DESTROY YOUR VOICE in 5 easy steps! | Singing habits to AVOID | #DrDan 🎤

DESTROY YOUR VOICE in 5 easy steps! | Singing habits to AVOID | #DrDan 🎤

77 thoughts on “DESTROY YOUR VOICE in 5 easy steps! | Singing habits to AVOID | #DrDan 🎤”

  • If you really want to develop your voice check out my comprehensive singing course –

  • Really appreciate your videos Dr Dan, I couldn’t agree more with the treating yourself like a vocal athlete message. I run 6 miles a day to keep my breathing apparatus in good shape and it definitely makes a positive difference to my singing performance! Thanks for the tips!

  • Question: although you have covered mucus problem and we naturally cough. Does it still damage our throat when we clear out the mucus just by coughing?

  • As a singer myself if I have a raspy voice is not to seek professional health but just drink a bit more water and maybe miss one session

  • Hi Dr Dan. Thank you for these useful tips. Now i will be looking at more of your vids. New subscriber here!! 2 mobths ago my voice started to crack and everything in my voice was ruined for 2 months. I was really dissapointed in me. But now i found ur tips. Thanks for making my day dr dan!!!!!

  • I stopped smoking cigarettes but started vaping worse mistake of my life I could sing better when I was smoking cigarettes vaping is very bad for your singing voice better for your health but not for your voice if that makes sense .. vaping really dries your throat and also text away from your lung powerthey have finally done some research cigarettes vs vape and while vaping was better for your health it was still bad for your lungs 100% of people that were vaping could not blow the same strength as they could before they startedlike they were blowing into one of those machines that tests how strong your lungs are and 100% of people had worst lungs and I can tell you from personal experience I feel like I'm losing my singing voice it's hard to push it outI used to have no problem singing really high octave stuff now I feel like I'm going to die if I try to sing the way I used to

  • Hi Dr Dan, loving your advice. I live rural and getting to a vocal specialist to assess me is an impossibility. Would you suggest an Ears Nose Throat Specialist instead??

  • Singers please heed dr. Dan's advice. My vertigo has become more severe over the past two years only using one 'In Ear' piece during our worship set. I was told to switch them out periodically to the other ear, I don't think this is helping. Best to take the doctor's advice me thanks!

  • Do Not "Don't clear your throat" actually means Clearing your throat is a good thing.
    But the video clearly says clearing the throat is a bad idea. THE TITLE needs to change.
    Remove the "Dont" and just say "Clear your throat". It's the double negative problem.

    Thanks for laying them out tho. It's great to know what not to do. Thanks Dr Dan.

  • So vaping a fat cloud everyday, everywhere you go every 10 seconds is bad if I want to have a proper singing voice?

  • I was so sure that he was gonna say don't sing without properly warming up.
    Turns out to be…

    I was wrong😅😂

  • Hello sir… Mosquito bites me so much… Everyday mosquito bites me… So will my voice get spoil or change? ? 😢😨 plz reply

  • I HAVE AN ISSUE!!!⚠️ I have had a throat problem for almost a year and I don’t know what to do. I have to clear my throat constantly! It feels like there is something dry in my throat and it’s rare for me to get a perfectly clear sound from my voice. I’ve been to ENTs and other doctors, but no luck. Any tips?

  • 3:15 I know this video was in 2014 but I found the need to tell my experience on this. At first, I didn't care about this part, I got a really bad sore throat and I had a performance in a week. So I tried to protect it and after a little while, it felt better so I thought there won't be a problem. I practiced before the performance time and everything was going great! Except when I went stage I couldn't even talk! And it felt terrible cause everybody performed their song and I was on the stage, I couldn't make just a little sound.
    Be careful with your voice guys, especially when you're sick.

  • Oh… that's why every time I get sick my voice gets worse… 0///0
    (I love singing A LOT, so even if my voice is all hoarse and my throat hurts, I can't help but sing a ton. ^^; Definetley gonna avoid that from now on…)

  • I agree with the eat drink and be merry because drinking alcohol drinks and whiskey and champagne is terrible for singers it’ll kill a singers voice it’ll give them permanent vocal damage and vocal nodules etc I always tell everyone to do not drink whiskey or champagne or beer or any alcohol drinks

  • I lost my voice last week and I'm still a bit sick but I'm in denial because I finally have sort of enough voice to sing again and I also love chocolate and I'm procrastinating going to the gym. I think I'm following all these tips quite well!

  • I don't agree that you should avoid a classical teacher. I've had three 1-1 teachers, and several online ones, but I've made by far the most progress with my current teacher, who is an opera singer. Your split into contemporary music and the rest is artificial (but good for business if you label yourself a contemporary vocal coach, I guess). A really good teacher can teach any technique.

  • The throat clearing may be an indicator of gastric reflux (acid reflux). This causes phlegm to collect. Also post nasal drip can cause the phlegm.

  • If you want to learn to sing R&B, don’t join Chior in Los Angeles. It depends, on the singing teacher but most of the chior teachers/professors in ca are formal.

    In my options not so fun, unless you want to sing ballads…slow songs….that don’t sound like R&B.

  • I am very impressed & grateful to you Dr. Dan thanks I am a Jamaican Recording artiste with albums on itunes, amazon, etc.


    but it can down to A2 is sounds breathy and unsupported my highest note is A3 up to G4.. i attempt to reach G6 but i strained.

    i love to sing songs by the female singers.

    most of their range is D3 – G#5
    / D3 – C6

    my troath easily pains when i'm singin. I also sound breathy and very nasal from head/chest voice
    i also sound breathy.
    that's why i'd change my technique these past few weeks.
    i only reach A4.
    to avoid tension.

  • As a vocal coach and singer for 35+ yrs I DISAGREE exercising out of genre will damage the voice. As long as you're not singing OUT OF RANGE. Most athletes are now given dance routines which improve their flow in performance.

  • You should never argue with your wife :-/ Coz… She always wins and you just end up with a broken voice for days and weeks 🙁

  • Serious question. What if I wanna damage my voice on purpose, until I get to a raspy tone and then start to take care of my voice. I wanna go for a liam Gallagher 1999 voice, but my voice doesn’t have any rasp. Is there a healthier way to reach that sound? Should I smoke? It worked for Freddie Mercury.

  • "Don't clear your throat"? Yeah, try not doing that when you've got asthma! Especially in the mornings, when you've got to get rid of the nightly throat lining. Impossible!

  • Dr, your suggestion about getting an appropriate teacher makes sense, i.e, if you sing rock, get a rock teacher as a classical training can damage your voice. However, how would you know what genre your voice is appropriate for in the first place?

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