Daddy Literature – Fatherhood Book Reviews Video

Daddy Literature – Fatherhood Book Reviews Video

DADDY BRAD: Oh, hey, welcome back to the lab.
I’m Daddy Brad. DADDY CLAY: And I’m Daddy Clay. This week
we’re going to be pulling some favorites down from the DadLabs bookshelf. DADDY BRAD: That’s right. This week it’s
all about books. DADDY CLAY: Because the holidays are over
and among the tie racks and adjustable hammers and other thoughtful and handmade gifts there
are usually a few gems. DADDY BRAD: Giftcards! For the local book
megastore. DADDY CLAY: So here are our picks of a few
dad related titles that you should consider on your gift card buying spree. Dude, you
think people know you can’t read? DADDY BRAD: What’s an adjustable hammer? DADDY CLAY: Now a lot has been made lately
of the glut of so-called “Daddy Lit.” These are mostly memoirs. Mostly funny, fish
out of water stories, these bring a laugh of recognition to us here at DadLabs. Elisha
Cooper’s “Crawling” is a sweet and funny recollection of the cartoonists first year. Daddy Needs a Drink is Rob Wilder’s hilarious
memoir of his misadventures in parenting, I’d show some clips from our interview with
Rob, but Brad somehow screwed up picking him up at the airport, so we didn’t get the
interview. Then there is Alternadad by Neal Pollack, the primary source for all things
grupster. We had the original hipster pop here in the studio. Let’s
hear what he had to say. DADDY BRAD:Now guys aren’t to much into
the whole self-help things. Sure Rich Dad, Poor Dad or some Jack Welch, but bedroom,
relationship stuff? Most times I’d rather slam my balls in a sliding glass door. There
are a couple of exceptions. DADDY CLAY: Stacie Cockerell, Cathy O’Neill
and Julia Stone, the authors of “Babyproofing Your Marriage” have gone out of their way
to represent the Dad’s point of view in their book. Plus it’s earthy and funny. DADDY BRAD: If you’ve watched a lot of dadlabs
and now want some actual parenting advice,try Hal Runkel’s book “Screamfree Parenting.”
Again, the down to earth perspective and humor iswhat sells us on Hal. DADDY CLAY: If non-fiction is your thing,
you’ve got to read Birth by Tina Cassidy. Funny, personal, carefully researched, this
book really allowed me to put my experiences during the births of my children into a social
and historical context. I also appreciated the chapter on “A Father’s
Place” that highlighted the work of Dr, Robert Bradley. Juliet Schor’s meticulous
book “Born to Buy” is certain to enrage you. Warning: you may
never look at Big Bird the same way again after reading this one. Then there’s Filmmaking
for Teens: Pulling Off Your Shorts by Clay Nichols and Troy Lanier. Which doesn’t really
belong here… DADDY BRAD: Now, fiction is a tough one for
Dads. DADDY CLAY:vHistorically, we haven’t come
off very well in this category. Good dads don’t make for compelling literary narrative.
Think Great Santini. DADDY BRAD: So why not give yourself a break
and read something light. Like Michael Chabon’s book The Yiddish Policeman’s Union a wacky,
hard-boiled mystery set in Alaska. DADDY CLAY: If you want something serious
(and I can’t believe I’m saying this) you need to read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.
“Harrowing” doesn’t even begin to do justice to this meticulous and philosophical
working through of every father’s worst nightmare. It’s tough, it’s a train wreck, but you
have to read it. Oprah says so. DADDY BRAD: That should be more than enough
to keep you busy in the ten minutes you’ve got to read every night. DADDY CLAY:So that all for us here at the…
Hey, Owen. We’re… OWEN: Hey, guys. Sorry to interrupt. I heard
you were doing a…book… DADDY CLAY: Dad books. DADDY OWEN: So, you think I could just…I
mean I head you did Filmmaking for Teens…so I’ll just… Okay, then. DADDY BRAD: If you have a dad related book
that you particularly like, drop us a comment. That’s all for us, here from the DadLabs. DADDY CLAY: I’m gonna kick me some little
Welsh butt.

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