Exposing The Music Industry: Celebrity Cloning, the Deep State & the Donald Marshall Story

Exposing The Music Industry: Celebrity Cloning, the Deep State & the Donald Marshall Story

It all began innocently
enough 20 years ago. When we cloned the first mammal. But many say there is a
very dark agenda other than just the advancement of the
science when it comes to cloning. And despite the obvious
ethical implications, one must ask, have humans
been cloned and for how long? And if so, what is the real
purpose of cloning people? For the benefit of mankind?
Or for something truly devious. Now get ready for episode 2
exposing the music industry, only on Edge of Wonder. Hi everyone, welcome to
Edge of Wonder. Do you ever wish you could clone yourself
so you can get more things done in a day? Or maybe you’re a couple who
unfortunately can’t conceive a child, or how would you like a little you
running around the house? I mean literally a little you. Or maybe you have a disease or illness
and you would like a part of your body replaced . Or maybe you had a loved one who died
and you wish to bring them back? Wait a minute Rob that sounds more
like Frankenstein creating a monster? Or some Pet Sematary thing going on here. I knew Pet Sematary was
gonna come up sometime. Zelda that woman was the scariest
character in any movie I’ve ever seen, it gave me almost as many nightmares
as my great grandmother’s granny chin hair. I mean did you know that at Clonaid
they can perform all of this and so much more? Who cares if it is morally, or ethically wrong … you pay a
gazillion dollars to bring great Grandma back and presto– she comes out of the
matrix tank where they grow human clones and you get to bake cookies
with Grandma again. You may think we are not being
serious about all of this, but would you believe when
we say this was all taken directly from the official clonaid website which is a true legit company
based out of Canada? This all started when we made
our Lord Ashtar video and we came across this weird UFO
religion called raelism which promotes transhumanism, genetic manipulation of humans, along with sexual liberation
and of course: cloning! Since we came across
all of this junk, we wanted to get even
more in-depth with it. But what shocked us most is how
many celebrities are talking about cloning … and don’t worry, we will be getting
into more of that later in the episode. Also one of the most spellbinding
testimonials that we came across, nearly as gripping as
Corey Goode’s experience, is from a man named
Donald Marshall, who you’ve probably never
heard of, but if his story is true, then this will forever change the
way we all view music today. Ben and I spent an entire day watching
videos and reading his entire site. Now we have no way to prove any of this
so we are just going to present what Donald is saying. But there is a lot he says which does
line up with what we know about the Deep State and that’s
why it’s interesting to us. However there is a series of articles
that came out on Steemit which break down his whole story and
dig into whether they are true. The conclusion the author comes to is
that Donald does seem to be telling the truth based on what he understands and knows. We also reached out to Donald to
see if we can interview him. His story is way out there but there
is some smoking gun evidence along with celebrities and
scientists talking about this. So far we haven’t heard
back from him, so if any of you guys know him, let him
know we would love to have him on the show. So who is Donald Marshall? Well he
is a Illumidonkey whistleblower who claims he has been cloned. Almost all of us have heard of the Deep
State’s underground bases, in which insiders call the Deep Underground
Military Bases or DUMBs for short. DUMBs … they couldn’t come up
with a better acronym. Fitting for the Cabal. But anyway, most of us all know
about the Dulce, New Mexico base and our boy
Donald talks about this a lot. His claim is that every night, when he goes to sleep and as soon
as he enters REM sleep his consciousness is transferred to one of these bases
and enters his clone body. Now, Donald doesn’t know
exactly how they do this, but he says they call it R.E.M-Driven
Consciousness Transfer. He said his consciousness is stolen
from him and he wakes up in a clone body. This happens every night, no matter where he is in the world. Also according to Donlad, all the illumidonky’s have clones too and
every night they all meet in their clone bodies at these bases. So what do they do?
Well, do you have to ask? Mostly sexual indulgence,
torture, kill, rape and every other dispictable act
there is to children and each other. He said his parents sold him as a child
to get into the illumidonkeygroup. Before we go into Donald’s story, we wanted to talk more about Clonaid and the
celebrities who have claimed to have been cloned. Also an article was published by
the Independent titled: “Human-animal hybrids to be developed
in Japan after ban controversially lifted.” So it looks like in Japan they are
already working on this. Also in a Youtube video
produced by SKY news, a scientist at an undisclosed location
created the world’s first public clone embryos, which he says will go into four different women!
But they couldn’t give many details, since it is illegal in most countries. But going back in time to 2002, the strange Dr. Brigitte Boisselier
from Clonaid held a press conference to tell the world about the creation
of the first public clone, Eve. Now, she said that she should be flanked
by the parents, scientists and others, but after the backlash from the world,
they decided on just her. Also Clonaid isn’t their real name. They refuse to give their public name
but it used to be under Valiant Venture Ltd. Also Dr. Boisselier is a Bishop in the
so called Raelism UFO religion. So why would this religion be
so focused on Cloning? Oh but there is so much
more to this story. In 2003 every media was reporting
on how unethical this was and demanded answers to the
whereabouts of the child. Even Former President Bill Clinton
condemned this at the time. But then after 2003,
there is pretty much nothing. There aren’t many articles even mentioning
human cloning in the US, however because of Bill Clinton
and George Bush, new legislation came out that forbids people
and companies to perform any kind of cloning, but only in the US. Also we are not sure if old Bill & George were
playing 2 sides of the coin here or not, but now most media think the Eve child was
a hoax all along by the Raelism religion. But according to many insiders
and celebrities it is very real and happening right now on a
mainstream level. But Clonaid can get away with this,
because it isn’t a US company, it is a Canadian company which
was registered in the Bahamas. So it is technically free of
any law in the US. It was also known by many people that
Michael Jackson was obsessed with cloning. Those Canadians, they’re just
behind everything man. I’m just kidding. He made samples of his DNA to use for cloning
and according to a Telegraph article, he even went to a Raelism
conference on cloning and was excited with the
prospect of being cloned. He even said to his friend
Uri Geller: Quote “He grabbed Uri by
both arms and told him, I really want to do it Uri, and
I don’t care how much it costs’.” Another celebrity who came out is Tila
Tequila who has made videos on social media on how they cloned her to please
the Illuminati’s sexual desires. She has been speaking out against
the illumidonkeyfor a few years, however, it is hard to find
anything on her now. The last time she posted anything
seems to be almost a year ago, but she does have a youtube
channel called Tornado Thien Wife of Christ in which she mostly talks about her
paintings and focuses on being a Christian. And when you go there, you won’t even
think it’s her, because physically she’s changed a lot, she’s gained a lot of weight and stuff,
but actually we’ve confirmed right. Yeah and she has kids, I think now
she’s just doing her thing. She has a family. She doesn’t care
about illumidonkey, yeah exactly. The other celebrity who came out and even
had a video with his so called clone is Kid Buu. However, Donald has said that he’s doing
this just for attention and publicity stunt and isn’t actually with his clone
but instead just using software to edit it. But Kid Buu did have a live Periscope
video with his clone so it’s kind of hard to say. Another celebrity is Niki Minja, who
tweeted this out with the hashtag Stop Human Cloning. Also many other people such as female
rapper Kreay Shawn who tweeted out She has seen the Cloning centers, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, ESPN host
Chris Folwer, and many more. Now some of these could just be
joking but we wanted to include these because we honestly
don’t know. Also Jared Goff, who plays
for the NFL Rams, wore a jacket that said cloned
on it during an interview. This is not a name of a company
from what we could tell. Another rap artist who
came out is B.o.B. who we enduringly called Bob, who is talking about Marshall
and backing up his story. He even made a youtube video
talking about cloning and supporting Donald
Marshall’s claims, saying all kinds of things
started to happen to him once he started to speak out about this. Another celebrity mentioned
is Britteny Spears. Donald claimed that Brittney willingly
joined the illumidonkeyto be famous but then wanted out because of what
they were doing to her. He said that they cloned a lot of her and
were raping her clone body every night. He said she was so tired of it that she decided
to make a video exposing it in her song: Break the Ice. The music video is an anime of a cartoon
Brittney breaking into a cloning center and smashing all of the
clone versions of herself. Donald claims that the cloning centers look
exactly like what is depicted in the video with 2 tanks on top of
each other in large rooms. He says it only takes about 5 months
for a clone to be fully grown. Donald also claims that he wrote that
song along with most of Brittney’s other songs. He claims that Hit me Baby One More
Time is about himself getting beaten for not making songs. Also he said James Cameron’s Avatar
is actually based on real life technology. He talks about a company which is a
real company called 2045 Initiative. It focuses on life-extension technology combined
with Russian specialists in the field of neural interfaces, robotics, artificial organs
and AI systems. But let’s now get into Donald’s
personal story and more with his music. Again we’re just presenting what
we found but there does seem to be evidence to back up at least some
of what he says. Donald says when he was 5 years old
they started to torture him and forced him to do things in his clone body. Once that body was killed he would
then wake up in his real body feeling like his heart was going
to explode and in great pain. Almost every night this
happened to him. However, his memory was
suppressed until he turned 30. He said for some reason the
illumidonkey decided to allow him to have his
memories back. The first time they didn’t block his
memory and brought him to the center, he thought he was abducted and
brought into a different dimension. He said being in a clone body is
exactly the same as being awake. But growing up he said he
never remembered his dreams. Then he realized it is
because he never had any. Donald said he even tried
setting alarm clocks, taking drugs, drinking alcohol,
even sleeping pills, to force himself to not
enter into REM sleep. However, he claims nothing ever worked. And when he was drinking or on drugs
the clone body would feel the effects too. That’s really weird. It’s super weird. He said he even tried to wrap
his head in tin foil, but they laughed at him and told him
there was no way to block the transfer and that it was hopeless to even try. Now what is interesting about this is
that the University of California, performed a study on mice using
light to erase specific memories. Yep, just like real life MIB flashy thingy. Well, It is technically called a Neurolizer. that’s what I said. This actually has a real name,
well not the Neurolizer thingy, but in science they call it Optogenetics. In a nutshell this theory concerns how memories
are formed and stored within the brain. And according to the study neuroscientists
believe that learning is processed within the cerebral cortex of the brain, but retrieved again through
the hippocampus. Hippo say what??! Now for those of you out
there who have no idea what this means, like me, we can explain in an example. The study said they placed mice in a cage and
gave them electric shocks. They switched off specific nerve cells
in the hippocampus of the mice and they actually lost all
memory of the trauma. To make sure they did, they placed them
in the same cage and instead of showing signs of fear, they explored their new environment
and seemed eager to find new things. This shows that it worked and their
memory was suppressed. We also know through so many insiders
and people coming forward that the Illumidonkey has had the ability
to do this for a long time. So maybe this is a way to get a soft disclosure
out through the study of the mice. According to Marshall they can erase
or bring back memory at a push of a button. Also we have talked a lot about the
voice of God Technology and other kinds of dark tech that
would make all the world’s people wanna storm the pentagon
if it was revealed. Or storm area 51 like people are already planning to do. I digress. Anway we had our guest Deserie who
has been a targeted Individual or TI. Now Donald says that the 2 main
leaders of the clone center were, or still are none other than Vladimir Putin
and Queen Elizabeth along with the entire royal family. Marshall said as his
memories came back he started to recognize so
many of his own family members, including parents, brothers,
step parents etc. He remembers being 5 and brought
on a stage surrounded by an auditorium full of people with the
center being a dirt pit. He said he was constantly
raped and tortured and to combat this he started singing. So you might be wondering why Donald
hasn’t been killed by the illumidonkey or why his life hasn’t been threatened. Well, it’s because they actually
use him to write music. This is where the story really
begins and hang in there because you’re probably going
to think it’s too hard to believe. He said that when he was really young, Queen Elizabeth asked him if he can
do anything and from there he started to sing. They liked the song so much that they
recorded it and made a hit single out of it. Soon he became known as the Amazing Boy
who could make up top 10 hit singles in no time. He said if he didn’t they would torture him
which is how he started to make music for everyone. And this started at 5 years old. And this is also the reason
why they won’t kill him because he is too valuable for
them as a songwriter right. One of the smoking gun evidence is the
cover of Megadeth’s 2001 album titled The World Needs a Hero. Fakeakipedia says that Dave
Mustang is on the cover, however, Dave has obvious red hair and Donald claims it was one of his clone
bodies that is on the front after it was being beaten. Honestly, it does look a lot like him and this
was what made us want to dive into his story even more. He says the blood on his face is real
but the rest is just computer graphics. Now we are just presenting what we
found here and have no real way to verify this. But this is just the beginning of his story. According to Donald, nearly every top 50 song
you hear on the radio was created by him. In one video he explained that the Illumidonkey
put these microchips in his clone body which are connected to
a speaker system. So all he needs to do is to think of drums,
sounds, guitars, lyrics, etc, and it actually plays those sounds. He said that he became such a phenomena
that everyone wants to meet him in the cloning center and get
him to make music for them. He said even though he was young, he made music for everyone
including bands and groups of all genre even
heavy metal. Of course he says while he made
millions of dollars for everyone, he got nothing in return aside
from not being tortured. One of the biggest claims is that he
thought of the band name Nirvana and even wrote most of the songs on
nevermind their album. He said shockingly he wrote Smells
like Teen Spirit, because if he didn’t make something they
were actually going to torture him. He said the Chorus is about himself, as in Here we are now, entertain us. With the lights out it’s less dangerous:
meaning the illumidonkeyis listening to him and as long as the lights were off he knew
he wouldn’t get beaten if he kept singing. He said a lot of the song doesn’t
make a whole lot of sense because he was just saying the
first words that popped in his head because he knew if he stopped
he would get beaten. But the part where Kurt sings, “I am worst at what I do best
and for this gift I feel blessed,” on Donald Marshall Revolution.com
it says this about these lines: “Marshall claims that even on the nights
he struggled to create new music for the privileged elite, he realized that if it weren’t for his
ability to create hit songs that generated many millions,
he would have been used, abused and discarded long ago. For that reason he says:
Music saved my life…” This is also why Marshall believes he is
still alive and hasn’t been killed. Because the illumidonkey needs him. The interesting thing is that Kurt Cobain
would never talk about the meaning behind his songs and even refused to play Smells like Teen
Spirit at concerts towards the end. Now Donald said that some bands
do try to support him. The band Queensryche’s SILENT
LUCIDITY was written by him and in the recording he called out “Help Me” and then gave the band his recording. Donald said he was surprised when they left it in and at three minutes and fifty-three seconds you can hear Donald say Help me. Donald said he also wrote Radiohead’s
Creep and David Blowie’s Let’s Dance. For Creep Donald said he wrote it for
Queen Elizebeth in how the public sees her but then for the chorus he
unleashes his true feelings about how he feels about
her and himself and how he doesn’t belong there. Radiohead also refused to play
Creep at live shows and in one interview with
David Bowie, he said his least favorite
song was Let’s Dance. Now is this all because these
were the most popular songs that gave them mainstream status
knowing they didn’t write them? Or just the fact that they didn’t want
to be known as a one hit wonder? Since again we don’t know for sure we
are only presenting what we are finding. Another song that he wrote trying to get
the truth out is Eurythmics’ sweet dreams. Again, this is not us saying this, it’s what Donald is claiming. This is what he had to say the lyrics were
actually about: “Dark and powerful, the song captures the restlessness of those
searching for an outlet for their forbidden desires, whether they want to hurt others,
or be hurt by others.” He also states the lyrics of the song
about some of them wanting to abuse you and some of them wanting to be
abused is him describing “how every act of perversity imaginable
can be found at cloning centers in deep underground military
bases worldwide, where “everybody is looking for something”
and there, they usually find it.” Another song is REM’s
Losing my Religion. If you can believe that. He said the whole thing is about
trying to expose the truth. He says the chorus with “that’s
me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight” is about himself
after his clone was tortured and beaten. He says the rest is him, trying to expose what is going on
without saying too much and how it is the “hint of the century”. Again we can’t backup his claim but all
of this super interesting to say the least especially when you really analyze
the lyrics through the viewpoint of his situation. I mean this song all of a sudden start
to make sense to me. But going back to Nirvana, they are small details he gives that made
us really wonder if all of this is true. He said Drain You is about. Ready. the Dracos or Vrill as he calls them
draining the blood from humans. Donald said that the sounds at a minute
and forty-six seconds into the song aren’t rubber duckies but the sound of the young Vril hatchlings and screaming around two minutes and thirty
seconds isn’t Cobian, but an actual person being
killed by the Vril. Now Ben and I know the
Dracos are real and Donald goes into great detail
of these horrible beings. So this is the part
that gets very juicy. He said that they have been here for
millions of years deep underground and are the true controllers of
the illumidonkey. From our research it seems they first
came out after Hitler rose to power because his thoughts aligned
with their own and they knew he would
do great evil. We have talked about this a
lot on previous episodes. Did you guys know that the LA times
actually had an article on their front page edition on Jan. 29, 1934 titled: “Lizard People’s
Catacomb City Hunted – Engineer Sinks Shaft Under Fort
Moore Hill to Find Maze of Tunnels and Priceless Treasures of
Legendary Inhabitants” Guess in 1930’s headlines
were long and a little more wordy. And extremely direct Extremely direct, that’s why I was like, it’s on
the front page of LA Times. In it G. Warren Shufelt a
geophysicist mining engineer, found massive catacomb
tunnels underground LA which go right along with
an ancient Hopi writings. These Hopi writings say
that their “Snake Brothers” lived underground in
these massive cities. Shufelt even had a map of the city which
he noted looked very much like a lizard. He said when a great catastrophe
happened about 5,000 years ago, the Lizard people dug these massive
tunnel systems to hide from the disaster. He also claimed that they had
on record carved golden tablets that tell the history of
the human race. Unfortunately there isn’t
much else that came out, and now if you look it up
the media just says the guy was nuts. But LA is known to have
these underground cities or catacomb. But can you imagine LA
times printing that article today? Right . Yeah I imagine it would say something
like “Crazy Right-wing Conspiracy Theorists Resurrect 100 Year Old Debunked Article
to Prove Bizarre Debunked Allegations.” But getting back to Donald, he says there are different
types of Dracos or Vril, just like how a lot of
insiders say today. But one of the most disturbing
things is something he calls droning. This is a quote taken from the Website:
Donald Marshall Revolution.com “Vril lizards have a natural
proboscis at the top of their head, from which they eject a type
of thick cerebrospinal fluid. When this fluid enters the human, usually through the eye and
from there, to the brain, a chemical transformation
immediately begins to take place. The victim essentially dies, leaving the
lizard parasite in complete control of all brain function. After a period of recovery, the Vril host
can return to its’ regular activities, looking, acting and seeming completely normal.” I’d like to add but still looking like
a psycho … kinda like Dali … oh wait there’s an alleged photo
of him with one. Cue it. Marshall even claims that the illumidonkeyare
expected to offer one of their children to be replaced by a Vril Host. He also expresses that they
are obsessed with humans and admire our bodies and
even our intelligence, which we also know they are suppressing
because they actually fear us. They fear us reaching our
potential with our minds. Also there are 7 billion
people in the world, imagine what would happen
if we actually got along? Wow that offering of a child you
mentioned aligns exactly with a lot of Fritz Springmeier’s research
with Illumidonkey insiders. And yeah, imagine what we could be
capable of if we used our full 100% of our minds. I mean literally we could
achieve anything. The Dracos don’t have
human emotions and enjoy feeding on us and
enslaving the human race. The saddest part about all of this,
if this is all true, is our fellow human beings who
have sold the rest of the world out for their sadistic power, greed, lust, on empty promises from the Dracos
and they are the “Chosen elites,” and we are just cattle. We all know these Dracos hate
compassion and kindness, so the more we fill ourselves with
this the more they will be going down. And when we say going down, we mean
literally going down to Hell, where they belong. They have messed with the laws of the universe
and the karmic ties with the human race and they don’t even realize they too are being used
as dark minions doing the dirty work of higher evil beings. So all in all, why should we believe
Donald Marshall’s claims? Well it’s complicated. Why? Because at first when we read
Donald Marshall’s website, seeing that he wrote all these
famous songs and was exposing how all that got done in Hollywood, and then all the cloning, it was
admittedly a little much! Even for us. I mean what a story. Right but as we kept reading his
description of song after song, along with his descriptions of people and
the details of their lives and even how their deaths coincided
with a lot of things he said, something became clearer. He’d either have to be a mad genius who’s gone in
and researched this, or he’s telling the truth. And it only got more apparent
that he was telling the truth after we started watching video
after video of him. He really doesn’t appear to be
doing this for fame, but to expose something dark. But don’t just listen to us. Go ahead and research this
and see what y’alls think. And honestly, there is so much
more on all of this, so much more that we’re even a bit
worried about putting it on youtube. So we are going to end this
episode on YouTube now, but continue on with the really insane
stuff on our own edgeofwonder.tv platform for our subscribers. So for you guys
we will see you out On the edge! Of.tv Yeah good one.

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  • I think Brittney music sucked tho. Is that what "they" wanted? I mean…. why is goode credible tho. Interesting nonetheless.

  • You decide?!
    IF YOU THINK THEY DIDN'T CLONE HUMANS, PUT your head back in the sand.

  • when they condemn someone to die over and over again via consciousness transfer to clones . . . the sentence is called "megadeath".

  • in around 2000, some intentity in Canada offering women 3000 to "harvest" eggs. actually I was so amazed at a classified ad I called. They had specific guidlines of approved females which I did pass, they paid for your travel and support to stay a week of gathering eggs and wrote your check and sent you home. I had too many red flags and doubts of this I passed but always wondered about a patient interviewed and questions answered, you guys should do it! We would be so much appreciative!

  • Electro shock seemed to me the interuption of electrical messages which travel between the brain and skin much like a females "misfires" during menstrual cycles. Yes guys its medical fact that causes emotional changes in women that mimicked BITCH like moods…lol

  • That album cover is not Donald. Look up young Dave Mustain. It's a match. Edge of Wonder should do more research since Donald once said in another interview that the blood shown on the cover was fake done afterward. One of the arguments for Donald Marshall being truthful hangs by the belief that the cover of the Megadeth album is him. Edge of Wonder says it's not Dave Mustain because his hair is red. If they can add text and blood to a cover after the fact, then they wouldn't have any difficulty changing Dave Mustains hair. Dude, it's not even close


  • David Icke wrote all this in the 90s I'm way ahead of you since then so keep up the exposure we all fight evil. Your over target in most your vids congrats.

  • Cloning has been going on since after ww2 and I know I'm just a nobody but the Nazis actually won the war poppy Bush was a Nazi sent to the USA to form NASA along with others to continue the 4th rike and I know that Hitler was sent to Argentina and lived out his life to the ripe old age of about 91 and poppy Bush was to destroy America from the inside and it almost worked but hitlery Clinton lost the election and God put president Trump in office to turn this country around and bring the blessings back to the USA and praise God for that!

  • Hola! Gracias por sus investigaciones, seria bueno que haya subtítulos en varios idiomas asi la información se difunde a gran escala

  • Jesus is God i believe all this video the truth is stranger then fiction !!! weve been lied to !!! heaven and hell is real!!!! GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS !!!!! SATAN IS REAL!!!!

  • You an only clone the physical side of you, the spirit when you die cant come back.
    Cloning leads in to possession, creating a vehicle for walk in spirits that are demons.

  • I came here because the cat told me to but man this channel is such crap. Who would want 2 B.O.B's running around? One is bad enough. Get over yourselves this theory is trash.

  • I don't understand why it's so hard for anyone to believe that cloning actually exists. However the different ways they've tried to do it, there certainly seems to be enough evidence that they've been cloning for quite a while.

  • Hey guys brett rossi is a clone the corporation vixen had her cloned and then wanted to kill the original yes the original is on the run and is in hiding

  • By the way this is true many of the drones are made to have full control over the original. Charlie sheen knows all this even tied to have the original killed a few times

  • Most of the blood drinkers come down with coru and die…Hillary is at Sweden breathing one breath a minute….the person you see now is a clone

  • Vrill and Draco are demons. They call themselves aliens. The entire Bible is true and lined up with this video. God bless you 🙏❤️

  • At 22:51 you mentioned the event from 5,000 years ago- this was the flood of Noah. In Genesis in the Bible, and in the book of Enoch, we see that fallen angels left heaven to come to earth and mate with human women and animals, creating giants and enormous lizards (dinosaurs). God saw that all creation had become evil and dna infected with demon dna, except for Noah’s family. So he sent the flood to kill all the evil half human half demon hybrids. This is why the push for so many GMOs and inter species mingling today. Demons need new host bodies. You provided much clarity to me when you mention these aliens dug tunnels. The Bible says “there were giants on the earth in those days (the days of Noah) and also after that.” Many have interpreted this as meaning the Nephilim somehow survived. Now we know they shape shifted into these creatures and dug tunnels towards hell. So they are essentially doing the same thing. They can’t “manifest” in 3D on earth, only underground towards Hell. So they possess people above ground and manifest and torture people below ground. Wake up everybody! You can’t be woke without the truth of Jesus! He was the biggest savage EVER who destroyed the demons and promises to destroy the deep state and all involved with this new world order within the next 1-15 years! We are living in the end times, read the book of Revelation! ❤️🙏 praying for those with eyes to see and ears to hear for the wisdom and discernment to read and hear this message.

  • How can u laugh and talk about children getting raped in the same context? Who r u people? I wonder who u really are? Damn you two. It's not funny.

  • At 22 minutes the concept that the dracos hate. If we meditate 2x's daily focus on LOVE & PROJECT LOVE into yourself and all around you & into EARTH. This will cause the EVIL ONES to be EJECTED OFF EARTH AND OUT OF ALL HUMANITY. SO TO SAVE YOURSELF AND HUMANITY FOCUS LOVE INTO EVERYONE & EVERYTHING.

  • Put all these HOLLYWOOD FREAKS in a freezer w/ a pad lock, and let them think that Cloning will take place 😂🤣😂🤣👍

  • God created the heavens & the earth, and all souls, and he even owns every soul. NO ONE CAN CLONE, and if you believe that ? Than you’ll be one of them who will be deceived.

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