Fall craft for kids: autumn leaves printing

Fall craft for kids: autumn leaves printing

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. I will show you how to print leaves using
a styrofoam tray. Reuse a styrofoam tray if possible without
any markings on one side. Remove the edges to keep only a flat section
of the tray. Draw the design of one or more leaves using
a pencil with a rounded tip. If necessary , retrace all the lines of your
drawing a second time, pushing on your pencil to create grooves in
the styrofoam . Then spread the paint evenly over the styrofoam
with a roller. Avoid putting too much paint because it may
accumulate in the grooves and in that case your design will not be as
visible. Turn the foam over on a sheet of paper and
press all over the styrofoam . Enjoy the results ! If you want you can print with other colours
and you can even use several colours together; that really gives
beautiful results. Print on light coloured or black construction
paper. Adding a little gold paint to the rich autumn
colours adds a whole new dimension to your projects! To create more printings later, clean the
styrofoam and the roller! To print the illustrated instructions for
this project, click on the link below the video.

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