Creative : Myphitic of Nurgle

Creative : Myphitic of Nurgle

We really wanted to show you our crackle paints used as the skin of nurgle spawn, so, we show you how it’s done in this video. We want a fluorescent effect beneath the skin, so we begin by painting a layer of Fluor over white surface. We then apply a layer of crackle Paint. Before it dries, we add some green tones of acrylic paint, followed by metallics. Having done this, we give it some contrast with wash inks all over the figure. To highlight the edges we use flesh tones on the green parts and gold on the metallic ones. The fluor colours will stand out from the gold. We also use it on the rotting skin. We continue onto the base. We’ll make it simple, with tentacles from our Roll Maker and a good layer of desert coloured crackle paint. We combine our blood effect and fluor on the tentacles. Lastly, we give it some special effects by making a toxic pool with our Lime UV resin. Once dried, the UV light will give the miniature an awesome finish. Give us a like if you enjoyed the video, and don’t forget to subscribe! Contact us through social media if you have any questions!

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