi is trash and a liar.

  • That make up artist lookes 100 times better than that Cardi gal! And they are all not telling the truth! Watch the entire video!

  • Wow Wendy… I am surprised you would ok any kind of bullying. Cardi B will get hers what goes around comes around. With what you are going through at this moment we are all praying 🙏🏽 No one has the right to treat anyone the way the make up artist was treated. I believe the make up artist. ✊to good, kind, love and respect.

  • You Wendy Witch and that trash Cardboard b** is disgusting. You edit it all out so people would agree with that cardboard. How dare you. You and that trash disgust me

  • I totally disagree with Wendy that the makeup artist should have remained quiet. First of all, If she had put CB on her resume, and a potential client checked with CB's people to verify, CB's people would have trashed her. Second, not speaking out is condoning CB's abusive behavior. Third, now, anyone who chooses to work for CB will know that there is at least a chance that they will be treated like crap. Fourth, the makeup artist sounds coherent and honest. Cardi sounds, disjointed, crazy, and dishonest, as usual.

  • That's a lotttt of manipulative editing.. if i'd watched this before the actual video i would have probably sided with Cardi too


  • Yall take the time to see the ENTIRE video. Wendy, you're a trip! And NOT in a good way hon!

  • That’s not a baby Bjorn he has on it’s a an ergo or something like that an ergo. Baby Bjorns are dangerous. Ergos and one similar are amazing. Baby wearing is the way to go. Good for him for him!!

  • Does Wendy William's audience get paid for clapping and laughing at every stupid thing she says…

  • I LOVED and LIVED for Wendy's chic outfit this morning! Yesss Queen Wendy! You're looking more beautiful and healthier than ever

  • Wendy horrible advice. Who cares if cardi is big is how she treat people. Im glad artist shine that light of cardi

  • So crazy so ur telling the artist she made a mistake but u got a show where u do the same thing? Good thing I seen the actual stories on instagram.


  • Cardi is just trashy and totally not humble at all. It’s good to always remember where you come from. You can lose everything you have just as quickly as you got them

  • Wendy Williams, you need help. See a Doctor, go to rehab, pray!! You are not okay. You are actually sick.

  • Fraudi z pay u to be team her? Lol you like her sooo much but you know damn well you wouldn’t want your son marrying a her… just sayin

  • Was that Nicki comment necessary ? Nicki is doing fine with her FINE , CLASSY self . Just so obsessed!

  • That's ridiculous that theykilled Roseanne off!! I miss the old Roseanne show..when it 1st started out!!

  • She had her own channel she can speak on u are just taking cardi said because y’all both are celebs. That girl was disrespected and humiliated…. period!

  • Oh shut up Wendy like you do anything for cloud that girl was just doing her part she's in the Free World she's in America she could post whatever she feels so what is one in the future makeup artists that she's not the easiest client to work with so what that's not going to stop her back and now she got over 50 1K followers so plz get you and all your hate and Juice the fuk out of here

  • 11:42 she literally said she should use cardi b for clout , but she posted the video to show her experience with someone she once looked up too .

  • This is my first time watching wendy williams and I find it weird how she makes all those unnecessary pauses. It makes it look like she’s either under heavy drugs or someone is feeding her lines.

  • Go watch the whole video before you believe these hags. Blackswan was disrespected and these hoes dragged her name after she expressed how she was being abused. TEAMBLACSWAN

  • Wendy you wrong and when someone do a celebrity makeup do they get money idk but cardi you rude asf go bck and be a stripper and do your own makeup and wendy go back and do that fake past out again and talk about that

  • "You shouldn't have posted a video about it"
    Minutes later
    "Release the diss track!"
    What utter hypocrisy. She doesn't think someone who feels victimized by Cardi B should tell their truth but she eats up the drama between Cardi B and Nikki Minaj. Sheesh!

  • She didn't post that video for jobs. She posted it to show the bad work experience. And somehow Wendy lives out the fact that she didn't pay the lady. Now she is bringing in Nicki Minaj. Wendy stupid

  • Wendy darling, u r so wrong, yes she can add to her resume, but she can tell others how awfull that singer is, it doesent matter who you are or how rich, if you are treating another human being like crap, well too bad, is good that the makeup artist told everybody becaause a person should be liked not just for being talented but for the way u treat others aswell so cardi b is so wrong, and you wendy are wrong aswell for encouraging somebody to keep quiet after being bullyed

  • Wendy you can't take Cardi B's side. Cardi is the one that was unprofessional. I noticed that you didn't show that she was getting her makeup done and kept moving around in that clips you showed. That is exactly what Blackswan was talking about. Cardi B was all the way wrong and unprofessional! Otherwise, Cardi's team wouldn't have reached out and apologized. You didn't mention that either! #LETSBEFAIR #RIGHTISRIGHT #WRONGISWRONG

  • Robotic audience.Clap clap clap.Laugh laugh laugh.Rule number one.Never let anyone treat you as they please .It doesn't matter how wealthy they are ,how good they look ,how popular or famous they are.You teach children at a tender age to speak up for themselves ,therefore why should you expect an adult to remain mute in a situation like this.The makeup artist was right.

  • I understand both side of wendy and blackswan, wendy is saying if you do stand up for yourself you may not be able to work with celbs again. I also get blackswan for saying you have no right to say that to me. At the end of the day that's not something you should make public because people will hate on you so bad and it will be hard to find a job. Over all I think wendy is trying to be relistic, she's saying it's going to be hard.

  • Wendy stop trying to take up for Cardi. Black Swan showed proof she wasn't late.Cardi has been caught in a lot of lies. Black Swan has a right to defend herself. She should have said something that way other celebrities know they can't treat her that way. If I got to go through stuff like this with celebrities I don't want no part of it they can find somebody else to do it cause I consider myself a celebrity as well. What ever GOD has for you it's for you no one can stop it. Black Swan makeup is flawless and she is beautiful. Your damn audiences agree with you to much and you be wrong most of the time. Btw, Nicki Minaj is a big name, you just mad she won't come to your show. It's you Wendy who keep up confusion.

  • The comment below is so true yes they clap in applaud everything when she says anything half that audience probably doesn’t even agree with her they’re just clapping because they’re in the presence of Wendy Williams it’s pretty annoying. But I do love Wendy Williams I would love to meet her.

  • Blacswan has more class and is a genuine person. Cardi b is a low class, ratchet ex stripper, ghetto, rude and privileged.
    Wendy didnt include a lot of facts and info of incident. Blacswan has receipts & texts prooving she was early and always professional. Wendy edited out clips haha

  • Wendy before getting the knews on the mua blacswan get your story right..that girl wasn't high on drugs and you had no right to be mean. Always being disrespectful towards beautiful black women. I hate how you always throw shade at nicki I wonder why people like nicki and lil kim will never go on your show!!!

  • Its now been confirmed wendy is a disgusting, hating, old hag who has nothing better to do but rain on other peoples happiness. If you could complain about what TYPE of ring you get for your engagement/wedding, then i highly doubt you love your man. Her obsession over "traditional diamonds" goes to show how old she is lmaooooo your grey roots are showing.

  • You are a disgusting hypocrite. And you are…. Oh well, I don't need to write much, dislikes on this video and comments say it all. Just continue supporting illiteral, unsophisticated, narrow-minded Cardi, it's your own dignity anyway, and the rest of us will fight for justice.

  • Wow . I’m shocked you told her to keep her mouth shut and have taken the horrible abuse. You’re an embarrassment.

  • I'm so embarrassed that Trump is such a big mouth clod. I can't wait to read Melania's tell all book after all of this is over. I'm mortified for her. Tragic…

  • Okay yes the deal with cardi wasn't great, but I hate the fact shes dissin on a woman who was having a baby shower, just bc she is 40, she can still have one, it's a polite thing to bring a gift, and if u choose not to it shouldn't be solely based on the her age and the expectations u have on her life

  • Am I the only one who rewatched this and thought cardi. Wendy wtf your both being fake asf come on sis like cardi even on a bad day you shouldn’t talk and treat someone like that and Wendy stfu because your ppl edit out all of black swan proof and “nicki who” please baby girl sit tf down cuz remember your tryna get on someone good graces but no you just got half or maybe all of the music industry wanting to shade you nicki has worked for her shot from the start cardi got on a show and then produce without putting in a dollar nicki wasted her own coin to make it so please both stfu and stop talking bullshit

  • really ,wendy ,CARDY B ,IS JUST LIKE YOU , A PIG in high heels ,make up artist , dont cry over bacon ,is the cheapest meat in the market.

  • Blacswan had did her makeup once before!! Why would she get the call a second time?? The makeup artist should had been paid for her time at least!!!

  • I know I’m late but you know the saying “what goes around comes around” so you talking all this drama that you were not apart off to the whole world saying like oh black swan should’ve just kept her mouth shut and whatever and here you are talking all of this drama you got some nerve and you only talked/played her second experience with cardi and not the first and in my opinion cardi is still wrong for what she did to black swan and Wendy here is acting like black swan is the villain and cardi was the victim no it’s the other way around sis so don’t get it twisted and remember you might get caught up in drama because you stuck your nose into business that you don’t need to be in and I know yes people talk about it but they show both experiences not just the second one so yeah”what goes around comes around”


  • Wendy,i thought you were an intelligent outspoken woman but you just lost my respect by asking Ms Swan to play a victim quietly..

  • wendy your so stupid it's not funny, taking sides or your being racist why shouldn't she tell her story …it's for everybody thinking cardi b is a nice person …she was a whore ,she takes drugs,she drinks ,disrespects her fans how much worst could that be?

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