Explore the Links Between Visual Arts and Music With Goldie, Front 242, Jlin and More

Explore the Links Between Visual Arts and Music With Goldie, Front 242, Jlin and More

It’s always been really connected to me,
so I don’t know if I would ever really make a piece of music that didn’t have a visual
result as well. I’ve always thought music is intensely visual
anyway, so somehow that can be a hindrance when you’re trying to package something,
as well as being another form of the expression of the music itself. I love looking at visual art. I did a lot of creative writing as a young
person, so my interests were very broad. It was sort of natural for me when I began
exploring the vocal instrument to think about painting with this instrument, as opposed
to painting with a brush. Those early sound paintings like “Twelvesong,”
“Klee Alee,” “Shadow Song,” “Urban Tropics,” it was a way of translating from
the visual into sound, and how you use your vocal instrument or other instruments to give
a sense of what that visual is inside your brain. But, as far as graffiti was concerned, it
was a major influence on my life. In a lot of ways when you paint graffiti and
you look at the outline, the background, the colors, it’s the same with music for me. The same method, the same arrangement, light
color to dark color all the way down, looking at a painting sideways. At the time, like I said, cinema was an inspiration,
architecture, graphic design, interior design. Very often in art when you try to do something
from scratch, it is a matter of being able to translate things. Translating emotions, translating an aesthetic. I see here there are some guys that exploit
contemporary art objects. An object can be a source of inspiration. For us at the moment, at a certain time, the
technology of the TV and sampling, you leave the world of notes and you enter the world
of sounds, which is wider, so there was a lot of potential at the time. There was something very important about architecture,
is that the walls are not that important. It’s the space between the walls that creates
architecture, and so it’s negative always. It’s not a positive, it’s like watching
a negative picture and I think I do music the same. I do music… The notes is the same, one note is not nice,
but the space between two notes, that makes the chord. The chord is the space of the music. Versatility is really important, I think,
in anything you do. Having the duality, to me, is a nice touch
because when you are versatile as an artist it says, “I can do more than one thing. I can do more than two things. I can do three things.”

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