da Vinci Jr. 1.0 – First-time Printing

da Vinci Jr. 1.0 – First-time Printing

da Vinci Jr. 1.0 – First-time Printing Please install filament guide tube before printing Select “UTILITIES” Select “HOME AXES” Press”YES” Wait for the extruder return Shut down the power Press the rear white button and remove the extruder module. Take off the extruder Insert the guide tube into the new extruder Reinstall the extruder to the printer Pull the guide tube out of the guide tube moving area And into the guiding hole of the feed module Make sure the guide tube has been inserted tightly to complete the installation process the da Vinci Jr. 1.0 comes bundled with an SD that contains the User manal and XYZware software Insert the SD card into the computer and install the XYZware Using XYZware you can print your favorite models Additionally, this card also functions as a scratch pad memory of the printer Before printing, please insert the SD card Next, pull the print bed forward Remove the print bed tape And slightly peal apart the release paper and tape by about 3 cm Then attach the bed tape onto the print bed Note: The print bed tape is reusable But be sure to replace the tape when it is worn out Next, unwrap the outer wrapper of the filament spool Please refer to the indication label on the printer filament base when replacing the spool Make sure the filament reels counter-clockwise Next, place the filament spool into the filament holder on the left side of the printer. Pull out the filament Open up the release arm Then, insert the filament all the way into the feed hole Turn on your printer And activate the loading filament function on the printer control panel Select “UTILITIES” “CHANGE SPOOL” “LOAD FILAMENT” Wait for the printer to install filament and heating extruder Note: Check if to see if filament is extruding from the extruder If the filament is extruding, press “OK” Print samples using models in the SD card Select “BUILD SAMPLE” “YES” The printer will now start printing Remove the printed object from the print bed after the printing process is done Unload materials before turning off the printer Ensure there is no material in the extruder Select “UTILITIES” “CHANGE SPOOL” “UNLOAD FILAMENT” When unloading filament, manually turn the spool to ease the unloading process Now you can continue to use da Vinci Jr. 1.0 to print your work! www.xyzprinting.com

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  • I just got my Da Vinci Junior today and I cant get the extruder module to jog up farther than 10mm from the build plate so I can put on my bed tape. I am able to jog all of the other axes just fine but the Z axes will only jog back and forth between 0 and 10mm from the build plate. Any suggestions??

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