Epson 1430 for Screen Printing Film Positives | How to Screen Print

Epson 1430 for Screen Printing Film Positives | How to Screen Print

what is up screen printers Matt with Mikey Designs here I had a question from James Woodard James I hope I’m saying
that right he wanted to know what printer we use and what software we used
to rip our half towns or just rip software in general so James this is for
you we’re gonna give you just a little quick
rundown of what we use stick around here’s our film setup what we use is an
Epson 1430 and I like to use accurate black pearl software you can see that
I’m actually outputting film now and the software is laying down half tones let’s
see if I can get my camera the focus here but is laying some halftone dots you see it doing its thing and I
actually have an all black ink set up and that set up is let me see if I can
get that out for you guys but this is basically the setup that you can get
from for most screen printing vendors and it comes with these little ink
cartridges that you can refill the initial kit is about 150 bucks the
refills for all six of these colors is $100 essentially what you’ll get is this
setup here and it’s a all-black setup it’s time for us to get some more but
generally it comes in these little packets and you have these refill
cartridges there they’re all black and you can put that in every single one of
the colors as you can see I’m making quite the
Messier something I need to toss out but the software James that I’d like to use
is as a key written and it’s the accurate black pearl and it does a
really great job I had the previous version and updated to this one about a
year ago I think the software sets you back about $350 but it works really
great I hope this helps James if anybody out there has a question about our setup
or how we go about doing certain processes and our screen printing setup
drop us a line leave us a comment and we’ll do our best to to help you guys
out hopefully we can make a video these things you take a lot of time so until
next time guys we’ll see you later

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  • You can also setup Ghostscript which creates the postscript file through Adobe Illustrator and has an interface through GSview which you can then print to your inkjet printer which is a free alternative.
    link here:

    The process is typically from Adobe Photoshop you save your color separations in channels as spot colors each with a unique name.
    These channel colors can have transparency which is what will be converted to halftones in Illustrator later.
    This Photoshop .psd file is then saved as a PDF file at 300 lpi then opened in Illustrator.
    Make your own registration marks in within Illustrator with the color REGISTRATION which is the registration symbol in the color pallete so that all the channels have the registration marks printed irrespective of color.
    Then setup the file to print the colors on the positives because you color the text with each spot color (colors you created in PS with unique names) which will then print in that positive and won't print the text in another spot color which belongs to another color positive.
    You then setup Illustrator to print like this:
    PRINTER: Adope Postcript File
    PPD: Adobe PDF
    After setting up as in the Scott Fresner video below you will then save that printer setting in the printer dialog box of course (after setting up Ghostscript and GSview) which will give you a .ps file which is a postscript file with the ghost icon on it which you can then open in GSview to print.

    Scott Fresner explaining Photoshop to Illustrator details link here:

    This is not plug and play but I'd rather not pay for something which after learning is not so complicated.
    Using photoshop as my separation view instead of a paying for a separation software and using photoshop channels instead does the same thing.
    Secondly not paying for a rip software program for which there is an open source program available makes it a great alternative.
    It was a little frustrating at first because I kept forgetting a detail in the process like saving in spot channels in PS or not making the registration marks the color of registration mark or ten other details but at the end the learning curve may be the same as learning those other costly programs, software etc. and I have become better able to do color separations for simulated process printing.
    To each his own,
    God bless you and hope this helps!

  • I just bought an 1430 for printing films for screen printing a couple weeks ago. I haven't printed any off as I am still in the process of remodeling part of my basement into a 800 sf screen printing shop. My question is, in your opinion do I have to go to all black system. My 17yrs old son is heavy into photography and he is LOVING the print quality for large photos and I would love to keep that functionality for his use also. I am wanting to switch to a refillable ink cartridge system knowing I will be switching out black cartridges frequently. I am foreseeing printing 6-12 screens a week for now. Will ACCU-Rip for half tones work with just one black cartridge. Johnathan has a video on it, but I was curious what your take is.

  • Are printed films supposed to be completely opaque or is it okay to have a small bit of transparency in the black? I'm only starting off with an HP Photosmart, and I'm trying to figure out if I need to double up films for exposing. Currently, a single film looks nice and black over a white paper or computer screen, but when held up to a light bulb I can see through it. Doubled up, it blocks out a lot of the light bulb, but there is still a tiny bit of transparency in the printed art.

    I can't seem to find any pictures or videos people showing their films against a light to compare.

  • I like to ask you about rip sofware I just can't deside between filmmaker or accurip . What do you recomend. Thank you

  • What do you do when your printer is out of ink or not printing on the film? I have ink but it just isn't showing up on the film.

  • Film Positives are just mask, am I right? So, do we really need to use an expensive 4 color or 6 color photo printer to print out multi layer film positives? For sure, one advantage of Photo Printers is high resolution print but my concern is about practical way to produce Multi Layer Film Positives considering the fact that not all Tee Shirt graphics art are to be printed in high res. What if, I print all the layers in grayscale will it give a rich black mask(rich black film positives)?

  • im planning to buy a epson l1800 it comes with dye ink base. can i use it to print for water proof film positive? or i must used pigment base ink?

  • Hi Matt. Given that you're not using the colour capabilities of the inkjet, and laser consumables are a lot cheaper than inkjet consumables, what are the benefits of using an inkjet printer over a laser printer? Would a laser printer work, and what would be the restrictions it would impose?

  • Hello Matt,
    I am writing from Turkey

    There are no epson inkjet printers you use in my country (Epson 1430)

    Usually we have the Epson L series.

    Which L series A3 printers should I use?

    Sorry for google translate: D

    Thank you.

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