Doing a Literature Review

Doing a Literature Review

Your assignment is to research what scholars
have already discovered about your topic. This is called a literature review. It’s called
that because you are, like, . . reviewing the literature. In the future, you will review
the literature to help you clarify your own thinking, support an argument, solve a problem
or guide your own, original research. There are three simple steps to a literature review.
First, you will search for information written by scholars from relevant disciplines. I do
not mean discipline like that time you brought cigarettes to school and you were sent to
the principal’s office. This is college. There is no principal’s office. We have a dean.
Discipline means field of study . . . like art or education or business or like. . . uh,
golf management. Scholarly information is organized and studied by discipline. So you
will hunt down the best scholarly articles, books and websites with your new savvy research
skills. Then you will read each piece of information with critical diligence. Take careful notes
so as not to accidentally plagiarize. There is a special circle of university hell reserved
for plagiarizers. Last, you will craft a beautifully written summary, critique and conclusion of
the information. Extra points if written in haiku. To do all this, you will need focus,
patience, and Jedi level knowledge of the library’s Website. Continue this tutorial
to learn how to use the library website to find the good stuff.

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