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I have been working as a collotype printer for 39 years since I graduated from high school. Every single day I make collotype prints with gelatin plates and extremely hard inks, but every day is different. Although each plate is being made in the same way, the weather, the paper, and the artwork varies depending on the day. Even if we make prints of the same artwork,
the results would always be different from the day before – it constantly changes. So even though I have been making collotype prints for almost 40 years now, nothing ever felt like a routine. Every day is a brand new and completely unique – there were new challenges for me every single day in the past 39 years. I am now positioned as the master printer because of my career, but I never really consider myself as a master at all. There are exceptional predecessors before me and I simply learned from them.
They taught me and helped me become who I am today. Now, it is my responsibility to teach my subordinates what I know, so I am merely someone who currently has the longest career among all active collotype printers. Every day there are new discoveries and every day might be tough, but I am definitely having a good time.

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