Digital Loeb Classical Library – Now Online

Digital Loeb Classical Library – Now Online

(music) JEFFREY HENDERSON: The Loeb Classical Library
was founded by James Loeb, who was a great benefactor of music and medicine and the arts,
to find means to place classical literature within reach of all who care for the finer
things of life. He designed the iconic red and green volumes, because he wanted the volumes
to fit in a gentleman’s coat pocket. Soon you’ll be able to take the entire library—not
just a single volume—in your coat pocket.>>SHARMILA SEN: We have content that has successfully made it through a series of technology upgrades: from oral to written text; from
scroll to the codex; from manuscript to the printed page. (music)>>HENDERSON: The significance of going digital
for the library is huge, because it carries out the mission of James Loeb to make all
of these works permanently available to anyone who wants them, at a very affordable price, in a format where they really can have them with them at all times.>>SEN: We have actually built it in a way
so that you have the classic two-page view, but if you want to test yourself or if you
want to just not be bothered with one side or the other, you have that ease, and you
no longer have to put a sheet of paper on one side of the books.>>HENDERSON: You can grab text and put it
in a notebook.>>SEN: You can bookmark things; you can create
categories for bookmarks.>>HENDERSON: You can search the translations;
search the Latin and Greek. So you can look up a word and then look and see how it’s
been translated in all of the hundreds of volumes in the library.>>SEN: You can create a user group; you can share it with your classmates. If you’re a teacher you can share it with an entire
class. You can send out a message saying “take a look at this text that I have just marked.”>>HENDERSON: If you want to know which classical
author talks about love, war, peace, whatever, you’ll find authors that you probably never
heard of, and you might start reading in those authors. And you might discover something
that is going to be one of those finer things for you. (music)

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