CURA 4.0 vs CURA 3.6 3D Printing Slicer Feature Review

CURA 4.0 vs CURA 3.6 3D Printing Slicer Feature Review

This week Ultimaker released Cura
version 4.0. It’s been in beta for a while, I’ve been playing with it, but now
it’s officially released. So let’s take a look at version 4.0 of Cura and we’ll
compare it to version 3.6 on today’s Filament Friday. This week’s
episode is brought to you by these patreon supporters. And here’s Cura
version 3.6. I’ve used this on the channel many times. I’ve got my
calibration cube loaded. You can see the settings on the side. This is the
standard Cura that we’re used to but now let’s look at the New 4.0. And here’s the
new Cura a 4.0. It just looks cleaner and more modern than 3.6. And you’ve got a
full-screen view of your 3d print. The settings on the side. Well they’re
temporarily gone. And there’s more settings at the top bar. So let’s dive in a
little deeper and see what the differences are. Always visible at the
top is the profile selected, your layer height, your infill percentage, your
supports on or off and your bed adhesion on or off. And from there you can click
on this bar and you get the full settings. Everything you want to change
just like you had in 3.6. You can scroll through this, change different settings
and then collapse it if you want. Back in 3.6 the printer you selected the
filament you selected are all up here at the top. In 4.0 it’s over here to the
left in the top bar always visible always available. In 3.6 you could click
on the object and a menu of options would show up on the left such as
resizing it to 150% of its original size. Same thing in 4.0. You click on it, you
have the same menu it’s just a little cleaner looking. In version 3.6 after you
slice the model you can go to the top drop down menu and select layer view.
From there you can scroll through the layers or play an animation. In 4.0 after
you slice it you now have a preview mode. There’s a button at the top and one down
here next to save to file. Click on that, get rid of your settings, and it defaults
to the layer View mode. So now you have a full-screen view to scroll through the
layers or run an animation. In version 3.6, a color scheme chart to show you
different layers and different features would automatically show up in the layer
view. in 4.0 you have to select it from this
top menu here and it’ll show you basically the same features. What I don’t
like is you can’t move it so if you want to see your model you actually have to
move the model to the side. So I hope they change this so you can move this
chart anywhere on the screen. In version 3.6 you can also select from
the drop-down menu the x-ray view and see inside your model. This can be very
handy to see infill or different features that may not show up in the
solid view. In 4.0, x-ray view is under the view types menu up here at the top.
You select x-ray view and then you get that same x-ray view that you had in 3.6
but now on a full screen. At the top there’s also a monitor button this is
for the Cura Connect feature for Ultimaker printers that have a wireless
network capability. In the upper right hand corner is the marketplace button.
Click on that and the menu of plugins shows up. These are all plugins that you
can add to your cura 4.0. There’s also a material selection. These are all the
companies that have materials already set up that you can install in Cura. All
the settings and everything else like matterhackers has for it’s a nylon G.
In the upper right of that window is the installed button and here you can scroll
through all the plugins that you have already installed or that were installed
by default into cura 4.0. Cura 3.6 time details would show up when you
hovered over the estimated print time. In 4.0 there’s a little I button you hover
over that, and it’ll show you the print specifications. There is one issue I did
find one 4.0, could be just a bug, but if you’re moving a profile from cura
3 to cure 4, this works fine. You could import that profile, say someone
gave one to you and you want to use? That works fine. But once it’s in 4.0 and say
you make some modifications you want to send it back to that person that’s using
3.6? It’ll say it loaded but once you import it it doesn’t show up. It doesn’t
accept it. So three to four works but four to three doesn’t.
Post-processing scripts is something I showed in a previous video. It’s right up
here under extensions>post-processing>modify g-code. And all the same scripts
as 3.6 are available in 4.0. Pause at height and filament change, two
very popular ones Filament change, you just select it, and then you tell it
which layer you want to change filaments at. It’ll then remove or retract the
filament and then scroll all of it out so you can make a quick change and pause
the printer. So all this is available and once you select it the little symbol
shows up down here next to the slice button and that’ll bring the whole menu
up so you don’t have to go to that top menu. That’s no different than 3.6. So
overall, I like Cura 4.0. It just seems cleaner and fresher and I like the full
screen capability. And they fixed a lot of bugs according to the release notes.
So that’s a good thing as well. So going forward I think I’m gonna start using
cura 4.0. If you use cure 4.0 let me know your thoughts in the
comments below. March 29th through the 31st I will be at the Midwest RepRap
festival. It’s one of the biggest 3D printing conferences in the world and
it’s in the middle of nowhere, Goshen Indiana. We move into town and take it
over and it’s all 3D printing. It’s just awesome. So if you want to attend, stop by and see me. I’ll have my $179 Ender 3 that I’ve highly modified and also my
original $179 fabricator mini that I bought three years ago. Maybe a few other things too. But stop by and say hi. So that’s it for this week. If you like what
I’m doing here maybe check out some of the other videos that are popping up. If you want to help support the channel is one way or just buy through the
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100 thoughts on “CURA 4.0 vs CURA 3.6 3D Printing Slicer Feature Review”

  • ehhh, I don't really like it at all, I have the cura 3.2 and I LOVE it! it just looks SO GOOD (especially with dark mode!), this just looks chinsy and not professional at all, the old cura 3.2 looked VERY professional to me, something worthy of a $3000 machine, this looks like Chinese software you'd get with a cheap printer IMHO

  • Is it only me, or Cura 4.0 now print brims from inside to outside ? I found no options to change this new behaviour. Printing brims from inside to outside is a bad idea ! This leads to a weak junction between part and brim, and therefore the brim is now 100% useless. I print PETG most of the time and need the nozzle to be primed on the outside of the brim. I subscribed on their forum and posted about this issue a few days ago, but the post is still not validated by the moderators (will it be ?). Had to downgrade to 3.6, after it wrecked the first print I made.

  • Ugh ultimaker please please please If i try to install 4.0 and you ask me to remove 3.6 make sure to ask me twice if i want to delete all my config files (or atleast tell me again that all my profiles will be gone if i say yes…) I clicked too fast and have to start over now 🙁

  • have to admit – i'm not a fan of charing the GUI. last thing I want to do is learn yet another software layout. The main reason I don't update software is due to the charing of options and tools. As a developer I understand the reasons behind the changes but that doesn't mean I have to like it ha

    keep up the good work bud!

  • I had a very weird thing happen with 4.0. A print I had made for a friend that came to 28 layers in 3.6, resulted in 15 layers in 4.0. And yes the gcode file was half the size and the time to print reduced. This was while using the same profile that 4.0 copied over from 3.6, namely using a .12mm layer height and ironing the top layers. I went ahead with it and the print came out terrible. I shut down Cura, went back to F360 and did a make again, without changing anything, and now in 4.0 it came to 28 layers as expected and proper gcode size. Havent printed it as I’m waiting for a refill of filament in the color I need, but I expect it will work next time.

  • Another weird thing I just recalled, in 4.0 layer view is working backwards! Top-down instead of bottom up. Totally useless.

  • Just started using it… seems pretty simple and straight forward. New to all of this but learning quick. Been trying two other slicers as well to see what I like better. I will keep you up to speed on that. Have a great day.

  • I'm disappointed that you still can't drag the bed up and down with the left mouse button to inspect a model easier like you can in Slic3r.

  • I first used Cura more than 4 and a half years ago. It has improved a lot since then, but I really don't like that features like custom supports (that other free slicers like IdeaMaker or Craftware have been doing for years now well) are still missing in version 4 of this software.

    Also I find it very strange that the interface programmers/designers seem to be allergic to tabs/grouping. Would it be so horrible to group some settings into tabs/window menus? Imagine for example in the Cura 4 GUI, clicking on the icon that is always visible showing the infill percentage and it would open a settings menu window just bellow it with, oh I don't know… say *the infill settings only*!? What an idea, right? Clicking on an infill settings icon will bring up only the infill settings in a window, so that you can adjust those settings only. Maybe in Cura 5? We can only hope.

  • Did they test with a 2ghz 4gb ram pc? Cura 3(many versions I tried) take 2 minutes to load for me. Cura 14.7 takes like 5 seconds to load a model. Reading the comments it sounds as buggy as ever, my many 3.x versions often froze.

  • I've had trouble with the .X3G plugins for Cura. The 3.6 isn't available from the marketplace and the 4.0 one throws an error during use. The stand-alone exporter works fine from the Cura gcode though. The joys of having a 3D printer for this long I guess.

  • New UI, old problems.
    No difference.
    Still cant tweak retraction as needed.
    Still cant see gcode in preview. All i see is animation thats telling me NOTING

  • So basically it’s just the same with a different UI? It’s not worth updating… (especially considering the OctoPrint plugin obviously hasn’t been updated).

  • Looks great. I haven’t used Cura yet. Mainly popping between S3D and Slic3r PE. Some day! I look forward to chatting with you again at MRRF this year.

  • I had to abandon cura because it outright refuses to do single nozzle width walls correctly, it always wants to add some squiggles here and there, OR it creates arcs by making short line segments which is really bad for large scale printers with acceleration settings below the 1000mm/s/s mark. It takes in poor quality, where slic3r is able to generate that thin wall exactly as i want (without tweaks!)

  • Honestly I like 3.6 UI's better for a slicer I think having everything up front where you need it is more important than moving everything behind menus

  • I have gone back to to 3.6 as my prints were allfull in 4.0. I like the the look of 4.0 just not working for me.

  • Cura 4.0 doesn't generate infill. Worked well in the Beta. Tried playing around in the settings but could not find any obvious mistake. Anyone else faced the same?

  • Thanks for this relevant review : I use C4.0 since I tried already the beta version (but my efforts were useless, as Ultimaker released the official version before I could send my observations 🙂

    I still look for the utility I miss on my Creality Ender 3 : the possibility to move a model on z>0. It's almost impossible for me to print a model at z=0, due to thermal effects (heating is not homogeneous, generating random deformations, switches and fails during printing). Inversely, parts that hang over light support constructions are always perfect. So I'd try to print systematically my models over support…

  • I have an interesting scenario for you, I bought myself some TPU filament and I'm trying to print out a drone propeller gaurd. I need supports but the TPU keeps binding to its self. My thoughts were to pre print PLA supports then print the TPU on top but I haven't figured out a way to do it, any thoughts?

  • LONG pauses during 4.0 use and there are bugs with the support display on the main screen not matching the settings in the full setting listing menu. I had to upgrade because 3.6 was crashing constantly even with no work was being done on it. At least 4.0 does not crash. Also the arrows on the keyboard seem to work consistently in 4.0 in 3.6 they were hit or miss to moving the camera view.

  • I'll wait a bit, played with the BETA but was not "won" over, but that may change in time. For now the last version of CURA 3.x is working well for me 😉

  • V4 is very cool! The marketplace integration is very useful. For non-abrasive high strength material works perfectly with Cura and Ultimaker!

  • So…. Did they fix any of the issues of 3.6.0 and 3.5.1? I had to roll back to 3.5.0 as I was having thermal runaway issues after the update. I know they seem unrelated but I have proven it numerous times. Did 4.0 fix the thin wall control issue?

  • Сегодня, рано утром, я увидел ваш канал. Благодаря ему, в 11 часов дня я знал о 3d печати гораздо больше, чем рано утром.


  • Is there a feature now, that you can define different processes for different stl files in the same print or different processes for different layers?

  • Been using Cura 4.0 but as Beta for months now as well. Not sure what has been changed for the final release.I like Cura 4.0 and will stick with it. I have had good luck with it.

  • I tried it last night and got the same layer shifts I always get when I upgrade cura. I've forgotten what I have to fix tho. I should keep notes I think.

  • This new design look absolutely horrible!!! Thank you for showing the changes, I am very thankful, I will definitely not update at all..

  • Good video… but I absolutely hated the collapsible settings menu… I dont mind that is collapsible, but I dont like how poorly it uses the screen space and requires a lot of scrolling… They could have made the window bigger when opened… And also there is a bug (on mac at least) which prevents me for expanding the settings window once it is manually reduced in size… I have the restart the software.

  • Yet another great video. great to hear that you will be at MRRF 2019. Could you please tell me what MRRF 2019 has to do with tacos?

  • Your videos and tips for the Ender 3 have been super helpful, I just got my Ender 3 a month ago, and it's been great. I live in Indiana near Chicago, so I'll come check out this RepRap festival on Sunday, seeya there hopefully!

  • Very nice review of the important changes! Been using Cura 4 for a few prints now and so far i am really happy. What i really dislike, though is that the long settings menu on the right doesn't snap to the window edge and does not automatically adjust to window height top to bottom. I think there is too much wasted screen-space and too much dragging and adjusting to do like this.

  • Best CURA 4.0 information you can see on youtube for now. Thank you very much for the video, I myself switched from Simplify to CURA from now on. It really is cool, i love the Ironing feature. I will feature CURA 4.0 more in my videos from now on 🙂 I hope you have a great day!

  • Unfortunately I updated before I saw any content about this, now I'm stuck with this horror of a settings menu…

  • Awsome vids, keep it up 😉 I’ve been using Cura 4 beta for a while. The only major bug I find is when using tree support. I love the idee of it but every time I use it I will get a major layer shift (at least 10mm in all axis eccept upp/down) Hope they fixed in this release 😉

  • I have no idea what made the difference but ever since the update my miniatures have been printing great with near default settings

  • great video, nice and clear thank you.

    It is a shame that cura 4 still does not let you leave post processing scripts there and just toggle them on or off.

  • Hello CHEP, I have a mistery for you to solve, my ender 3 have bltouch clone and marlin 1.1.19, I have disabled the buzzer in the firmware to free space needed for the bltouch but when I go into some options at the LCD menu while printing (I don't remember which one), the buzzer is activated and the bltouch needle is lowered, hitting the print. Maybe I have to comment more lines in the firmware to avoid the buzzer behaviour at the pin27?

  • How is 4.0 vs. 3.6 in time estimation? I find 3.6 it takes about 20-25% longer to actually print than Cura 3.6 time estimate.

  • personally i dont like the new menu version. it would be great to have the option to keep the permanent menu or a mouse over version maybe if you have plenty of screen real estate.

  • I have two problems on version 4: The menu is now over the 3D display area and the camera center is practically strangely under the menu. A possibility to pin the menu on the right of the 3D display area is necessary. The font size for the menu is too small ( I have selected big fonts on my OS, but obiously cura is not respecting my choice ). I have bad eyes, cant't use cura 4.

  • I think the new version absolutely sucks the menu just gets in the way and then I always constantly having trouble with selecting certain items on the build play it just won't select so that I can move them or resize them or multiply them or whatever it was getting on my nerves so much that I reverted back to 3.6

  • For someone who doesn't adjust settings a lot it's probably better but I'm constantly changing things so I like to have it up all the time but in 4.0 it obscures a lot of other things or you have to make the window smaller

  • thanks for the info, comparing 3.6 to 4 is very helpful & reassuring if you're at all cautious about updating. cheers man.

  • hello there , I hava a Mac and I dwl cura 4 and I can not see the settings menu does anyone have the sale issue ?

  • Thanks for the review.I don’t have playable nozzle animation in 3.6 or 4.0. Does this option need to be turned in somewhere? I can manually move the layer bar to see layers only.

  • Thanks for the review. I would like to upgrade my cura from 3.6 to 4.0. Do I have to uninstall 3.6 first, before installing 4.0 ?

  • Seems that they've just changed UI. I guess I'll be calibrating my retractions via Slic3r 🙂
    Guys from Cura: it would be really cool to see tools for calibrating Linear Advance (so it will be just built-in here) and options to set different retractions and other popular parameters for different layer heights. Also it's not clear how to manipulate a seam position. For some models it's essential! You could make some tool for that. A kind of a "seam brush" (+seam line and etc.)

  • Hiw to make it move the head bavk in home position when it ends? I see no reason for it to go to the right, and on the negative side it pulls the filament, so when I position it home now I also have to manually feed it some filament, because the hot end is empty.

  • Just happened back into 3D Printing from a brief break and 4.0 is the first version I downloaded. My previous printer had its own software or I just used slic3r with Octoprint, so I'm digging the flexibility found with Cura.

  • I don't have the animation play button at the bottom of my screen. I also struggle to center the image when zoomed in. How are these things done?

  • Very helpful, thank you. And thank you for not trying to drag a 6 minute video into a 20 minute video.

  • Has anyone had a problem printing duplicate objects? I am trying to print 12 objects at once. One to four objects print perfectly. 8 objects to 90% done, 12 objects won't put the first 3 layers down. I have cleaned the nozzle (globbing), checked retraction speeds, tried different temps and still comes down to how many objects I try at once. Any ideas?

  • Informative and helpful, please what are the best settings to get a fine and smooth print using cura 4.0, PLA filament and ender 3 machine.

  • I am new to 3d printing and it seems that even though in Cura 4.0 it showes my model is centered when it prints it prints off to the side.. Is there a fix for this or am I over looking a setting? My printer is a SOOWAY SW – 200

  • Hiya I appreciate the video, I am new to 3d Printing and just picked up a CR10S5 right at the time cura 4.0 got released… I have a stl file I want to print but it has about 10 seperate objects in it. Is there a way to seperate these objects so each is its own file using Cura 4.0 ?

  • My thoughts are I’m starting brand new having never printed anything before but I just bought my first 3-D printer and a roll of TPU and downloaded cura 4.0 wish me luck lol

  • i'm moving to Cura or iceSL ,,, from S3D .. Im totally bored of S3D's lack of features and the new update is SUPER buggy. I can't even count the number of crashes, glitches, and weird things my printer has been doing(USB connected, ya I know i should octa, but haven't yet, everything was working until this last update). I know its called Simplify, but many times I think the simple part just means, go the long way around.

  • For my Ender 3, I started with Cura 3.6 and had Great prints. I downloaded 4.0 and then 4.21 and had nothing but problems with it? terrible prints! I know I'm prob doing something wrong but reloaded 3.6 and all is well?

  • one thing that bugs me is rotating the part. On 3.6 the rotation was centered, now it rotates like its on a turntable and the part goes to the far side of the screen instead of in the center.

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