Dance Marathon Outro 2017

Dance Marathon Outro 2017

know that what you’re doing here matters
just by dancing you are providing countless mothers and children around
the world with the opportunity to live happy and healthy lives and by bringing
what you learn in here out to your peers and your family members
you are saving lives and you’re eliminating stigma I just wanna see the love just the whole point of my story is like
don’t be ignorant sore like don’t let ignorance blind you from the truth if
you don’t know anything research it ask questions like that’s
okay and if you ever mess up like don’t be scared to apologize saying sorry does
not make you less of a person than not saying anything at all the other thing is you’re all getting
informed and when you leave here some of you will probably be AIDS activists but
a lot of you are going to go to other things whatever it is that you go into
please take what you’ve learned here out there
it’s community often we just talks to talk to ourselves and this is an
opportunity for you guys to really amplify these messages and take them out
to other communities that aren’t even thinking about HIV
I just want to thank each and every one of you for being here and please
continue to spread awareness tell everybody about the reality of the
situation in the world right now HIV and AIDS is no longer a death sentence you
can live a long healthy life it can be a productive one I’m HIV positive I’m 32
years old I have a beautiful HIV negative girlfriend we are having an
amazing life together we get to do all of the things that we’ve dreamed of in
life and that is the reality for any person living with HIV or who contracts
HIV so it’s an educational experience right we have to re-educate the world
knowledge is power and if we could share that knowledge we will end this issue in
our lifetime it is guaranteed

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