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Hello All..This is Elsa from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities you can have in Printing Technology Printing technology is not as common and familiar
to most of us as engineering and medical does. Printing technology is something that includes
a process to be covered for imprinting images and texts onto a plate (called as impression)
by majorly using templates or a master form. Every day we see around us, a varied printed
material in the form of newspapers, magazines, brochures, catalogues, advertisements, posters,
billboards, hoardings, boxes & cartons & much more. All these are the means of spreading
some or other content to large group of people. Printing is all about creating a vehicle for
particular information to spread. Printing technology derived out of the need
for information to be spread on a large scale i.e. ‘publishing’ the information. The
material to be spread hand to hand has to be produced on either paper or similar medium
called substrate. For a layman point of view printing is just means to get identical copies
in numbers. For a technical point printing is transferring ink on a substrate from a
source. Courses for this field are usually taken in
the form of post secondary certificate, degree or a diploma. Following is a list of courses that are usually
offered in this program/ course: Offset printing: Offset printing is a widely
used printing technique where the inked image is transferred (or “offset”) from a plate
first to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Screen printing: In screen printing, the printing
ink is pressed onto the substrate through a screen or a stencil. For this a squeegee
is drawn across the printing form, which forces the ink through the screen’s open mesh. Letterpress printing: On letterpress printing
press the printing areas are higher than the non-printing areas. A right-reading negative
film that is subjected to ultra-violet radiations in contact with a carrier plate coated with
a polymer sable layer serves as the copy master for direct letterpress printing. Opportunities that could be opted whilst after
a printing technology course are as follows: • Publishing houses under central and State
Govt. • Printing Presses under Central and State
govt. • Commercial printing presses doing Offset,
Flexography, Gravure and Screen printing • Publishing houses in private sector
• Security printing • Software solution for print industry
• Pre-press solution for printing Industry • Designing and digital printing
• Electronic publishing • Color management solution
• Packaging • Print finishing and converting
• Machine manufacturing /service • Marketing/management executive
• Research and development • Total quality control Following is a list of colleges that offer a wide variety in this course:
1. Jadavpur University, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Raja S.C. Mullick Road, Kolkata-
shwar University of Science and Technology Hisar-, Haryana
3. Anna University, College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai-
4. BMS College of Engineering, Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.
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