Dragon Prince Minithon! || 3 Challenges, 3 Questions, & An All-Time Favorite Show [CC]

Dragon Prince Minithon! || 3 Challenges, 3 Questions, & An All-Time Favorite Show [CC]

Hello everybody, my name is Cara, and
basically I just really love Dragon Prince, okay? So today I am so so excited
to be announcing a Dragon Prince Minithon. I know that there have been a lot
of kind of announcement videos from me going up lately; I’ve been trying to
space them out with some other content but I hope that you’re not too tired of
them yet, or if you are, I understand, I’ll see you on the other side! *laughs* But I just am
very passionate about a lot of things and it happens that all of them are
happening at the same time so…I think that’s a great problem to have. So before
I get into the details, I have to mention my wonderful co-host who is Yvette from
BookCave. She’s just one of my favorite people, she is so lovely, her channel is
wonderful, she is the place to go for so many different kinds of recommendations,
especially queer lit and Latinx books. I will link her channel down below;
I have talked about her many times before and she is just fantastic. And one
of the things that we talk a lot about is Dragon Prince and how much we both
love that show. It is a Netflix original show and I am just so in love
with it, it’s probably one of my favorite like ongoing shows, possibly just
favorite shows overall. It was recently announced that the third season is going
to be coming out on November 22nd, it will be available to stream, which I was
so excited about, and I thought that would be a perfect time to kind of bring
up this show more and to talk about it more, because even though I think a lot
of people have heard of it probably, I don’t feel like it gets kind of the hype
that I think it deserves and that other people think it deserves as well. And the
reason we are calling this a Dragon Prince Minithon instead of
Readathon is because it’s part challenge and part tag and part just
inspiring people to talk about the show and watch the show or re-watch the show;
basically just to support this really amazing TV series so that it hopefully
continues on, because the creators have talked about how they have a 7 season
arc planned for the show, which sounds wonderful, and I really really want them
to get renewed for the whole seven seasons so we can find out what happened
and we get like a full kind of closure to the story. And we’re also calling it a
minithon because it’s really really short: it’s only November 22nd through
the 25th, so basically the length of a long weekend. We wanted this to be really
chill and not like stressful at all, especially since a lot of us are already
doing other readathons or projects. There’s only three challenges and
they’re all optional and you can easily combine them all and just do one
book for all of them, just pick one challenge to do, completely ignore the
challenges, [etc.], like we want this to be really really laid-back, and to that end
we’re actually not doing an official Twitter account, but we are going to ask
you to use…I think the hashtag that the show has been using is just #DragonPrince or #TheDragonPrince, I will definitely put that information in the
description box but if you are joining in, if you have a TBR, if you are
just talking about the show we encourage you to use that to really give the show
more visibility, and like that’s one of the things that I think the show runners
or Netflix or whoever makes those decisions tends to look at, is
community involvement and how vocal people are about wanting the show to
continue. If you are already a fan of the show make sure you tune in on November
22nd, and I think that’s one of the things that looks really good for
numbers is if people start watching it on release day, so if you have the time
and ability to do that we definitely would recommend doing that. If you
haven’t seen the show but you’ve been meaning to, then now is a great time to
start, you know, catch up on the first couple of seasons before November 22nd
when the third one comes out, I know I’m going to be trying to re-watch the first
couple seasons if I have time to do that! And finally, if you haven’t watched the
show and you’re not sure if you’d be into it, I have a video coming up soon
that’s going to be Five Reasons to Watch The Dragon Prince, because I think a lot
of people could really enjoy this show, I think it’s one of those that really
transcends kind of genres and categories and like types of viewers. And also if it
helps at all, the people who created Avatar: The Last Airbender TV show,
several of them are directly involved in this one too, and I think it shows, I
think it’s just a wonderful show. So as I mentioned earlier Yvette and I have kind
of combined a couple of different ideas that are like bookish and also related
to the Dragon Prince, and I will put timestamps down below in case only one
of them applies to you or you’re only interested in one of them, but basically
we have a really really short tag, only three questions, and a really really
short series of challenges, only three challenges. Again, we want this to be
very low stress and just to be kind of a fun way to remind people that The Dragon
Prince is around and it is wonderful. So the first challenge is based on the fact
that Dragon Prince has amazing diversity and representation in the show, and that
is to read an ownvoices fantasy book. Challenge #2 references the
fact that this is the third season out of hopefully many more to come, and that
is to read the next book in a series. And finally challenge #3
references the fact that it is an animated TV show, [and the challenge] is to read any
book with illustrations. So that can be manga, graphic novel, comic book, picture
book, even a book with a map in it. Yvette and I are really really excited about
these challenges, I believe that she is including her TBR as part of her announcement video, which I will of course link as soon as that is up. I will have my TBR
in a separate video so keep an eye out for that. And now moving into the tag
questions. #1: Like the Dragon Prince, middle grade can be, and often is,
enjoyed by a wide range of people. Share a middle grade book you think is
especially well-suited to being enjoyed by readers of all ages. And I have a couple
options for this one, depending on what kind of book you are in the mood for, and
the first one is one I’ve read very recently and that is More to the Story
by Hena Khan. This is an ownvoices Muslim book
and it is also a kind of retelling or loosely based on the story of Little Women [by Louisa May Alcott], so it takes some of the character traits and kind of overall events in the
plot and kind of reframes them in a modern-day setting with an all-Muslim
cast. I just love this book so so much, I think it does a phenomenal job of really
fleshing out all of these characters. One of the things I really love about
middle grade or about good middle grade at least, is something I love when I come
across it in any book, and that is the fact that the young characters and the
adult characters feel equally well- developed; even though because it is a
middle grade novel you naturally spend more time getting to know the younger
characters, I really feel like they all feel like real people, regardless of
their age. Our main character is Jameela and she is the one who is sort of based on
Jo March, and I just loved her as a protagonist, I felt for her so much. She’s
really excited about her new position at the [school] newspaper but she’s also struggling
with some challenges there, and her father then gets a job that is really
far away from the family so she’s missing him and she’s trying to
understand how that is affecting her family, and then one of her sisters also
gets sick. So Jameela has a lot of things that she’s dealing with, and I
think that this book handled them in a really thoughtful way and in a really
mature way. Like I think for younger readers reading this, I think it would be
in a way that is very suited to them, but I also think as an adult reading this it
still really got to me, it still felt very honest and not like it was
sugarcoating things. And I feel like the way Hena Khan was able to really get
in Jameela’s head and explore how she– how she is feeling, how she is seeing
these changes in her life, she’s at that age between kind of being a really young
kid and kind of getting into preteen or teen territory, so how does that affect
the way that she sees people, that she interacts with some of her friends, I
just think it was such a thoughtful book. I loved it, I made it through the whole
book without crying and then the last chapter or like the epilogue just broke
me. But it was such a beautiful story and I can’t recommend it enough. And the other
book I’m going to talk about is Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce. This
is a children’s classic, I guess like a children’s fantasy classic, I think this
is like 60 years old or so, and this is about a young boy Tom who goes to visit
his aunt and uncle and he doesn’t want to be there, but then he discovers that
there’s this magical garden that he can get to. Tom starts to realize that he
might have actually gotten transported back in time, that there’s something
strange about this garden that he is in, and he makes [a friend] there, he makes
friends with a girl named Hatty, and more and more as the book goes on we see Tom
wanting to stay in that past garden forever and the things that
he’s trying to do to get that to happen. This is just such a beautiful story, I
feel like it has this really lovely tone of warmth and humor and wit but also a
little bit of melancholy, like it’s a little bit bittersweet and I loved that,
I think that’s one of the reasons why this book would be very well-suited for
readers who aren’t used to reading middle grade, because I think there’s a
tendency to think that with younger characters there’s not as much depth of
emotion, which is not true, and I think this book really showcases that
beautifully, because Tom, you get to know him so well, he’s such a wonderful main
character to follow, um, he’s really funny and clever and he feels like a very
believable kid but in a way that as an adult you can still relate to him, um,
which is not to say that children’s books have to be relatable to adults, but
I think in this case this one is, and I loved his friendship with Hatty, I loved
the atmosphere and the feeling of this book. I’ve mentioned before that The
Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is one of my favorite novels of all time,
and I did get a little bit of Secret Garden vibes from this one, but I also
think it totally stands on its own. The writing I loved so much as well, like
there are just so many things about this book, and it’s really stuck with me, like
I read it a couple months ago but I’m already kind of in the mood to
reread it, like I just really really loved this book, and I think it would be a
phenomenal place to start if you maybe haven’t tried middle grade in a while; or
if you are a middle grade fan already, this one is amazing. #2: Some of
the basic plot elements of the Dragon Prince are familiar and much-loved
fantasy tropes. Share a book with a common trope or plot line that you love anyway:
maybe it’s done in a creative way, maybe the book just unapologetically embraces
the trope, etc. And once again I have two answers for this one…even when I do a
short tag apparently I can’t do short answers! *laughs* But I picked one that’s a trope I
really love and one a trope that I tend to stay away from that I think was done
amazingly well. And the first one is Ayesha At Last by Uzma Jalaluddin.
This is a modern-day Pride and Prejudice retelling and it’s set in Canada; once
again we have a main cast that are almost all Muslim, it’s really wonderful
that we’re starting to see those stories told more in these different genres, and
this is such a wonderful book. And the very familiar trope that I think this
one really excels that is kind of the hate-to-love…I mean you have–you have a
retelling of Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship, so of course there’s gonna
be some amazing hate-to-love there, but I just–it’s a trope that I pretty much will
never get tired of, and it’s a trope that I still manage to find books that
surprise me with, and this was one of the ones that I loved so much. I think the
reason that Ayesha and Khalid don’t get along at first is very understandable,
and their scenes together are so so good, like I love the way that
even when it’s not a scene that you would expect to be very romantic or
filled with a lot of tension, it really is, because these characters just have
such good chemistry with each other. And I just loved so many things about this
book and I highly recommend it. And the other book I want to talk about is one I
just mentioned in a recent wrap-up and that is The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore. I think a lot of us know by now that McLemore is one of my
favorite authors ever, and this was actually her first published novel and I
was a little wary about reading it because this is a like star-crossed
lovers kind of story, like I wouldn’t say it’s a Romeo and Juliet retelling or
anything, I think I’ve seen it occasionally marketed that way and I
don’t think that’s what it is, but it does play off that very familiar like, “two
families that hate each other and then the younger generation gets to know each
other and starts to fall in love,” and that’s not something I tend to gravitate
towards, but I think this book did it so so beautifully, like the way that you see
Lace and Cluck slowly start to get to know each other and to take down those
assumptions they have about each other’s family and each other’s culture; Lace is
Latinx and Cluck is actually Romani, and we really see the prejudices and
stereotypes that they have bought into about the other group of people and how
those start to come down and they start to understand each other better, and I
think that’s one the reasons I loved it so much is because it wasn’t just a
story about two star-crossed lovers falling in love, it was about two
families or two groups of people coming to understand each other and to treat
each other with compassion and to realize that they were wrong to treat
people this way, so it’s just such a beautiful story that explores a lot of
themes like that while also having really wonderful individual character
development as well, and I will never again doubt Anna-Marie McLemore, I
think all of their books have just been amazing and this one was no exception.
And finally the third question is to talk about one of your favorite moments
from the show, spoiler free please, or if not you can
just talk about something from the show that you enjoy overall. And one of my
favorite things from the Dragon Prince is the importance of family
relationships and the variety of family relationships that we see. We see really
close sibling relationships, we see like step siblings and step family and how
those bonds are also like equally important, we also see the complicated,
messy family relationships: people misunderstanding each other or people
fighting. I just think that the focus on family in this show is so good and
family in many different forms. Okay everybody! So that is it for my Dragon
Prince Minithon announcement. I know there are a
lot of really wonderful challenges and readathons and you know projects going
on right now, as it always seems to be in the BookTube community or book blogging
community in general, so I understand if you guys have a lot on your plate right
now. That’s one of the reasons why Yvette and
I really wanted to keep this very low-key, we wanted to make it easy to
stack with other challenges you’re doing if you would like to, and yeah! we want
this to just be really chill and just a way to show some love for this show,
because I really do think it is a fantastic one, I think it’s doing so much
important work, I think it’s just fun too on top of that, and there are just so
many things about it that I love. That’s why I want more people to watch it and
enjoy it! Please let me know if you guys are going to be participating in any
capacity in this little minithon, all of the details on the minithon will be
listed in the description box so if you have any questions about it just check
there. As for who I’m going to tag, I will of course tag my co-host Yvette
from BookCave, I’m also gonna tag Kelly from Cozy Reader Kelly because I always
love her Middle Grade recommendations, I think she’d have some great ones there.
I’m also going to tag Julia from Shakespeare and Such, I would love to
know her middle grade recommendations as well. Thank you guys so much for watching,
I will see you soon with another video, and I hope you love the next book you
read. Bye!

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  • YAY YAY YAY!! I’m so ready for the new season (or I will be once I finish my rewatch lol) and to be doing this with you! ❤❤❤
    I haven’t heard of More to the Story before, but omg I would read it for that cover alone. But also, yes to all these retellings from marginalized perspectives!!
    (And ahhh, I ended up deciding not to do my TBR in my video when I was filming, because I didn’t want the video to feel too “cluttered” if that makes any sense 😅)

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