Exhibition of my visual art

Hey everybody
I’d just like to thank YouTube for supporting me in my videos and I’m gonna
show you a few things today this is my minion hello how’s it going and as you
can see he’s got a fake eye so when it comes off he’s totally blind and just
walks around like a zombie now um I’ve got a few other things to show you today
and Ryan you wanted to have a look at my artwork so I’m going to show you my
artworks today a lot of little things I’m gonna show you today this first one
is a picture that I drew in Microsoft Paint
there it is there and as you can see it’s a lion with a fox coming out like
electricity bolts so I drew that in Paint and I’m pretty proud of it I gave a
copy of one of those to one of the shop assistants that did a good deed one day
very happy with that let’s see what else I’ve got here look
at this one can you see all right clearly so that’s
a picture of what I call the brain oh sorry the heart surgeon heart surgeon
okay else we got here some kangaroos so you
can’t see them very clearly this is just the way it is it’s my stupid camera I’ll
just try and get there a bit closer for you okay
you see that there might anger impressions very beautiful
oh by the way I did all of these most of these hands true drawing mind in
hospital when I was in involuntary in hospital is picture of some dancers it’s not called
a party scene pretty cool my passion of what’s-his-name not to pray what’s his
name Jamar or something takeout or something
like that the or the Renoir or the bass scenes I
think I copied that actually from one of the books on our something like that I
did this one ago this is a watercolor painting done pretty Nate this is my
first ever watercolor painting pretty cool huh got some pictures of symbols
people naked man on the back there’s a different one this is a picture of an
Aboriginal woman very authentic looks like the back and he doesn’t it a little
bit I call it one Kara I don’t know what that means that’s another one there this is a this
is my first ever oil on canvas I think it’s it could be a cooling some cameras
well either all all the critics on cameras it’s my first ever oil on canvas
picture it looks a bit like one of those strippers that I saw at vixen nightclub
a while ago hey Joe she’s got red eyes red eye
reduction but um that’s just part of the picture and I got this one this is my
picture of a man grimacing someone taking an injection but he doesn’t want
to take I’m really proud of this picture I think it’s one of my best ones
actually very very graphic facial expression yes he’s a picture of a bird that
someone jail for me this girl her name is Ariane II I think who Ariane
something and she does traffic oh she did graphic design University and she
did this for me it’s beautiful isn’t it so I kept it
picture a nice bird Mockingbird or something now I’ve got this folder here
his father’s got some of my pictures as well the front obviously is just
something that I bought at the art shop front cover yeah this one I call this picture Christians Polo Club
it’s got pictures of naked people on the beach a sort of androgynous character on
the front day okay Chris chest Pollock club I don’t know he cruise ship is is a
Russian guy or something he was involved in the some kind of fun cold war or
revolution or something finally a picture of a lady in my
imaginations I wonder if you like her she’s beautiful isn’t she there you go so that’s all I had to show you today
hope you liked it I hoped you liked looking at my artwork and I’ll see you
next time

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