Dance Sprit(댄스피릿): MOMOLAND(모모랜드) _ BBoom BBoom(뿜뿜)

(This is boring..) (I don’t want to do this..) (I’m bored..) (There’s no music or
excitement in this place..) (It’s urgent to prescribe
my dance pipe) (The spirit of the piped piper) (Dance Spirit) (Fatal) (Chic) Great Just feel it bboom bboom Great I feel excited about you
and my rendezvous (rendezvous) You shake my heart
as you like (as you like) Now in my eyes, eyes, eyes your shoulders, knees
and toes (Oh) I feel like I’m suffocated when I look at you wow wow I lose my mind again because of your charm I, I am surprised again (Hit it Hit it Hit it HO) Woo what can I say? you I feel like I’m suffocated You’ll look at me
and come to me You will only look at me I will shake your heart More and more fall in love Give it to you
my eyes, eyes, eyes A series of my touch
touch touch touch One and only my
love love My Luver From my head bboom bboom to my toes bboom bboom uh Just feel it bboom bboom In front of you I, bboom bboom I’ll give you bboom bboom uh (The next is you) (Pushuk) One more time In different pose (Hook)

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