Classical & Archaeological Studies

Classical & Archaeological Studies

At Kent, we think of studying the ancient world in terms of big antiquity, what that means is that we offer modules with a broad chronological range. We go from the Minoan and Mycenaean period in the Bronze age, up to Classical Greece, Republican Rome and up to early Christianity, and also a broad geographical sweep, so not just Greece and Rome, but the empire at large, that includes Egypt and Britain for example. I chose to study Classics at Kent because I felt that the course here offered me a wide range of opportunities, I love studying Classics because I find it amazing that there are buildings still standing today around the world that have been around for thousands of years. I wanted to know more about them, how they came about and the people that surrounded them. Big antiquity also means a broad somatic remit, so at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, we offer modules in Classical Languages, Literature, Ancient History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Art, Architecture, Epigraphy and Paperology. Just some of our rare specialisms are Greek and Roman Medicine, Astronomy, Monsters, Egyptology and Byzantine Saints. I chose to study at Kent because there was a really friendly atmosphere here. I noticed when I came on my open day that the staff and students alike were so accommodating, and they answered all my questions and I felt that I’d really fit in here. You can also go abroad on field trips to archaeological sites both abroad and in the UK. Past locations have included Crete, mainland Greece, Italy and Turkey. I took a fieldwork module which required me to go on a three-week excavation and I found that I really enjoyed it. It was something that I never really thought about doing before, however when I was there, they taught me all the skills and all the basic knowledge that you need to know about archaeology, and it got me really interested in it to perhaps pursue it in the future. Possibilities for internships are available in modules in Heritage and Museum Studies. The opportunities at Kent have given me a pathway into getting into the archaeological side of a career. A lot of our students go into a wide variety of careers, it’s not just in Classics in Archaeology and Ancient History or academia, some work for the BBC, some work for the Foreign Office, some have become lawyers, some have even become computer programmers, so basically the skills that we teach you are very transferable. You learn a lot of different skills that are applicable in a great variety of jobs. Kent is one of the safest campuses around the UK and it has great opportunities to get involved with, you can be part of the Kent Union which run the societies on campus, or you can be part of a society itself. With a low staff student ratio, enthusiastic staff and a broad remit thematically and chronologically and geographically, studying Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology at Kent gives you the chance of studying every single aspect of two of the greatest civilizations in history which have made us who we are today.

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